Chapter 3373: Chapter 3373: Why So C*cky?

Chapter 3373: Why So C*cky?

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Liu Yan and Liu Keke were shocked. They thought that Huang Xiaolong was crazy enough to say the things that he said, but now, he did it again!

Wang Jingwen felt his heart pounding in his chest when he heard what Huang Xiaolong said.

He didnt think that Huang Xiaolong was lying! If he was telling the truth, wouldnt that mean that

Wang Jingwen didnt dare to continue down his line of thought. He only felt his breathing accelerate.

When Wang Jingwen was still stuck in his state of shock, Liu Keke roared with laughter. She failed to control her emotions after hearing what he said.

You?! Pointing at Huang Xiaolong, she continued, Even the celestial emperor has to kneel before someone like you?!

She doubled over with laughter.

Liu Yan looked at Huang Xiaolong and shook her head. She managed to stop herself from calling him an absolute dumb*ss, but the look in her eyes said it all.

She didnt know where someone as crazy as him came from!

Wang Jingwen looked at the two of them who were pointing at Huang Xiaolong and laughing at him, and he snapped, Preposterous! Who is your master?! Do you believe that Ill get your patriarch to strip your identities as disciples of the Snow Forest Immortal Gate?!

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With his identity, it was more than likely that the patriarch of the Snow Forest Immortal Gate would expel their disciples. After all, disrespecting the patriarch of another immortal gate wasnt something a disciple was capable of.

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Moreover, their factions were closely linked with one another.

Liu Yan and Liu Keke were shocked.

They couldnt understand how a mere follower would dare speak to them that way.

In their eyes, Huang Xiaolong was a delusional idiot and his follower would have to be insane too.

Clearing her throat, Liu Keke snorted, Listen up. I am Liu Keke and she is Liu Yan. Our young lady, Liu Yan, is the direct disciple of Eminent Elder Jiang Xin. Remember her name well! When you look for us in the Snow Forest Immortal Gate, our patriarch will kick you out with glee!

Liu Yan was too lazy to bother with the group, and she turned around to leave.

Wang Jingwens expression was extremely ugly, but just as he was about to stop the two of them, Huang Xiaolong stopped him.

Not too long after leaving, the two ladies entered a shop.

Immortal Summoning Chamber of Commerce? A grin formed on Huang Xiaolongs lips. The meaning behind the name is pretty impressive!

Wang Jingwen laughed, Senior Huang is right. The Immortal Summoning Chamber of Commerce is one of the largest chambers of commerce in our Northern Dragon Region. Theres a branch in practically every city! Its said that they sell everything here. From medicinal pills to spiritual stones, one can obtain anything as long as they have enough money!

Can you get dao stones here too? Huang Xiaolong asked.

Staring at him in shock, Wang Jingwen stuttered, This Senior Huang has to be kidding. Dao stones are extremely precious. Even if they obtained any, they wouldnt trade it away.

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Did you bring any money with you? Huang Xiaolong laughed.

Realizing Huang Xiaolongs intentions, Wang Jingwen grinned, I probably have more than the two of them combined.

Alright then. Turning to the Immortal Summoning Chamber of Commerce, Huang Xiaolong brought them through the entrance.

As such, Huang Xiaolongs party followed closely behind the two ladies.

When he entered the main hall, he quickly caught sight of the two girls.

A frown formed on their faces when they noticed Huang Xiaolong, but they ignored him and went straight to the counter for medicinal pills.

Ladies, how can I help? one of the attendants asked.

I wish to buy a bottle of True Phoenix Pills, Liu Yan replied.

We have three grades of said pills. A bottle of low-grade True Phoenix Pills costs ten thousand low-grade immortal spiritual stones. A bottle of mid-grade ones costs fifty thousand. Are you interested in any of them?

What?! Ten thousand for a bottle of low-grade True Phoenix Pills?! Liu Yan was shocked.

Arent low-grade True Phoenix Pills only worth eight thousand? Liu Keke questioned.

The blood of a True Phoenix is extremely rare at the moment. As such, the prices have gone up. If you have a VIP card, well give you a five percent discount, the attendant explained.

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A strained look appeared on Liu Yans face. Even though she could get a discount, it would still cost nine thousand and five hundred low-grade immortal spiritual stones! She only had nine thousand on her, and it wasnt close to enough.

Can you make it a little cheaper? Liu Keke asked. Our young lady is the direct disciple of Eminent Elder Jiang Xin of the Snow Forest Immortal Gate. Eminent Elder Jiang Xin is a frequent customer of your chamber of commerce

When the attendant heard that she was Jiang Xins direct disciple, he sucked in a cold breath. However, he sighed, Its not that Im not willing to give you a discount. The director sets the prices himself, and not even the branch director has the authority to change it.

The two ladies fell silent instantly.

How much for the high-grade pills? Huang Xiaolongs voice rang through the air. I want a bottle.

Liu Keke was already troubled by the fact that they couldnt afford a bottle of low-grade True Phoenix Pills. When she heard what he said, she didnt think twice, and she sneered, Arrogant brat, why dont you piss on the ground and look at your own reflection? Do you really think youre the celestial emperor?

The attendant also thought that there was no way Huang Xiaolong could afford the pills, but he replied respectfully anyway. A bottle of high-grade True Phoenix Pills costs one hundred fifty thousand low-grade immortal spiritual stones.

Liu Yan glared at Huang Xiaolong and snorted, Did you hear that?!

A look of disgust could be seen on her face.

Turning to Wang Jingwen, Huang Xiaolong muttered, Pay up.

Yes, Senior Huang. Wang Jingwen quickly brought out a bag and placed it on the counter.

Suspiciously looking at Huang Xiaolong and Wang Jingwen, the attendant frowned. Not even the grand elder of various immortal gates could take out so much money at once. Holding the bag cautiously, he slowly opened it up.

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The moment he stared at the contents, his face froze up.

Liu Yan and Liu Keke couldnt believe their eyes either.

Even though no one knew how many spiritual stones there were in the bag, there had to be more than a million!

How could a mere subordinate of an arrogant b*stard like him carry along millions of spiritual stones with him?!

A moment later, the two of them gnashed their teeth together when they saw Huang Xiaolongs leaving figure.

Humph, hes just someone who has too much money. Does he really think that hes someone important?! Arrogant prick. If I see you in the Snow Forest City, Ill beat you up! Liu Keke roared.

It was destined to be a sleepless night for the two ladies.

The next day, it was time for the battle between Wang Jingwen and Zhang Pu.

Along with the disciples of other great factions, Liu Yan and Liu Keke made their way over to White Bones Mountain.


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