Chapter 3402: Chapter 3402: Nine Phoenix True F

Chapter 3402: Nine Phoenix True Flame

You?! With his heart trembling, Ying Gou looked at Huang Xiaolong like he was looking at a monster.

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No longer holding back, Huang Xiaolong released his aura. Ying Gou felt like the weight of a thousand mountains was pressing down on his back and he fell to his knees instantly.

Struggling to take a breath, the corpse qi in his body started to fluctuate wildly. No matter how hard he tried, he couldnt move a muscle. It was as though he was bound by the energy of the world and for the first time in his life, he felt helpless.

Lord Lord Creation, please Please spare my life! Ying Gou yelled with whatever energy he could muster.

Even though Huang Xiaolong wasnt a God of Creation, Ying Gou mistook him for one.

Without explaining himself, Huang Xiaolong hid his aura once again.

Ying Gou felt like he was given a new lease on life as he crawled to his knees. He kowtowed towards Huang Xiaolong for sparing him and a look of terror could be seen in his eyes.

Huang Xiaolong sent a trace of purple grandmist qi into the Corpse Kings body.

Get up.

Yes, Your Highness!

As Sun Wukong was still in a state of enlightenment and they wouldnt be able to leave for quite some time, Huang Xiaolong made Ying Gou bring him into the White Bone Palace and the various forbidden regions in the cavern.

Ying Gou wasnt the person who created the cavern, and it was created during the formation of the world. It was like the Fruits and Flower Mountain, and Ying Gou fell in love with the place the moment he stepped foot there. As such, he used a ton of effort to remodel the place.

Despite the fact that the cavern was now his residence, there were many forbidden regions Ying Gou didnt dare to step foot into.

Huang Xiaolong discovered herbs and treasures like the Liquid of Life when he ventured in, and he was slightly taken aback.

Ying Gou was obviously shocked when he saw Huang Xiaolongs harvest.

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Retrieving nearly ten drops, Huang Xiaolong handed it over to Ying Gou.

Your Highness Is this Is this for me? Ying Gou didnt dare to believe his luck.

The Liquid of Life is the same as ordinary water to me. I wont be able to use it anyway. Huang Xiaolong explained.


Ying Gou was speechless, but he managed to eke out a thanks to Huang Xiaolong.

When they returned to Sun Wukongs side, they could see that the veil of light around his body was still going strong.

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head silently. It seemed as though Sun Wukong gained a lot this time. From what it looked like, his strength would most likely reach a whole new level.

Ying Gou praised, Looks like this monkey will be as strong as me in a few years

Its still too early. Huang Xiaolong shook his head and sighed.

Sun Wukong might be a Spiritual Radiant Monkey, but he was pretty lacking when compared to Ying Gou. No matter how strong Sun Wukongs comprehension ability was, he wouldnt be able to surpass Ying Gou in the next few million years. After all, Ying Gou was the incarnation of the corpse qi born from the world. His existence was comparable to Rulai and Nuwa.

Another two days passed.

Snapping out from his state of enlightenment, Sun Wukong saw Ying Gou standing before him and he jumped in fright.

When the Golden Rod appeared in Sun Wukongs hand, Huang Xiaolongs voice rang in his mind. Enough.

Turning around, he saw Huang Xiaolong walking towards them from afar.

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Your Highness, he

I know hes Corpse King Ying Gou. Huang Xiaolong nodded and continued, He has already submitted to me.

Sun Wukongs jaws dropped and he scratched his head in embarrassment.

Huang Xiaolong and Ying Gou chuckled in amusement before leaving the cavern with Sun Wukong in tow.

When they emerged, Ying Gou felt a sense of liberation when he looked at the sun hanging high in the skies.

He felt a weight lifted off his chest, and Huang Xiaolong muttered, This might not be a bad thing for you.

As long as Ying Gou got over his demons that plagued his heart, he was bound to grow stronger.

Yes, Your Highness! Ying Gou exclaimed gratefully.

Have you fought with the phoenix? Huang Xiaolong asked out of the blue.

A serious expression appeared on Ying Gous face and he sighed, Shes extremely strong, and I might not be able to defeat her.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

Your Highness, are we heading to the Holy Phoenixs nest now?! Sun Wukong asked with an eager expression.

Since we have nothing to do anyway, lets go. Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

Alright! Jumping in joy, Sun Wukong increased his speed to lead the way.

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With a grin on their faces, the three of them arrived in the southern part of the mountain.

As soon as they arrived, a heat wave slammed into them. It was a type of burning heat that burned the soul.

Soul Inferno Formation! Huang Xiaolong gasped.

The Soul Inferno Formation was one of the genesis level formations. It was pretty strong, and it could easily purify the corpse qi from Ying Gou.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the two behind him, and he noticed that Ying Gou was doing fine. He could suppress his sinister qi, but the same couldnt be said for Sun Wukong.

Huang Xiaolong raised his arm to shoot a trace of green light into the monkeys brain, and Sun Wukong felt his entire body easing up instantly.

If the three of you intrude any further, you cannot blame me for being impolite! A majestic voice that seemed easy on the ears descended from the skies.

Huang Xiaolong ignored it completely as he brought the two deeper into the region.

As soon as they took their first steps, a sea of flames formed in the air above them and it started to descend.

Nine Phoenix True Flame! Sun Wukongs expression changed.

The Nine Phoenix True Flame was one of the strongest flames in the world. It was even stronger than the Samadhi Flames that roasted him when he was trapped in the Daoist Laozis furnace. In fact, it was several thousand times stronger!

However, the flames turned into icicles when they approached the trio.

From afar, the sea of flames seemed to be forming a giant berth for Huang Xiaolong.


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The Holy Phoenix released a cry of surprise.

Power of absolute frost at the grand perfection level!

Who are you?!

Huang Xiaolong didnt reply as he casually grabbed at the air in front of him. The Nine Phoenix True Flames started to shrink, and it turned into a single grain that leaped about in his palm.

Sun Wukong and Ying Gou felt a chains of thunderbolts setting off in their heads when they saw what he did. They didnt understand how the sea of flames could be reduced to a single grain in his hands!

When you reach the grand perfection level in the power of absolute blaze, youll understand. Huang Xiaolong explained.

Next, he pointed at the source of the voice and the grain of flame was sent flying out like a bullet.


After a giant explosion, the sorry figure of a phoenix could be seen soaring into the skies.


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