Chapter 3398: 3398

Chapter 3398: Buddha Rulai

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“Alright. I’ll help you out a little.” When Sun Wukong was busy roaring at the heavens, Huang Xiaolong sent a trace of grand cosmos energy into his body. It purified the monkey’s body and increased the power of his dao soul, and refined his Fiery Eye of Truth.

He even tempered Sun Wukong’s body with his grand cosmos energy!

The light around Sun Wukong’s body grew even more blinding. It was as though he became a completely new person!

A tiny avatar of a monkey flashed within Sun Wukong;’s body, and that was the true spiritual body of the monkey king.

Huang Xiaolong stopped after several moments and severed the connection.

Of course, the light around Sun Wukong’s body didn’t stop there. It continued to swirl about as the monkey king continued to perceive the laws. From what it looked like, he was getting a feel for the thirteen elements contained in Huang Xiaolong’s grand cosmos energy.

Sun Wukong only opened his eyes after a long time. Falling to his knees, he kowtowed towards Huang Xiaolong. “Many thanks to the benefactor for the life-saving grace and guidance!”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled casually, “I’m no Xuanzhang and I’m not accepting disciples. You can address me as ‘Your Highness’ instead.”

“Many thanks to Your Highness!” Sun Wukong kowtowed thrice to show his respect before getting to his feet. He stood before Huang Xiaolong respectfully.

As an existence who was born with innately powerful abilities, the monkey king was an unruly and arrogant punk. The reason he was acting so docile wasn’t just because of Huang Xiaolong’s life-saving grace. It was also because he could feel the terrifying power Huang Xiaolong possessed.

He might have barely interacted with the man, but he could feel that Huang Xiaolong was someone he couldn’t dream of matching up to. No one could strike fear in his heart, not even Buddha Rulai who sealed him under the Five Finger Mountain. However, Huang Xiaolong made him feel like he was smaller than a speck of dust in the universe!

“Someone is here. Let’s leave.” Huang Xiaolong appeared on the Ice Rhino’s back with a single step as they left the vicinity. Jumping on a colorful cloud, Sun Wukong followed closely behind.

“Your Highness, the people who came are from the Qinghua Emperor Manor. Should I smash them to bits with my stick?” Sun Wukong waved his golden staff around and roared.

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His Fiery Eye of Truth could easily see through the void and killing intent rose in his heart when he saw the members of the Qinghua Emperor Manor. He couldn’t find it in himself to form favorable impressions of those serving the Heavenly Court.

When the Heavenly Court surrounded his Fruits and Flower Mountain, they killed countless comrades of his.

“Do whatever you want.” Huang Xiaolong chuckled when he noticed the killing intent leaking from the monkey king’s body.

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Sun Wukong didn’t like the members of the Heavenly Court, and neither did Huang Xiaolong.

Even though he had only been in the Immortal World for several dozen days, he had already seen the disgusting state of the lands.

When Sun Wukong received Huang Xiaolong’s permission, he jumped in joy. “Your Highness, we’re the same type of people! Wahaha!” A golden needle appeared in his hands after he spoke, and the golden staff made its appearance.

Huang Xiaolong could see that the other party was made up of several tens of thousands of experts, but he couldn’t care less.

The experts noticed the three of them in an instant.

“It really is the monkey king! He managed to escape from the Five Finger Mountain!”

“Where’s the mountain?! What about the talisman left behind by Buddha Rulai?!”

The faces of the experts from the Qinghua Emperor Manor changed.

A sneer left Sun Wukong’s lips as the cloud under his feet trembled slightly. He appeared before them in an instant as the golden staff in his hands swept outwards. Those he struck turned into meat paste by the time they smashed into the ground below.

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Amidst his maniacal laughter, Sun Wukong’s staff swept out several more times.

As the experts sent out by the Qinghua Emperor Manor were Immortal Emperors at best, there was no chance for them to fight back.

“Celestial Emperor, when you invited that old fart to suppress me in the past, did you think this would happen?! You made me suffer a fate worse than death all these years… This old monkey is back for revenge!” Sun Wukong roared.

The experts of the Qinghua Emperor Manor were dealt with before long.

Jumping in joy, Sun Wukong returned to Huang Xiaolong’s side.

The three of them left, and the news of Sun Wukong’s escape didn’t take long to spread. The news of him killing several tens of thousands of experts from the Qinghua Emperor Manor shook the world.

“The Five Finger Mountain is sealed by Buddha Rulai’s talisman! How can the monkey escape?! It’s not possible!”

“Even if he did manage to escape, where’s the mountain?! The talisman is gone too!”

The various powers broke out into an uproar.

When Sun Wukong wreaked havoc in the past, all three worlds trembled under his might. Everyone was terrified of the crazy monkey, and now, he managed to escape! No one slept that night.

In the Western Niuhe Continent…

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Buddhist light surrounded Elysium as clouds drifted through the air. A golden Buddha could be seen sitting in the middle of a giant golden lotus in the middle of the world!

The golden Buddha seemed like the only thing in existence as he emitted golden rays to illuminate the world.

Countless holy beings could be seen around the golden Buddha, and they were no ordinary beings. The Bodhisattva of Compassion, Samantabhadra, Manjushri, and other powerful beings stood there quietly.

All of them emitted faint Buddhist light and the combined power was able to suppress all evil beings. Even if the Heavenless Devil Ancestor were to barge into Elysium, he would be suppressed all the same!

“Did you confirm the identity of the person who broke Sun Wukong out?” The golden Buddha opened his mouth and his voice rang in the ears of everyone present.

The various Bodhisattvas and Arhats remained silent.

“Ancestor, the person who saved Sun Wukong should be the Innate Devil Ancestor, Huang Xiaolong,” The Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva said all of a sudden.

The golden Buddha was none other than Buddha Rulai, and he was the sole ancestor of all the holy beings present!

His ears twitched as he exclaimed, “Oh? Huang Xiaolong?”

He had heard the name many times in the past few days. First, he killed Yang Kai. Next, he kidnapped the Golden Brow Arhat. He also killed Chen Chong from the Crape Myrtle Heavenly Emperor’s manor, and he defeated the Wudang Goddess and Tortoise Spirit Goddess with a single move.

“Is Huang Xiaolong really as strong as they say?” Samantabhadra gasped in shock. “He actually managed to tear off the ancestor’s talisman!”

Even Samantabhadra himself wouldn’t be able to achieve such a feat.

Silence fell on the lands.

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“Where is Huang Xiaolong right now?” A serious look appeared on Buddha Rulai’s face as he asked.

“After saving Sun Wukong, they went towards the Fruits and Flower Mountain!” the Bodhisattva of Compassion replied.

Fruits and Flower Mountain!

“Ancestor, should we join hands with the Heavenly Court to surround the Fruits and Flower Mountain? We can deal with Huang Xiaolong and Sun Wukong in one fell swoop,” the Dipamkara Buddha asked.


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