Chapter 3374: Chapter 3374: Kissing *ss

Chapter 3374: Kissing *ss

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By the time they arrived, the entire area was filled with people.

It was extremely rare to catch a deathmatch between Golden Immortals in the Misty Immortal Country, much less one between a patriarch of an immortal gate and an elder of the Shushan Immortal Gate!

The moment the news of the battle came out, experts from the surrounding regions hurried over.

There are so many people here! Liu Keke exclaimed.

Liu Yan was similarly surprised.

Its the experts of the Xumi Immortal Gate! Liu Keke looked at a group of people standing on top of the mountain and yelled.

The Xumi Immortal Gate was one of the strongest factions in the Misty Immortal Country. The Wind and Lightning Immortal Gate, Snow Forest Immortal Gate, and several others were by no means weak, but they were merely ants compared to monsters like the Xumi Immortal Gate! The patriarch of the Xumi Immortal Gate was a high-level Golden Immortal!

The Nine Melody Immortal Gate came too! Liu Yan gasped in shock when she looked at the experts standing on the other peak.

The Nine Melody Immortal Gate was the strongest faction in the Misty Immortal Country! They were even stronger than the Xumi Immortal Gate!

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The number of experts they sent over was a lot more than anyone would expect.

Who would have thought that the battle between Wang Jingwen and Zhang Pu would draw over so many experts! Liu Keke exclaimed. Looks like all of them are here for Zhang Pu

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Liu Yan nodded. Zhang Pu is an external elder of the Shushan Immortal Gate now. Moreover, hes favored by a grand elder there, and its no wonder everyone is here to support him.

Everyone wanted to get close to a behemoth like the Shushan Immortal Gate.

Liu Keke shook her head. When Wang Jingwen is killed, the Wind and Lightning Immortal Gate will most likely fall from their current height. They will definitely be disbanded!

Even if Zhang Pu didnt move against the Wind and Lightning Immortal Gate, the other immortal gates like the Nine Melody and Xumi Immortal Gate will definitely mess with the Wind and Lightning Immortal Gate in order to please Zhang Pu.

I heard that Wang Jingwen had a chance to kill Zhang Pu in the past. However, he allowed Zhang Pu to escape. If he knew that this would happen, he wouldnt have allowed Zhang Pu to live! Liu Yan explained. Im afraid that Wang Jingwen is so angry that his intestines are turning green! Turning to look at one of the groups of experts approaching, Liu Yan exclaimed, Master and the matriarch came too!

A group of women clad in purple slowly approached the venue. Their beauty was something that couldnt be hidden from the world, and the patriarch of the Snow Forest Immortal Gate, Xiao Bing, was like a goddess who descended on the lands.

Master! Matriarch! Liu Yan bowed respectfully as she approached.

When Xiao Bing saw the two of them approaching, a smile formed on her face. She brought them along to greet the experts of the Nine Melody Immortal Gate and Xumi Immortal Gate.

As that went down, a commotion started in the crowd.

Its Lord Zhang Pu! Lord Zhang Pu is here!

Everyone turned to look at two figures who were soaring towards them. Golden light surrounded the duo and it was extremely eye-catching.

The person at the back was Zhang Pu, and the person ahead of him was a youngster clad in jade-green robes.

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Those present gasped in shock when they realized who the person in front of Zhang Pu was. It seemed to be someone from the Shushan Immortal Gate, and his status seemed to be even higher than Zhang Pu!

Xiao Bing and the others hastily went up to welcome the two.

Brother Zhang Pu!

Lord Zhang Pu!

Greetings poured out of their lips.

Sweeping his gaze across the crowd, Zhang Pu looked at Xiao Bing, and a smile formed on his face. Xiao Bing, its been a long time since we last met. Have you been well?

Everyone knew that he had a thing for Xiao Bing in the past, and she was similarly aware of it.

Fellow Cultivator Zhang, long time no see. A soft smile formed on Xiao Bings face. Who would have thought that you would become an external elder of the Shushan Immortal Gate now that we meet again.

Zhang Pu nodded and introduced the youngster who came along with him. This is an inner elder of the Shishan Immortal Gate, and hes my martial brother. You can call him Zhou Wanshan!

Everyone sucked in a cold breath.

An inner elder of the Shushan Immortal Gate!

Zhang Pu was an external elder of the Shushan Immortal Gate, and his status was clear for all to see. However, his status was far from an inner elder in the Shushan Immortal Gate.

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Everyone greeted Zhou Wanshan quickly.

Nodding slightly, Zhou Wanshan spoke to Xiao Bing, I have long since heard of fellow cultivators beauty from Zhang Pu. Looks like he didnt lie.

Xiao Bing responded hastily, Lord Zhou is too kind.

A frown formed on Zhou Wanshans face when he looked around the White Bone Mountain. Is Wang Jingwen not here yet?! Does he expect me to wait for him?!

He failed to hide the annoyance he felt.

An eminent elder of the Nine Melody Immortal Gate snorted in response, A mere Third Level Golden Immortal like Wang Jingwen isnt worth dirtying your hands over. When he arrives, Ill take him down immediately!

The patriarch of the Nine Melody Immortal Gate didnt come. As such, the eminent elder who just spoke, Xu Zi, was the strongest individual from their faction.

Zhang Pu glanced at him slightly and muttered, Ill personally tear Wang Jingwens head from his shoulders!

A strange look appeared on the faces of those present. As Zhou Wanshan and Zhang Pu followed their gaze, they discovered that Wang Jingwen had already arrived behind them.

There was a youngster, a kid, and a black spirit standing in front of Wang Jingwen. However, there was no sight of the members of the Wind and Lightning Immortal Gate.

Wang Jingwen! Killing intent raged in Zhang Pus heart.

Its him! Liu Yan and Liu Keke yelled in fright.

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Isnt that young man the arrogant b*stard we ran into? It seems as though his attendant was the patriarch of the Wind and Lightning Immortal Gate, Wang Jingwen!

That was indeed a shocking discovery.

Do you know that man? Xiao Bing asked the two ladies.

As Wang Jingwen stood respectfully behind them, everyone speculated about Huang Xiaolongs identity.

Liu Yan quickly spoke about everything Huang Xiaolong did.

Even the celestial emperor has to kneel before him?! Zhou Wanshan sneered when he heard what Liu Yan said. Who would have thought that someone would be crazy enough to say something like that?!

The youngster seems to be someone invited by Wang Jingwen. Ill deal with him while you get rid of Wang Jingwen, Zhou Wanshan said to Zhang Pu.

Wang Jingwen, who had just been teleported from the headquarters of the Wind and Lightning Immortal Gate to the White Bone Mountain half a second ago, felt waves battering against his heart.

He was shocked by Huang Xiaolongs ability to shift space!

With his strength, he would need three to four hours to fly over to White Bone Mountain. However, Huang Xiaolong directly teleported them over!


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