Chapter 3393: Chapter 3393: Pretentious Pricks!

Chapter 3393: Pretentious Pricks!

As soon as the voice rang through the air, people were chased out of the temple.

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Soon, a group of experts entered the temple.

The six other people other than Huang Xiaolong and the Ice Rhino were quickly forced out of the temple. Even though they were angry, they couldnt do a thing about it.

Your Highness, they are from the Crape Myrtle Palace, a frown formed on the Ice Rhinos face as he muttered.

Oh. Is he the Crape Myrtle Heavenly Emperor of the North?

There were five Heavenly Emperors in the Immortal World, and the person who controlled the Heavenly Court and the five continents was called the Celestial Emperor. The Heavenly Emperor of the West was called the Supreme Heavenly Emperor, and the Crape Myrtle Heavenly Emperor controlled the north.

As for the Heavenly Emperor of the South, he was called the Longevity Heavenly Emperor, and he was the son of the Absolute Beginning Sage.

The Qinghua Heavenly Emperor was in charge of the East, and he was also the son of the Absolute Beginning Sage.

The Crape Myrtle Heavenly Emperor might not be comparable to the Celestial Emperor, but his background was nothing to scoff at! He was the brother of the Supreme Heavenly Emperor and the Gouchen Heavenly Sovereign!

Their mother was a hegemon in the Pangu World, and even the Celestial Emperor had to show them some respect.

Yes, Your Highness. The Ice Rhino nodded quickly.

Since you know that were from the Crape Myrtle Palace, why are you still here? Get out right now! Our lord will be arriving soon! one of the experts snapped. When he comes, you wont be able to leave even if you want to.

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No one in the Immortal World would dare to disrespect someone from the Crape Myrtle Palace. As such, they were extremely domineering when it came to dealing with others.

Preposterous! the Ice Rhino roared in anger when he saw how they disrespected Huang Xiaolong.

His snort was like a clap of heavenly thunder that resounded through the land. The mountain peak they were on trembled violently.

The guards of the Crape Myrtle Palace were strong, but they were Immortal Kings at best. It was impossible for them to stand up to the Ice Rhinos wrath, and they were sent flying out of the temple. They rolled a fair distance before stopping.

When the experts standing around saw what happened to the experts of the Crape Myrtle Palace, someone in the crowd snorted, I wonder which dumb*ss dared to make a move on the members of the Crape Myrtle Palace

The Ice Rhinos expression changed when he noticed the person who spoke. Your Highness, thats Immortal Emperor Chen Chong, the oldest disciple of the Crape Myrtle Heavenly Emperor!

The Crape Myrtle Heavenly Emperor had five disciples in total, and Chen Chong was the oldest among them all. He was also the strongest, and his strength was comparable to the Ice Rhino. He was a peak late-Ninth Level Immortal Emperor, and when the Crape Myrtle Heavenly Emperor was absent, Chen Chong was the one dealing with the matters in the Crape Myrtle Palace.

Ice and Fire Rhino Ancestor, who would have thought. Chen Chong was slightly taken aback when he saw who it was.

Xi Jiu, how dare you move against members of the Crape Myrtle Palace?! Are you tired of living?! Chen Chong narrowed his eyes and growled, Are you planning to join the Purple Phoenix Race in the Ice Prison?!

The face of the Ice Rhino changed instantly.

The Purple Phoenix Race was one of the great demon races that was born during the creation of the world. However, the old ancestor of the race offended Chen Chong several hundred years ago and he was punished by Chen Chong using the authority of the Crape Myrtle Palace. He was framed for a crime and thrown into the Ice Prison!

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Moreover, the experts of the Purple Phoenix Race were also dragged into the mix and many of them suffered the same fate.

If nothing special happened, the Purple Phoenix Old Ancestor would be trapped for a million years!

I, Chen Chong, am not an unreasonable person. If you apologize right now and show some sincerity, I might let you off this once.

Naturally, he was trying to extort the treasures Xi Jiu had collected in his many years of existence.

With Chen Chongs position in the Crape Myrtle Palace, there was no way he would accept random treasures. In order to please him, the Ice Rhino would have to bring out a ton of them if he wanted to be pardoned.

Chen Chong turned to look at Huang Xiaolong all of a sudden and growled, Brat, are you Xi Jius follower? How dare you remain on your feet in front of me?!

Huang Xiaolong looked at him as though he was a clown in a circus. Alright. Ill spare your life if you get on your knees and grovel. Kowtow ten thousand times and roll off the mountain if you wish to live.

Brat, youre asking for death!

One of the experts behind Chen Chong sneered as a ray of light emerged from his hands. It shot towards Huang Xiaolongs forehead.

However, the ray of light dispersed before it could enter the temple. Chen Chong and everyone else stared at Huang Xiaolong in shock.

When they were still questioning their sanity, Huang Xiaolong raised his hand to point at the expert who moved against him. Like a balloon, the expert popped as blood rained down on the lands.

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Chen Chong and the others were sent flying by the impact.

When they finally crawled to their feet, they stared at the bloody mess around them in fright.

Who Who are you?! Chen Chong stared at Huang Xiaolong and roared in anger.

Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong?! The faces of everyone from the Crape Myrtle Palace changed.

Several days ago, the news of Huang Xiaolong being the Innate Devil Ancestor had made its way to the Crape Myrtle Palace. They learned that Huang Xiaolong kidnapped the Golden Brow Arhat during his trip to the west.

However, they couldnt understand how Huang Xiaolong had already arrived in the north! Not to mention the fact that he was in the holy temple of Goddess Nuwa.

Huang Xiaolong, dont think that my Crape Myrtle Palace will be afraid of you! Youre just someone from the Devil Race! suppressing the shock in his heart, Chen Chong roared.

Devil Race? The Heavenless Devil Ancestor is nothing but an ant. Ill crush them soon enough, Huang Xiaolong muttered.

The Heavenless Devil Race planned to get rid of him with the rumors they were spreading, and that crossed Huang Xiaolongs bottom line.

When he thought about the rumors going around, a desire to head over to the devil world formed in his heart.

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It was too bad they had to piss him off.

Chen Chong and the others stared at Huang Xiaolong in stunned silence.

Isnt he someone from the Heavenless Devil Race?! Why is he insulting the Heavenless Devil Ancestor now?

Huang Xiaolong, you can stop being pretentious. Do you really think we will believe your lies? Chen Chong snorted doubtfully.

However, that was the last words he could utter as Huang Xiaolong crushed them all into meat paste the next instant.

Believe what you want. Huang Xiaolong snorted and turned around.

When the Ice Rhino looked at the corpses of Chen Chong and the others, he was shocked.

Lets go. Were going to Goblin Mountain. Huang Xiaolong left the temple after he spoke.


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