Chapter 3399: Chapter 3399: Corpse King Ying Go

Chapter 3399: Corpse King Ying Gou and The Holy Phoenix

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Everyone present turned to look at Buddha Rulai.

Rulai wasnt just the Buddhist Ancestor! He was the patriarch of the Western Buddhist factions! Everyone would listen to him when he gave the order.

The Gathering of the Immortal Peaches will be coming up soon. Well talk about it after the event. Buddha Rulai decided.

Everyone stared at each other before bowing respectfully.

Where is the Second Sect Master? Buddha Rulais voice rang through the skies as he asked the Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva.

The Second Sect Master went to the Violet Heaven Palace.

In the past, Rulai established the Western Buddhist factions with Cundi, and the two of them could be said to be the two great patriarchs.

A frown formed on Rulais face but he chose to remain silent.

While everything was happening, Huang Xiaolong arrived at the foot of the Fruits and Flower Mountain alongside Sun Wukong.

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As the entrance was located behind a waterfall, Huang Xiaolong was in no rush to enter. He strolled along the waterfall as he looked at the beautiful scenery through the screen. Even though he had been to many places in the Blazing Dragon World and the Huang Long World, there werent too many places with scenery comparable to the Fruits and Flower Mountain.

Since the news of Sun Wukongs escape from Five Finger Mountain was spread, the monkeys living on the mountain had gathered together to await his return. As soon as they crossed the waterfall, they were greeted with an endless sight of monkeys.

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There was a literal sea of monkeys waiting to welcome Sun Wukong, and they gathered around him as soon as he entered.

Huang Xiaolong even discovered a Scarlet Tailbone Baboon and a Shoulder Piercing Ape.

The two of them were beasts who were pretty reputable in the universe. There were four different spiritual apes in the universe that were extremely powerful, and the strongest out of the four was the Spiritual Radiant Stone Ape. That was Sun Wukongs true form. After he matured, he would be able to shift the stars and challenge the heavens!

The second-ranked ape was the Scarlet Tailbone Baboon, and it could understand the concept of Yin and Yang, and it possessed an extremely long lifespan!

As for the Shoulder Piercing Ape that was ranked third, it was born with superhuman strength! It was said that a mature Shoulder Piercing Ape could single-handedly shift the position of the stars in space!

The reason the Fruits and Flower Mountain was still flourishing was because of the presence of the two spiritual apes!

King, I wonder which lord this is The Scarlet Tailbone Baboon bowed respectfully as he pointed towards Huang Xiaolong.

The lords exuding a majestic aura, and he has to be an important figure! The Shoulder Piercing Ape jumped to the front as he started his boot-licking ways.

The two monkeys could see that Sun Wukong was being extremely respectful to Huang Xiaolong and they were no fools.

Kicking their butts, Sun Wukong snickered, The two of you are really good at ass-kissing! This is His Highness, and he saved me from the Five Finger Mountain! Alright, Ill enlighten you little ones! Even a single fart from His Highness will be able to kill me! The talisman laid down by that old fart Rulai was torn to pieces by His Highness like it wasnt even there, to begin with!

What?! The two monkeys were shocked.

How strong would he have to be in order to do something like that?

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The talisman was one of Rulais true treasures, and it had the ability to suppress anything! Now, they learned that Huang Xiaolong tore it off like it was nothing!

In the past, the two had tried many different ways to save their king, but they were unable to take a single step forward after arriving a hundred thousand miles away from the Five Finger Mountain.

When His Highness approached the mountain, he didnt even use a single trace of true qi! He tore off the talisman with a wave of his arm, and His Highness tore out the Five Finger Mountain from the earth with a single gesture! Its like a little pebble in His Highness hand! Sun Wukong yelled animatedly.

The two monkeys stared at Huang Xiaolong in shock.

A smile formed on Huang Xiaolongs face, but he didnt stop Sun Wukong.

Kids, listen up! Pay your respects to His Highness right now! Sun Wukongs voice reverberated through the mountain before he got to his knees.

The Scarlet Tailbone Baboon and the Shoulder Piercing Ape did the same, and the monkeys of the Fruits and Flower Mountain followed suit.

Please rise, Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

Even though his voice wasnt loud, it possessed a magnetic quality as everyone listened to him subconsciously.

Soon after, a banquet was arranged.

The monkeys jumped in joy as Huang Xiaolong was given the seat of honor. Sun Wukong sat slightly lower as they spoke about matters regarding the Immortal World.

Hearing about the Holy Pavilion, the Scarlet Tailbone Baboon interrupted. Great King, you might not know what happened, but the Ox King and the others monopolized the earnings of the Holy Pavilion! Our Fruits and Flower Mountain didnt get a single cent! When the two of us went over to the Flaming Mountain to negotiate with the Ox King, we were thrown out!

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There was even once where they tried to cripple us! If not for our strength, we would have died on the Flaming Mountain!

Humph! Shattering the stone table before him, Sun Wukong snorted, Mother f*cker! You little shit of an Ox King I was blind in the past to take you as my sworn brother!

The Scarlet Tailbone Baboon continued, In order to save you, we tried to beg the other kings! However, they shut their doors in our faces, and they wouldnt bother with anything we said! They said that they had no idea who you were, and they wouldnt lift a single finger to help!

Flames emerged from Sun Wukongs eyes as rage clouded his heart.

Huang Xiaolong casually raised his arm when they were about to continue, and the entire banquet fell silent.

When Sun Wukong returned to his senses, he asked, Your Highness, this

Someone was trying to spy on us, and he received an attack from me.

What?! How can there be someone peeping on us?! Sun Wukong yelled. Even the Monkey King failed to notice anything and that spoke volumes of the other partys strength.

Sun Wukongs face changed all of a sudden. Could it be?

Hes someone from your Fruits and Flower Mountain, Huang Xiaolong muttered.


Sun Wukongs heart trembled, and he spoke softly, Your Highness, there are at least two more existences in the Fruits and Flower Mountain stronger than me!

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Raising an eyebrow in surprise, Huang Xiaolong signaled for him to continue.

One of them is Corpse King Ying Gou, and the other is the Holy Phoenix. A serious look appeared on the Monkey Kings face when he spoke about them. The two of them were supreme existences ever since the creation of the world. The Fruits and Flower Mountain had been their territory long before I got here, and Corpse King Ying Gou should be residing at the bottom of the mountain! As for the Holy Phoenix, shes situated at the south of the mountain. My territory is a mere one-tenth of the entire mountain

Their origins are nothing to joke about. Corpse King Ying Gou is the incarnation of the corpse qi in all three worlds, and the Holy Phoenix is said to be the first phoenix born in the Pangu World! Shes said to be Buddha Rulais mother, and no one knows if thats true.

Huang Xiaolong was finally taken aback.

Buddha Rulais mother?!

The person spying on us should be Corpse King Ying Gou. Huang Xiaolong came to a conclusion.

One could see that Ying Gou wasnt weak as he was able to escape after taking a single strike from Huang Xiaolong.

Even though it was a random attack Huang Xiaolong casually sent out, not many people in the Pangu World would be able to withstand it.


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