Chapter 3385: Chapter 3385: Immortal Emperor Ya

Chapter 3385: Immortal Emperor Yang Kai

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Looking at the troops who were camping at the entrance, Huang Xiaolong took a single step out and arrived before them.

He was surrounded instantly.

Staring at them, Huang Xiaolong muttered with indifference, Everyone who doesnt wish to die should get out of my sight now. Otherwise, Ill kill you all with a wave of my hand.

Kill us all? one of the generals roared with laughter. Do you really think youre some kind of big shot? Im so scared of you! Hahaha! Brat, kill us if you dare! Were standing right here!

The heavenly troops around started to laugh.

Huang Xiaolong pinched the air before him, and the general exploded into a blood mist. Not even his essence soul managed to escape.

The laughter stopped instantly, and everyone stared at Huang Xiaolong in disbelief.

The general was someone who had reached the Immortal Venerable Realm!

He might only be a First Level Immortal Venerable, but he was killed by the other party with a single gesture!

Thats Huang Xiaolong!

Hes the one who killed Chen Keyu!

The heavenly troops around him took several steps back in retreat. Those who planned on killing him shrunk backwards, and a huge empty space formed around Huang Xiaolong and the other troops.

Whats going on?! The other generals quickly turned to look at Huang Xiaolong when they noticed the commotion.

Lord Cao Kun, its him! He killed General Chen Fengrui! one of the soldiers mentioned as he pointed at Huang Xiaolong.

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Cao Kun was one of the highest leaders among the million troops that arrived. He was coincidentally the strongest expert present, at the Seventh Level Immortal Venerable Realm.

What?! Cao Kuns expression changed.

Since the establishment of the new Heavenly Court, that was the first-time a member of the heavenly troops was killed!

With the death of a general at the Immortal Venerable Realm, even the Celestial Emperor would be alerted!

Are you Huang Xiaolong?! Cao Kun glared at Huang Xiaolong. Huang Xiaolong, youre too arrogant. Do you know the sin of killing someone of the Heavenly Court?! Do you know that your entire family would suffer from lightning judgment!

Lightning judgment!

They would be tied to the Heavenly Platform before they were struck by lightning! They wouldnt die from a single strike, but they would suffer ten thousand strikes! When that happened, their skin would be fried and they would be burned to a crisp! Only then would they be allowed to die.

The lightning judgment was one of the cruelest ways of torture!

It was even more painful than if one was burned by pill flames!

Lightning judgment? Huang Xiaolong remained impassive. Since Ive already sinned, why not go all the way? The punishment will remain the same either way. Ill just kill all of you while Im at it.

The faces of Cao Kun and the others changed.

Narrowing his eyes, Cao Kun roared, Huang XIaolong, who do you think you are?! Do you think youre the monkey king of the current generation?!

In the past, the Heavenly Court had surrounded Peach Mountain and blood had flowed like a river. The number of generals who died at the hands of the Monkey King, Sun Wukong, was countless.

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Everyone, listen to me, arrange the formations and slay the man! Cao Kun roared.

They formed their ranks before charging at Huang Xiaolong.

From afar, the entire army moved as one. They turned into a golden river that swept towards Huang Xiaolong.

In an instant, they arrived.

The strength of a single soldier might be negligible, but the power of thousands was shocking! When a million of them joined hands, the power they possessed was terrifying!

The faces of Mu Shuihan and the others turned pale when they saw the golden river charging at Huang Xiaolong.

Right before they could slam into him, Huang Xiaolong casually stretched his right arm forward. Raising his palm, the entire river stopped.

A million soldiers felt as though the space around them was locked into place as they couldnt move a single muscle.

A blue light emerged from Huang Xiaolongs arm as it froze the golden river.

A million troops turned into ice statues in the blink of an eye.

Flicking his finger once, a ball of flame landed on the ice river, turning it into a bed of flames. Under the terrified gaze of Cao Kun and several other experts who didnt join in the charge, the entire army was burned to nothingness. Not even the artifacts in their hands managed to survive!

You! Cao Kun gasped in shock.

He exterminated a million heavenly troops with a wave of his hand! Literally!

Didnt Lord Zhao Qi say that Huang Xiaolong was at the peak of the Immortal Venerable Realm?!

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How in the world could someone at that level show off such terrifying strength?!

Now, its your turn, Huang Xiaolong turned to Cao Kun and said.

When they wanted to run, several rays of black light pierced through their bodies. Even if the Celestial Emperor came, he wouldnt be able to escape the moment Huang Xiaolong decided to kill him. How could Cao Kun and the others escape?!

Their bodies froze and they turned to look at the hole in their chests.

The hole slowly expanded as it caused their bodies to rot.

Turning into a black mist, Cao Kun and the others dispersed in the wind.


It was the final thought Cao Kun and the others had.

After killing Cao Kun and the others, Huang Xiaolong turned to Mu Shuihan. Clean up the scene. Well head over to the Heavenly Frost Palace in a bit. Taking a single step, Huang Xiaolong disappeared from their sight.

Mu Shuihan and Wang Lin stared at the empty space before them with their mouths agape.

Founder, did Senior Huang really kill a million heavenly troops?! Wang Lin asked.

He also dealt with Cao Kun and several other heavenly generals! Suppressing the shock in his heart, Mu Shuihan muttered. He was thinking about the consequences of angering the Heavenly Court now that they offended them.

When Huang Xiaolong planned to head towards Heavenly Frost Palace, the news started to spread.

What?! All one million troops were killed?! Song Zhipeng jumped in fright.

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Yes! Even Cao Kun and the other heavenly generals were slain! Manager Li of the city lord manor stammered, Huang Huang Xiaolong seemed to have killed them alone!

A festive atmosphere filled the Heavenly Frost Palace as the world trembled at the news. Zhao Qi welcomed experts from various continents.

Even though there were several days till the start of the ceremony, many people had already arrived.

Of course, those who could enter the palace to be personally welcomed by Zhao Qi were people of considerable status.

Immortal Emperor Yang Kai of the Western Niuhe Continent has arrived! a disciple yelled from outside the gates.

Those in the main hall broke out into discussions.

Immortal Emperor Yang Kai of the Western Niuhe Continent!

He was the disciple the Maitreya Buddha Ancestor was the proudest of! His reputation shook the five continents, and he entered the Immortal Emperor Realm a hundred thousand years ago! No one expected him to appear at Zhao Qis ceremony.

General Zhao Qi is pretty awesome! someone cried.

Zhao Qi roared with laughter when he heard Yang Kais name. He got to his feet and walked towards the entrance. Everyone, please follow me out to welcome Immortal Emperor Yang Kai.

Of course! The founders and experts present got to their feet as they left the main hall.


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