Chapter 3375: Chapter 3375: Shushan Immortal Ga

Chapter 3375: Shushan Immortal Gate

It took less than a breath of time for them to arrive!

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They traveled all the way over to White Bone Mountain from the Wind and Lightning Immortal Gate!

That refreshed Wang Jingwens worldview.

Zhang Pus voice rang through the skies all of a sudden, bringing him back to reality. Wang Jingwen, is he someone you brought along to help you?

He sized Huang Xiaolong from top to bottom and sneered, Do you really think someone like him can save you?

I didnt invite Senior Huang over. Wang Jingwen lowered his head in embarrassment. What a joke! How could he invite an expert at Huang Xiaolongs level?!

Everyone was slightly taken aback by his revelation.

I dont care if you didnt. Anyone related to you will die! Zhang Pu sneered.

The reason he came back this time was to solidify his prestige!

Wang Jingwen didnt say a word despite his declaration of war.

Is he Zhang Pu? Huang Xiaolong asked Wang Jingwen all of a sudden.

Yes, Senior Huang. Wang Jingwen bowed respectfully.

Xiao Bing and the others felt a weird sensation filling their hearts when they saw Wang Jingwens subservient action.

After all, he was a patriarch of an immortal gate! Not many people in the land could make him act that way!

When Xiao Bing and the others were still pondering over Huang Xiaolongs identity, Huang Xiaolong dragged Zhang Pu over to himself with a single swipe of his wrist.


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Xiao Bing and the others exclaimed in shock.

Liu Yan and Liu Keke felt their eyeballs popping out of their sockets.

Even Zhou Wanshan was taken aback. He might be an inner elder of the Shushan Immortal Gate, but he was merely a Seventh Level Golden Immortal! Huang Xiaolongs strength didnt seem to be weaker than his in the slightest!

Only an expert comparable to him would be able to do what Huang Xiaolong did. In fact, they had to be at the late-Seventh Level Golden Immortal Realm to do so!

Who are you?! Zhou Wanshan growled. Release my junior brother immediately! Otherwise, no one in the Northern Dragon Region would be able to protect you.

Oh? Is that so? A flash of light crossed Huang Xiaolongs eyes and a massive pillar of lightning descended from the heavens to land on Zhou Wanshans head. A miserable shriek filled the air as Zhou Wanshan was sent crashing into the ground.

As the earth trembled, a cloud of dust rose into the air to surround White Bone Mountain.

Everyone turned to stare at Zhou Wanshan in fright.

Xu Zi of the Nine Melody Immortal Gate felt his limbs going cold.

Liu Yan and Liu Keke felt their hearts stop beating for a moment.

Xiao Bing and those standing around didnt dare to move a muscle when they saw what happened to Zhou Wanshan.

It was especially so for the experts who were trying to kiss Zhou Wanshans *ss earlier. The blood drained from their faces.

Staring at Zhou Wanshan who was somewhere in the ground below, Zhang Pu felt the world crumbling around him.

Senior Senior Huang Zhang Pu choked.

For the first time in his life, he felt nothing but fear in his heart.

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Looking at Huang Xiaolong, he felt as though he was looking at the patriarch of the Shushan Immortal Gate!

Relax, I wont kill you. Huang Xiaolong muttered, I have no use in killing you.

Zhang Pu was shocked.

However, he thanked Huang Xiaolong profusely the next moment.

Many thanks, Senior Huang!

He felt as though he crawled his way back up from the depths of hell when he heard what Huang Xiaolong said.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Xiao Bing and the others, and his gaze paused for a second on Liu Yan and Liu Keke. The two of them didnt dare to look at him this time, and they stood frozen on the spot.

All of you can leave. When the two of them felt as though their hearts were about to stop beating altogether, Huang Xiaolongs voice rang through the air.

Everyone stared at him incredulously.

Yes Yes, Senior Huang! Xu Zi was the first to snap back to reality. After bowing, he brought the disciples of the Nine Melody Immortal Gate away. He was afraid that Huang Xiaolong would change his mind suddenly.

The experts of the other factions bowed to show their respect for Huang Xiaolong before fleeing.

Liu Yan and Liu Keke followed silently behind Xiao Bing as they left the area.

The venue that was filled with people emptied out instantly!

Huang Xiaolongs group was the only one left.

Looking at Zhou Wanshan who was stuck in a giant pit in the ground, Huang Xiaolong dragged him out casually. Along with Zhang Pu, Wang Jingwen, and the others, he teleported back to the Wind and Lightning Immortal Gate.

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When Zhang Pu realized that they were no longer at the White Bone Mountain, he gasped in fright, Is this Is this the Wind and Lightning Immortal Gate?!

He had visited them once in the past, and he could recognize the entire area. Now that he returned, his original plan was to conquer the Wind and Lightning Immortal Gate before taking their territory for himself!

Despite his question, no one bothered to reply him.

Huang Xiaolong casually waved his hand and a strand of green light entered Zhou Wanshans body. The man who was on the brink of death recovered in an instant.

Zhang Pu was shocked, but so was Wang Jingwen! All of them saw that Zhou Wanshan was a breath away from death, but now, he was as good as new!

Something like that only seemed possible in the hands of Holy Emperors who had hidden themselves from the world!

Zhang Pu felt beads of cold sweat dripping down his forehead.

As for Zhou Wanshan, he kneeled on the ground silently after he came back to life.

In a bit, Ill head over to the Shushan Immortal Gate. The two of you can lead the way.

A look of fright formed in their eyes.

The reason Huang Xiaolong allowed them to live was because he needed a tour guide!

However, a possibility flashed through their minds all of a sudden. What if Huang Xiaolong was planning something sinister against the Shushan Immortal Gate?!

The hair on their bodies stood on end.

Relax. I only wish to ask your ancestor some questions. Huang Xiaolong saw through their thoughts instantly. If I were to move against your Shushan Immortal Gate, not even your ancestor can stop me, much less the two of you.

The two of them thanked Huang Xiaolong as question marks filled their minds.

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Huang Xiaolong spoke the truth. He wanted to ask the old ancestor of the Shushan Immortal Gate some questions. After all, he came from Earth! He might know something related to the Pangu Axe!

Half an hour later, Huang Xiaolong left the Wind and Lightning Immortal Gate with two of them leading the way.

When they left, Huang Xiaolong got Wang Jingwen to send someone to invite Yan Shiming into the faction.

Not daring to delay in the slightest, Wang Jingwen personally made a trip down to the village after Huang Xiaolong left.

When Huang Xiaolong made his way over to the Shushan Immortal Gate, the events that happened in White Bone Mountain started to spread.

Someone who is suspected to be a Grand Gathering Immortal descended on White Bone Mountain?!

We only know that Wang Jingwen, the patriarch of the Wind and Lighting Immortal Gate called him senior!

However a disciple from the Snow Forest Immortal Gate, Liu Yan, told us that he said that even the celestial emperor has to kneel before him!

The news shook the lands, but everyone thought that the part about the celestial emperor was a joke. After all, Holy Emperors had hidden themselves from the lands. No one had heard of a new Holy Emperor being born.

After all, the birth of a Holy Emperor would shake the Immortal World! How could people with their status remain in the dark about something so important?!


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