Chapter 3391: Chapter 3391: Huang Xiaolong Is A

Chapter 3391: Huang Xiaolong Is A Devil!

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Even though he knew that the Myriad Treasures Dao Master was no longer present in the Myriad Buddha World, Huang Xiaolong decided to take a trip into the world.

There were countless Buddhist kingdoms in the Myriad Buddha World, and there were even several experts at the peak of the late-Ninth Level Immortal Emperor Realm.

Surprisingly, there wasnt a single expert at the Sage Realm.

The Maitreya Buddha was the strongest expert there, and there should be countless experts under him. There should be several Sage Realm experts too, but they didnt live in the Myriad Buddha World.

Huang Xiaolong took a trip around and searched for the Myriad Treasures Dao Master with his three dao souls. When he was sure that the person he was searching for wasnt around, he left.

When he emerged from the entrance of the Myriad Buddha World, he could see that the crowd had yet to disperse. He looked at Huang Xiaochun in the crowd and nodded slightly.

Huang Xiaochun stared at him with a terrified expression. He didnt know how to react.

With a single step, Huang Xiaolong disappeared into thin air.

Now that he was done with the Western Niuhe Continent, it was time to head over to the Goblin Mountain.

It didnt take long for the news of Huang Xiaolongs assault to spread. The fact that he kidnapped the Golden Brow Arhat shook the Western Niuhe Continent.

Moreover, the fact that Huang Xiaolong might be in the Sage Realm filled the ears of everyone in the west.

The part about him killing Yang Kai and kidnapping the Golden Brow Arhat seemed insignificant to the fact that he might be a Sage! The entire Immortal World trembled at the news.

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Theres no way Huang Xiaolong is already a Sage!

The Golden Brow Arhat is a Ninth Level Immortal Emperor! He was using the platform to do battle, and Huang Xiaolong shouldnt have been be able to do a thing to him if he hadnt entered the Sage Realm! Not to mention the fact that he could abduct the Golden Brow Arhat without killing him!

Since the ancient war, Sages would hardly appear in the world Moreover, no one heard anything about Huang Xiaolong becoming a Sage! Thats bullsh*t! Huang Xiaolong cannot be a Sage! Moreover, no one has ever heard of him!

Everyone started throwing guesses around.

Huang Xiaolong could remain anonymous when he killed Yang Kai, but now that his cultivation base was suspected to be at the Sage Realm, countless superpowers started to look into his identity.

Another piece of news shook the world when they did. Huang Xiaolong is an expert of the Heavenless Devil Race!

Waves crashed against the peaceful shores of the Immortal World.

What?! How can he be part of the Heavenless Devil Race?!

Yeah! Hes an Innate Devil Ancestor! He came to existence after the origin devil qi gained consciousness, and hes said to be an expert only under the Heavenless Devil Ancestor!

For a devil to attain enlightenment, its no wonder hes so strong! That explains his cruel methods and only devils like him would be able to kill a million heavenly troops without batting an eyelid!

But Didnt they say that he ascended from Earth? Why is he the Innate Devil Ancestor?

Are you stupid?! He definitely made up the story about his ascension! Is there anyone who can verify that he came from Earth?! Mu Shuihan heard his side of the story, and he definitely did it in order to hide his true identity!

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Huang Xiaolongs identity as the Innate Devil Ancestor started to spread across the Immortal World instantly.

It caused an uproar, and there were even some people who said that Huang Xiaolongs appearance was a part of a grand conspiracy by the Devil Race.

The grudges Huang Xiaolong had against Yang Kai and the others turned into an offense against the entire Immortal World.

One had to know that since the start of time, the Immortal World had been at odds with the devil race. The number of wars waged between the two factions caused the death of countless experts.

Huang Xiaolong heard the rumors before he even reached the north.

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Looks like someone is deliberately spreading this sh*t about me Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

The rumors were most likely made up by the members of the devil race. After all, they were afraid of a terrifying presence like him gaining power among the human race.

As such, they planned to use the humans to get rid of him before he could pose a threat to them!

Huang Xiaolong looked down at the Ice Rhino carrying him around. He had casually picked it up along the way, and it was a great beast to use as a mount. It wasnt too strong, and it was only at the peak of the late-Ninth Level Immortal Emperor Realm.

Of course, Huang Xiaolong didnt care much about its strength since it was merely a mount.

The Ice Rhino was pretty amazing for the standard of a beast in the Immortal World. It was the first batch of demonic beasts that came after the beasts born during the creation of the world, and it didnt receive the teachings of others. That resulted in its slow cultivation, and it had been stuck at the peak of the late-Ninth Level Immortal Emperor Realm.

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Your Highness, are we really going to Gobin Mountain?! the beast asked in shock.

What about it? Am I not allowed to? Huang Xiaolong asked casually.

Shaking its head, the Ice Rhino explained, Not really. However, Goblin Mountain was sealed a long time ago. As long as anyone enters a hundred million miles of the mountain, they would be hunted down by the demon kings residing there.

Huang Xiaolong snorted lightly. He had long since heard about that.

Seeing as Huang Xiaolong wasnt taking it seriously, the Ice Rhino continued, I heard that the sealing of the Goblin Mountain is a holy decree given by Goddess Nuwa.


That was news to him.

Why would she give such an order? Huang Xiaolong asked.

I have no idea. The Ice Rhino shook his head. There are some who say that it has something to do with the Zhou King.

The Zhou King of the Shang Dynasty? Huang Xiaolong felt his heart trembling slightly.

The Shang Dynasty was one of the ancient dynasties in the Immortal World. It was as strong as the current Heavenly Court, and even experts like Huang Feihu, Jiu Tianying, and the God of Lightning were his subordinates!

However, the Shang Dynasty was exterminated before the current Heavenly Court was established.

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Yes. Thats him. The Zhou King is really lecherous. He dares to pine for Goddess Nuwa even after the Shang Dynastys extermination.

The reason the Shang Dynasty was exterminated was also because of the Zhou Kings lust for Nuwa.

The Zhou King isnt dead? Huang Xiaolong asked.

No. It was said that a peerless expert saved him in the past before taking him in as a disciple. The Ice Rhino explained, Now, hes back stronger than ever and he enters the Goblin Mountain occasionally to pester Goddess Nuwa.

He was saved?! Huang Xiaolong was slightly taken aback.

Yes. Some say that he was saved by the Continent Suppressing Dao Monarch. Others say that he was saved by Great Immortal Yang Mei! As such, not even Goddess Nuwa dares to kill him! If he really was saved by Great Immortal Yang Mei, Im afraid no one in the Immortal World would dare to touch him!

Great Immortal Yang Mei? Huang Xiaolong frowned. Is there really someone like that?

His father, Huang Long, and his master, the Blazing Dragon, didnt say anything about Great Immortal Yang Mei

According to the legends on Earth, Yang Mei was an expert no weaker than Hong Jun! After his interaction with the old dragon back in the Blazing Dragon World, Huang Xiaolong thought that Great Immortal Yang Mei was a legend!


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