Chapter 3383: Chapter 3383: Zhao Qi Advances

Chapter 3383: Zhao Qi Advances

As soon as the eminent elders words left his lips, the others followed suit. Thats right! Kill that b*stard whose surname is Huang!

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Even if we cant kill him, we can kill a disciple of the Shushan Immortal Gate! Well take anyone we can kill!

Circulating their energy, the eminent elders lunged at the members of the Shushan Immortal Gate.

As many of them were in the Golden Immortal Realm, they were like wolves jumping into a flock of sheep. They appeared among the members of the Shushan Immortal Gate in an instant.

However, they failed to unleash a single move as they turned into ice statues the moment they moved.

Everyone saw Huang Xiaolong waving his hands slightly to shatter the ice statues that they had become.

Under the golden rays of the sun, the shards that came from the bodies of the eminent elders looked exceptionally radiant.

Song Zhipeng and the others sucked in another cold breath when they saw what happened.

More than forty experts at the Golden Immortal Realm were dead in the blink of an eye!

What in the world is going on?!

Even their essence soul failed to escape!


As the members of the Heavenly Silkworm Immortal Gate fell to their knees, there were several thousand loners left on their feet.

The disciples who killed the members of the Shushan Immortal Gate, stand up now, Huang Xiaolong muttered. As though it contained some sort of hypnotic power, several thousand disciples got to their feet.

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Kill yourselves, Huang Xiaolong uttered.

The disciples who were left standing reacted almost instantly. Some of them detonated their souls, while others killed themselves by stabbing their precious weapons through their hearts.

Blood rained down on the land and it stained everything around them red.

The founding ancestor of the Floating Light Immortal Gate, Sui Yun, felt his legs going numb as he fell to his knees.

As for the other factions who were mocking the Shushan Immortal Gate, they did the same.

An hour later.

The apprenticeship ceremony was carried on as per usual, but there were countless other bodies used as sacrifices. The corpses included that of Sui Yun and the others.

During the ceremony, Song Zhipeng laughed to congratulate Mu Shuihan, Brother Shuihan, congratulations on obtaining such a talented disciple! The Shushan Immortal Gate will definitely flourish under your leadership!

The only problem was that the smile on his face was uglier than anything he could imagine.

Region Master Song is too kind, Mu Shuihan muttered.

The news of Chen Keyus death rocked the Eastern Dongsheng Continent after one day.

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Chen Keyu was killed in the Shushan Immortal Gate! I heard that he was beaten to death by two palms! The killer seems to be called Huang Xiaolong or something!

Chen Keyu is a Ninth Level Immortal King! He cultivated the Origin Nine Twists! His body is said to be undying, but he was killed by two palms! Thats incredible! Who in the world is this person they call Huang Xiaolong?! Why havent I heard of him?

I heard that hes like Mu Shuihan. He came from Earth! No one knows any more than that. However, his act of killing Chen Keyu can be said to be poking a hole in the heavens. Chen Keyu is Great General Zhao Qis only disciple. Theres no way the great general will let him off! Moreover, Zhao Qi is held in high regard by the Celestial Emperor! No matter how strong Huang Xiaolong is, he wont be a match for the entire Heavenly Court! The Immortal World is controlled by the Heavenly Court, and no one dares to challenge them!

That might not be the case. Huang Xiaolong might just be a holy being himself!

Nonsense! It has been countless years since the birth of the last Holy Emperor! Theres no way Huang Xiaolong can be one of them! There arent any records of someone with his name being a Holy Emperor too

The Eastern Dongsheng Continent broke out into an uproar in an instant.

Countless factions started to talk about Chen Keyu and Huang Xiaolong.

There were some who pitied Chen Keyu, and there were others who were laughing at Huang Xiaolongs misfortune.

In one of the heavenly palaces in the Heavenly Court.

Zhao Qi looked at a batch of immortal beasts before him as he chuckled happily. One of the joys he had in life was to raise ancient immortal beasts. As for those before him, they were presented by the various city lords as tribute.

Zhao Qi called one of his subordinates over, Why hasnt the little brat Keyu looked for me? Where is he?

Heavenly General Chen Baolai was there to break the news of Chen Keyus death, and the question coincided perfectly. However, now that Zhao Qi was asking, it became a lot more awkward.

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Did something happen? Zhao Qi couldnt help but ask when he saw the look on Chen Baolais face.

Lord, there has been news from the Eastern Dongsheng Continent Keyu He

What happened to him?! Zhao Qis expression sank. A sense of unease crept into his heart.

He was killed by someone! Chen Baolai gathered his courage before speaking.

WHAT?! Zhao Qi jumped to his feet and he failed to control his aura. The aura of a Holy Emperor caused the skies to tremble as lightning flashed through the skies.

Lord, you You entered the Holy Emperor Realm?! Chen Baolai exclaimed.

If Zhao Qi entered the Holy Emperor Realm, his status would be wholly different from before! If the news of his breakthrough were to spread through the lands, the entire world would tremble! One had to know that many sages were in hiding. As long as they didnt appear, Holy Emperors were the strongest existences! Anyone who entered the Holy Emperor Realm would be an earth-shattering matter!

Thats right! I entered the Holy Emperor Realm a hundred years ago! An arrogant expression appeared on Zhao Qis face, but killing intent soon took over. Who killed Keyu?! What in the world is going on?!

Chen Baolai recounted everything that had happened without leaving out the slightest detail.

Shushan Immortal Gate Mu Shuihan, Huang Xiaolong! Zhao Qi growled in rage.

Lord, do you wish to pass down the order for everyone in the Eastern Dongsheng Continent to surround the Shushan Immortal Gate? Chen Baolai advised.

Releasing the sword qi around him, rays of light shot into the skies. Pass down my order right now! Have Huang Xiaolong and Mu Shuihan slit their throats before my Heavenly Frost Palace! Otherwise, Ill head over personally to kill them both!

Zhao Qis voice was frosty, and it was clear he meant business.

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Yes, Lord Zhao! Chen Baolai bowed.

Release the news of my ascension to the Holy Emperor Realm! I will be holding a ceremony in ten days!

Ordinarily, one would hold a massive ceremony after entering the Holy Emperor Realm.

The news of Zhao Qis ascension quickly spread through the Immortal World as the Immortal Kings and Immortal Venerables around, gasped in shock.

The ceremony in ten days will be something the entire Immortal World looks forward to! How can the city lord of our Black Steel City be absent?!

The city lords and founding ancestors of the various factions sprang into action the moment they heard the news. Getting on board their flying ships and immortal beasts, they rushed towards the Heavenly Frost Palace.

The news quickly reached Huang Xiaolong and the other members of the Shushan Immortal Gate.

Slit my throat as an apology?! Who does he think he is?! A frown formed on the Son of Creations face. Huang Xiaolong was clearly not amused by what Zhao Qi said. A sneer formed on his lips as Zhao Qis fate was sealed in stone.


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