Chapter 3394: 3394

Chapter 3394: A Million Demons

When they left, Huang Xiaolong and the Ice Rhino glanced at the experts of the Demon Race rushing towards them.

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The exchange between them was short, but they managed to draw the attention of the Demon Race nonetheless.

When the demons saw the corpses of Chen Chong and the others, they sucked in a cold breath.

“That’s Chen Chong, the eldest disciple of the Crape Myrtle Heavenly Emperor!”

Everyone broke out into an uproar in an instant.

One of the parties involved in the battle in the holy temple was Immortal Emperor Chen Chong of the Crape Myrtle Palace!

Moreover, he was slapped into meat paste by the other party!

“That… That’s the Ice and Fire Rhino Ancestor, Xi Jiu!” Many people present recognized the old rhino, but their gazes soon turned to Huang Xiaolong.

After all, they knew that no matter how strong Xi Jiu was, he wasn’t capable of destroying Chen Chong who was at the same level as himself!

“Who in the world are you?! Why would you create trouble in our holy temple?” the disciples of the demon race asked. He had four eyes, and a golden horn on his forehead.

A serious look formed on the Ice Rhino’s face, and he explained, “Your Highness, he’s the Four Eye Tiger King, one of the strongest demon generals under Goddess Nuwa. According to the rumors, he has already entered the Sage Realm. However, no one knows if that’s true.”

Huang Xiaolong glanced at those around him and ignored the question. “I heard that the Wudang Goddess and Tortoise Spirit Goddess came over to cultivate around Goblin Mountain. Is that true?”

The demons stared at him in shock.

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 No one expected him to ask about them.

The Tiger King’s expression fell when he saw that Huang Xiaolong had ignored his question. As a Demon King born during the creation of the world, his status was like the sun in the sky. After he followed Goddess Nuwa, even the Crape Myrtle Heavenly Emperor would have to show him some respect. Now, a brat ignored his question!

“I’m asking you a question! Who the hell are you and why did you cause trouble in our holy temple?!” The Tiger King growled as a golden hammer appeared in his hands.

“Well, I’m asking you a question of my own. Are the Wudang Goddess and Tortoise Spirit Goddess here?” Huang Xiaolong continued with an expressionless face.

“You’re asking to die!” the Tiger King roared as the hammer in his hand smashed towards Huang Xiaolong.

The hammer started to expand as it came crashing down. It seemed to turn into a golden mountain that threatened to bury Huang Xiaolong and the Ice Rhino. Moreover, Xi Jiu realized that the space around him was frozen! He couldn’t move a muscle.

He knew that the Tiger King’s hammer was no ordinary treasure just from that point alone!

When the Tiger King saw the expression on Xi Jiu’s face, a cocky smile formed on his lips. After entering the Sage Realm, Goddess Nuwa had rewarded him with the golden hammer! There were spatial formations inscribed in the weapon itself, and it would freeze the space around his opponents!

All these years, he had relied on his weapons to win many battles among his peers!

Seeing as the hammer was about to smash into them, Huang Xiaolong waved his sleeves casually. The giant hammer in the air crumbled into a pile of dust in front of their eyes.

The golden dust scattered all over the land, and it painted the ground a pretty gold color.

The beast kings who were on the scene stared at Huang Xiaolong in shock.

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It was even more so for the Tiger King as he stared at Huang Xiaolong without so much as blinking his eyes.

“You… You… Return my treasure to me!” Returning to reality, the Tiger King stared at the golden dust on the ground before lunging at Huang Xiaolong’s face. He turned into his true form as a giant golden tiger and his claws came crashing downwards.

Boundless immortal force emerged from his claws.

However, everything was settled with a single slap from Huang Xiaolong. The Tiger King was sent flying into one of the mountain peaks.

As rumbling filled the skies, shards of rocks flew everywhere.

The Tiger King was beaten up so badly that he couldn’t tell north from south, and he failed to find his footing for quite some time. 

“On behalf of Goddess Nuwa, I’ll allow you to live,” Huang Xiaolong stated casually. 

Goddess Nuwa made great contributions to the Human Race, and that was why Huang Xiaolong would overlook the Tiger King’s disrespect.

Like the wind, Huang Xiaolong’s words entered the ears of everyone present, causing cold sweat to fill their foreheads.

The Tiger King was shocked and terrified at the same time, and he eventually decided against doing anything else to Huang Xiaolong.

“I wonder which great sage has blessed us with your presence,” one of the demon kings stepped out and asked Huang Xiaolong respectfully. It was clear that their attitudes had softened significantly.

The demon king who stepped out was the Nine Tailed Fox King, and he was a little stronger than the Tiger King who attacked Huang Xiaolong just a moment ago.

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“Huang Xiaolong.”

“You… You’re the Huang Xiaolong?!”

“He’s the one who killed Zhao Qi and Yang Kai!”

The demons broke out into chaos when they heard his name,

“Did you receive an order from the Heavenless Devil Ancestor to look for the Wudang Goddess and the Tortoise Spirit Goddess?” After recovering from his shock, the Nine Tailed Fox King’s expression fell.

As the rumors of Huang Xiaolong being the Innate Devil Ancestor had spread across the land, everyone felt that there was no other explanation.

It seemed as though the demons were also of the same mind.

None of them could find it in themselves to respect Huang Xiaolong when they heard that he was from the Devil Race.

“Heavenless Devil Ancestor?” Huang Xiaolong was indifferent as he continued, “He’s nothing but an ant in my eyes. Let me ask you one more time. Are the Wudang Goddess and the Tortoise Spirit Goddess here?”

Huang Xiaolong tried to use his dao souls to search for them, but the number of formations laid down was too many to count. He wouldn’t be able to discover their presence in a short amount of time.

When they heard how Huang Xiaolong described the Heavenless Devil Ancestor, they were shocked to their core. However, a sneer soon formed on their faces. It was clear that they thought Huang Xiaolong was bluffing.

“Huang Xiaolong, even the Heavenless Devil Ancestor wouldn’t dare to disrespect Goddess Nuwa!” Another demon king yelled, “You better make your leave now. Otherwise, you won’t be able to run away when we decide to kill you!”

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With a snort from Huang Xiaolong, a terrifying power filled the lands.

“Kill him!” 

“Work together and take him down! We will send him to Goddess Nuwa to receive judgment!”

As their cries filled the skies, the artifacts in their hands shot towards Huang Xiaolong.

In an instant, multi-colored lights filled the skies. A horrifying pressure descended on Huang Xiaolong and Xi Jiu.

There were several dozen Sages among the demon kings, and even Xi Jiu felt the blood draining from his face when he realized that they were going in for the kill.

Just the pressure from their artifacts alone could kill him a million times over!

Huang Xiaolong casually raised his arm to face the countless artifacts descending from the skies. In an instant, everything stopped.


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