Chapter 3392: Chapter 3392: Yang Mei

Chapter 3392: Yang Mei

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There should be someone called Yang Mei the Ice Rhino sighed. However, the number of times he has shown himself since the start of time can probably be counted on two hands. Not many people know of his existence, but the Heaven Piercing Sage, Lao Zi, and the others at their level saw Great Immortal Yang Mei and Hong Jun exchanging pointers in the past.

Oh? Did they say who won? Huang Xiaolong couldnt help but ask.

No, they didnt. However, everyone guessed that Great Immortal Yang Mei was the winner. That was probably why they didnt want to reveal the results of the battle, the Ice Rhino chuckled.

However, there are also other people who said that Great Immortal Yang Mei isnt someone from our Pangu World!

?! Huang Xiaolong was shocked.

Yes. he seems to be from the Excessive Darkness Or something along those lines, the Ice Rhino muttered.

The Excessive Darkness World! Huang Xiaolong gasped.

Yes! Thats the one! The Ice Rhino nodded quickly. Your Highness, do you know of the existence of the Excessive Darkness World?

Of course, I do. A light flashed in Huang Xiaolongs eyes. He even killed the Son of Creation of the Excessive Darkness World, Fu Luosen!

Now, Fu Luosens dao soul was still suppressed in the World of Departed Souls.

Your Highness, have you been there? A light lit up in the Ice Rhinos eyes.

Shaking his head slowly, Huang Xiaolong sighed. No.

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Even though he managed to destroy the entire entourage of experts in the World of Departed Souls, he hadnt gone to the Excessive Darkness World.

I wonder how the world is outside this place The Ice Rhino sighed. I heard that the universe is vast. There are many worlds like our Pangu World out there.

As Pangu lured over the universal storm to surround the Pangu World before he left, he successfully protected the world from outsiders. However, that also resulted in the world being isolated from the others. Everyone in the Pangu World was like a prisoner. Other than experts like Hong Jun, no one would be able to see the outside world.

As such, they could only hear about the rest of the universe from people at their level.

Yeah. There are nearly thirty of such worlds, Huang Xiaolong didnt plan to hide anything and he muttered casually.

Thirty?! The Ice Rhino cried out in fright. Arent there only slightly more than ten of them?

Slightly more than ten? Huang Xiaolong chuckled. Who did you hear that from?

I heard it from some of my friends

Your friends probably heard it from their friends too Huang Xiaolong laughed as the Ice Rhino lowered his head in embarrassment.

If you wish to leave the Pangu World in the future, Ill bring you along. Huang Xiaolong couldnt help but think of the little cow back in the Huang Long World.


In the five continents of the Immortal World, the west was filled with the teachings of Buddha. The north was the haven for the demons, and Huang Xiaolong saw tons of demonic cultivators along his way.

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However, the Ice Rhino was pretty famous in the area, and even though they ran into a lot of cultivators along the way, no one wanted to mess with Huang Xiaolong.

One could say that the Ice Rhino was even more well-respected in the north than in the west. In terms of strength, the rhino was much stronger than the Golden Brow Arhat. In terms of seniority, the Ice Rhino was part of the batch of beasts born after the creation of the world. He could be considered the Golden Brow Arhats senior!

As such, those who dared to disrespect the rhino could probably be counted on one hand.

Nothing noteworthy happened along the way, and they soon arrived at Goblin Mountain.

The closer they got, the more experts they ran into. They came from all parts of the Immortal World.

When Huang Xiaolong saw groups of them walking towards the Goblin Mountain, he asked curiously, Are they all headed to the Goblin Mountain?

Yeah. Even though the Goblin Mountain has been sealed, theres a holy temple set out around the perimeter of the seal in order to honor Goddess Nuwa. There are experts from all over the lands paying their respect to her.

According to the legends, the Human Race was created by her, Huang Xiaolong continued casually.

Pangu was the one who created the world, but Nuwa was the one who created the humans. As such, she gained the title of Goddess Nuwa.

Despite that, she was also the holy ancestor of the demon race as she was a demon, to begin with.

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Probably? The Ice Rhino shook his head. There are also some who say that the Human Race was born through the combined efforts of Goddess Nuwa and the Human Emperor.

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The Human Emperor Fuxi?

Yes, thats him! A look of reverence could be seen on the Ice Rhinos face.

When Huang Xiaolong was in the Shushan Immortal Gate, he heard of Fuxi from Mu Shuihan. Not only was Fuxis position in the Immortal World extremely high, but he was also equally revered in the devil world and the ghost world.

From the time Pangu created the world, countless tribulations fell upon the lands.

Human Emperor Fuxis contributions couldnt be ignored, and he assisted all three worlds the best he could.

In his eyes, all creatures were the same. He wouldnt discriminate between ghosts, humans, and demons.

As Huang Xiaolong chatted with the Ice Rhino, they continued on their journey to Goblin Mountain.

Your Highness, this is where the holy temple is. The Ice Rhino pointed towards one of the peaks and continued, After crossing the mountain, we will be able to see the Goblin Mountain!

Huang Xiaolong nodded slightly as they blended into the crowd.

There were many experts who recognized the Ice Rhino, and all of them made their way quickly. A path was formed as Huang Xiaolong and the rhino strolled towards the temple.

Grandpa, who are they?! A little girl from the demon race pointed at Huang Xiaolong and the Ice Rhino as she pouted, Why should we let them cut in line?

Her grandfather jumped in fright when he heard what she said. Only after Huang Xiaolong and the Ice Rhino left did he explain himself. Thats the Ice and Fire Rhino Ancestor!

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What?! The little girl felt her expression changing drastically. What about the young man riding on his back?

Even though the old man didnt know what to say, waves crashed against his heart. He knew that the Ice Rhino was at the peak of the late-Ninth Level Immortal Emperor Realm, but he didnt expect someone to use him as a mount!

Everyone standing around was equally as shocked.

There were even some who started praying when they saw the duo. Naturally, they were showing their respect for Huang Xiaolong who could use a terrifying expert as his mount.

When Huang Xiaolong and the Ice Rhino arrived at the mountain peak, they saw the holy temple. Huang Xialong entered the temple and looked at Goddess Nuwas jade statue, and he nodded slightly. Not bad. She is really a beauty. Its no wonder the Zhou King is so obsessed over her.

Huang Xiaolong also saw the poem left behind by the Zhou King. He was taken aback as he didnt know what Goddess Nuwas intention was for leaving the poem intact.

When Huang Xiaolong was reading the poem in the temple, a huge ruckus started outside the temple. Everyone in the temple, get out now. Our lord is planning to show his respect for Goddess Nuwa!


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