Chapter 3384: Chapter 3384: Killing a Million H

Chapter 3384: Killing a Million Heavenly Troops

Mu Shuihan lowered his head slowly as he addressed Huang Xiaolong, Senior Huang, there has been a report from the Holy Pavilion. We have news about the Myriad Treasures Dao Master.

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Oh. Where is he now? Huang Xiaolongs eyelids jumped.

Hes currently in the Western Niuhe Continent. Hes currently cultivating in one of the Buddhist dwellings, and hes discussing the dao with the Maitreya Buddhist Ancestor. According to our sources, he plans to enter the western Buddhist faction.

Huang Xiaolong muttered, Enter the western Buddhist faction? Looks like their ability to attract is not small.

According to what they knew, the Buddhist factions had a lot of abilities to tempt someone into entering their factions.

Mu Shuihan sighed silently.

Since the start of time, the Rulai Buddhist Ancestor was a true hegemon in the Immortal World. Even the Celestial Emperor had to respect him. An existence like that wasnt someone a mere Golden Immortal like him could comment on.

When he heard that the Rulai Buddhist Ancestor had reached the Combined Dao Ancestor Realm a long time ago! He hadnt appeared in a long time, and no one knew how strong he had become!

What about the Golden Spirit Goddess, Tortoise Spirit Goddess, and the Wudang Goddess? Huang Xiaolong asked.

There hasnt been any news of them yet

Nodding slowly, Huang Xiaolong accepted the fact. It wasnt easy for the Holy Pavilion to locate the Myriad Treasures Dao Master in a day. Finding three others might be a little too difficult.

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Also, Du Guang said that their pavilion master heard about the matter between you and Zhao Qi. He asked if he should help mediate the matter. As the main pavilion master of the Holy Pavilion, Zhao Qi will definitely have to show him some respect, Mu Shuihan said.

Huang Xiaolong remained impassive as he continued, Theres no need for them to overstep their boundaries. As long as they complete what they have to do, I wont mess with them. If they irritate me, Ill destroy them along with everyone else.

Mu Shuihan felt beads of cold sweat dripping down his forehead.

Go. Ill wait for their news. Tell them that if they manage to locate the other three in five days, Ill give them another great dao pill.

Gasping in surprise, Mu Shuihan went to relay the news.

When he left the main hall, he contacted Du Guang. Senior Huang said that if you manage to find the other three, he will give you another great dao pill.

Du Guangs heart started to pound in excitement, and he asked, Are you for real?!

Mu Shuihan hesitated for a moment and continued, As for the matter with Zhao Qi, Senior Huang mentioned that he would deal with it alone.

He chose to relay the news as simply as he could. If he were to repeat what Huang Xiaolong said word for word, he didnt know what the members of the Holy Pavilion would think.

When the members of the Holy Pavilion were using everything they had to locate the people Huang Xiaolong wanted to look for, the experts from all the continents swarmed towards the Heavenly Frost Palace. The atmosphere turned festive in an instant as immortal beasts and flying ships surrounded the area.

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In stark contrast, the Shushan Immortal Gate was exceptionally quiet. Everyone was hiding from the Shushan Immortal Gate like they had the plague. When the disciples of the Shushan Immortal Gate went out to purchase herbs, the various shops would close the instant they saw them coming. No one wanted anything to do with the members of the Shushan Immortal Gate.

Huang Xiaolong might have killed Chen Keyu in two strikes and gained some fame for himself, but after Zhao Qi passed down the order for Huang Xiaolong and Mu Shuihan to kill themselves before his palace, no one dared to anger the newly ascended Immortal Emperor.

The Shushan Immortal Gate might possess several hundred thousand disciples, but they were especially quiet these few days. Even when they spoke to each other, they would do so in hushed voices. An oppressive atmosphere hung over the Shushan Immortal Gate.

Huang Xiaolong ignored everything as he continued to guide Mu Shuihan and Yan Baoer.

With his cultivation at the peak of the Dao Venerable Realm, Huang Xiaolong reached the perfection stage in all thirteen elements. He also had 2.39999999 billion units of grand cosmos energy, his guidance was basically the mandate of heaven. The two of them experienced a groundbreaking increase in their cultivation.

It was especially so for Yan Baoer.

The two of them seemed to have discovered another world of cultivation as they listened to Huang Xiaolong.

Five days passed in an instant.

In the Heavenly Frost Palace, Chen Baolai reported everything related to Huang Xiaolong and Mu Shuihan. When Zhao Qi heard that they have been hiding in the Shushan Immortal Gate for the past few days, he was livid.

Seems like they dont plan to surrender themselves. Chen Baolai continued, Lord, do you want us to head over to capture them?

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A cold light flashed through Zhao Qis eyes. Send a million heavenly troops over to surround them! Kill any disciple who dares to venture out of the mountain! I want all of them to experience the feeling of death hovering over their heads. They will learn how to feel despair! As for Huang Xiaolong and Mu Shuihan, I will head over to personally kill them after the ceremony ends!

Yes, Lord Zhao! Chen Baolai bowed respectfully before contacting the troops garrisoned in the Heavenly Dragon City and those around them to head towards the Shushan Immortal Gate.

Of course, their movement attracted the attention of the various powers.

In the Northern Dragon City Lord Manor.

Song Qianqian rejoiced when they heard the news. She spoke to Song Zhipeng, Father, there is great news! Lord Zhao Qi sent a million heavenly troops to surround the Shushan Immortal Gate. Now, no one can leave! They will be killed as long as they try to descend the mountain!

Several days ago, Huang Xiaolong killed Lu Ming and the others. Song Zhipeng and Song Qianqian were scared to the point where they kowtowed profusely to get Huang Xiaolong to forgive them. Now that Zhao Qi got a million troops over to surround them, she was jumping for joy.

Song Zhipeng nodded and chuckled, Huang Xiaolong and Mu Shuihan are trapped like a turtle in a jar. I heard that Lord Zhao Qi plans to personally head over to kill the two of them when the ceremony ends! According to our sources, he plans to make their lives a living hell!

When the troops arrived, the disciples of the Shushan Immortal Gate were terrified. Wang Lin quickly reported the matter to Huang Xiaolong.

Oh? They sealed the mountain and plan on killing anyone who tries to leave? A sneer appeared on Huang Xiaolongs lips. I plan to let Zhao Qi complete his ceremony peacefully. Since he feels like dying soon, Ill fulfill his wish.

Getting to his feet, Huang Xiaolong said, Alright lets go. Watch how I slay a million heavenly troops.

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Slay a million heavenly troops!

Wang Lin and Mu Shuihan felt their legs going soft after hearing what he said.

Chen Keyu was an Immortal King, but he wasnt part of the Heavenly Court! They could kill him as they liked! However, once they killed the heavenly troops, they would be declaring war on the Heavenly Court!

Since the new Heavenly Court was established, no one dared to kill the members related to them!

When the two of them were planning to dissuade Huang Xiaolong, the scene before them changed. They arrived above the mountain, and they saw swathes of heavenly troops guarding the entrance.


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