Chapter 3403: Chapter 3403: Gathering Of the Im

Chapter 3403: Gathering Of the Immortal Peaches

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The phoenix was larger than they could describe. When it extended all nine tails, it was larger than what they could imagine.

Her eyes were like golden seas.

However, the phoenixs feathers were no longer intact. There were many scorch marks on them, and there were holes all over her body. It seemed as though Huang Xiaolongs previous attack did quite a bit of damage.

With flame burning in her eyes, she opened her mouth to send a ball of golden flames shooting towards Huang Xiaolong.

Remaining completely impassive, Huang Xiaolong pointed at the ball of fire. The stream of energy that emerged from his fingertips shattered the ball of flame, but it didnt stop there. It continued on and shot at the Holy Phoenixs head.

Crashing heavily into the mountain range below, an uncountable number of peaks crumbled beneath her.

Sun Wukong rubbed his eyes in shock.

The Holy Phoenix was defeated with a single finger!

That was the Holy Phoenix they were talking about! She existed since the start of time, and not even Nuwa dared to put on airs before her.

The only person present who wasnt stunned was Ying Gou.

Several moments later, the Holy Phoenix got to her feet and her face was filled with soil. The part where Huang Xiaolong struck swell and it looked like there was a giant bun forming on her forehead.

Strange looks formed on the faces of Sun Wukong and Ying Gou when they saw her comedic appearance.

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You! The Holy Phoenix glared at Huang Xiaolong, but her fear failed to contain the rage she felt.

Ever since I came to the Pangu World, I have failed to find a suitable mount. You shall be my mount in the future. Huang Xiaolong muttered.

Sun Wukongs heart thumped when he heard what Huang Xiaolong said.

Lao Zis mount was an Azure Ox, and Heaven Piercer rode on a Kui Ox. The Lord of Primal Beginnings had nine dragons pulling his agarwood carriage, and their mounts could be said to be unrivaled under the heavens. However, if they were to compare them to the Holy Phoenix, they would be far too lacking. Once the Holy Phoenix became Huang Xiaolongs mount, all three worlds would tremble!

Moreover, the relationship between the Holy Phoenix and Rulai wasnt simple! If Rulai learned that his mother became the mount of someone he planned to kill

Sun Wukong felt his heart thumping in excitement.

When the monkey was lost in his imagination, the light around the Holy Phoenixs body increased in intensity once again. Nine colored lights filled the lands, and a pillar of light shot towards the sky.

Nine Colored Divine Light! Corpse King Ying Gous expression changed.

The Nine Colored Divine Light formed a world of its own, and it was able to suppress anything it swallowed. As long as one was trapped in the beam of light, they would find it difficult to leave.

The pillar of light surrounded Huang Xiaolong and the entire area around him.

In an instant, all three of them were thrown into the world created by the Nine Colored Divine Light.

Opening their eyes, they found themselves in a mesmerizing place. The light was so bright that they couldnt open their eyes.

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All three of you can remain in the world of the Nine Colored Divine Light till you die! The voice of the Holy Phoenix rang in their ears.

I dont think so. Huang Xiaolong muttered and he casually swiped the space before him. A massive hole was ripped in the Nine Colored Divine Light World, and Huang Xiaolong brought the two of them back to the original world.

Turning to look at the Holy Phoenix, Sun Wukong was shocked to discover that she had a gaping hole in her chest as she vomited mouthfuls of blood. Her blood had nine colors, and it was a shocking sight to behold!

A look of disbelief could be seen on the Holy Phoenixs face as she stared at Huang Xiaolong.

The world created by the Nine Colored Divine Light could suppress all evil creatures, and everything she swallowed would eventually be dissolved by the divine light. Those trapped within wouldnt be able to use their immortal essence, and she had no idea why Huang Xiaolong was able to!

Holy Phoenix, there is no need to resist. Ying Gou shook his head and sighed, Even my corpse origin qi wasnt able to do a thing to him when he didnt resist. How can your Nine Colored Divine Light be any different?

Ying Gou was giving the Holy Phoenix a pretty huge hint.

Indeed. Her face changed when she heard what he said.

Sun Wukong had no idea what happened when Huang Xiaolong fought with Ying Gou, but he was equally as stunned when he heard what happened.

Half an hour later, Huang Xiaolong returned to the territory of the apes.

They returned on the back of a Nine Colored Phoenix.

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When they were finally back, Huang Xiaolong decided to impart the dao to Ying Gou, the Holy Phoenix, and Sun Wukong. With his permission, the Scarlet Tailbone Baboon and the Shoulder Piercing Ape sat at the side.

When he spoke of the dao, he didnt sit on a golden lotus, and flower petals didnt rain down from the skies. There wasnt a single dragon in the sky above him, but every word he said was like heavenly lightning striking deep into the hearts of those present. Everything that eluded them no longer seemed so confusing.

As the Gathering of the Immortal Peaches drew near, the Immortal World started to heat up.

The various faction leaders brought their experts towards the Kunlun Mountain Range, and even experts at the level of the Crape Myrtle Heavenly Emperor who were rarely seen started to appear.

Several dozen days passed in the blink of an eye.

The Gathering of the Immortal Peaches finally arrived.

Theres so many people here! Ying Gou looked at the sea of people rushing over to the Kunlun Mountain Range and exclaimed.

Hehe, of course there are. Even the Netherworld Lord and the various immortals will come! Sun Wukong sneered. He could remember the taste of the immortal peach like he ate it yesterday.

After spending so many years under the Five Finger Mountain, the flavor of the immortal peach finally resurfaced in his mind.

Today, he would finally see the long awaited peach!


A trace of anticipation formed in Huang Xiaolongs heart when he looked at the swathes of people rushing to the gathering. He hoped that the Myriad Treasures Dao Master and the Golden Spirit Goddess would attend.

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Urging the Holy Phoenix to go faster, Huang Xiaolongs group charged towards the Kunlun Mountain Range.

I heard that Buddha Rulai will be attending too. He wishes to congratulate the Queen Mother of the West on her longevity.

Buddha Rulai is not the only one. The Jade Emperor, Laozi, and the Lord of Primal Beginnings will be there! Laozi and the Lord of Primal Beginnings didnt appear since the ancient war. Do you think they have returned because of the Innate Devil Ancestor, Huang Xiaolong?

Goddess Nuwa will be present too. Four out of the six great sages will be present! Its extremely possible that they plan to deal with Huang Xiaolong together. After all, I heard that Huang Xiaolong also plans to take part in the meet.

What?! Is Huang Xiaolong crazy?! Is he there to cause trouble again?

A group of experts discussed among themselves.

As they were talking, a giant figure appeared beside them. There was a young man, a green robed youngster, and a monkey sitting on a phoenix.

They had no idea who both young men were, but their expressions changed when they saw the monkey.

Great Great Sage!


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