Chapter 3370: 3370

Chapter 3370: Great Figure in the Immortal World

When Huang Xiaolong was helping Liu Huang break through, an army made up of heavenly troops stood at the entrance of the Immortal World. There were many Mysterious Immortals, Golden Immortals, and there was an existence who surpassed the Golden Immortal Realm.

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The expert who surpassed the Golden Immortal Realm stared at the massive hole in the seal and a serious expression formed on his face. He couldn’t believe that anyone could blow a hole so large in their restrictions!

The formation that was laid down by countless supreme experts was shattered beyond repair!

How terrifying was the person who did it?!

“Who… Who in the world destroyed the seal?” One of the Golden Immortal Realm heavenly generals asked.

“Did another Combined Dao Ancestor appear?!”

Combined Dao Ancestor!

The hearts of everyone present trembled violently.

An existence of that level was someone they couldn’t even imagine. Even the heavenly emperor would have to bow down to an expert of that level!

“However, why would someone like that blow up the entrance? Why would he go to the Mortal World?” Another general asked.

It seemed as though they thought that the expert went back down to the Mortal World after destroying the seal.

“That’s not something we can get involved with.” The expert who surpassed the Golden Immortal Realm sighed. “The only thing we can do now is to report this matter to His Majesty! His Majesty will lead the experts of the Heavenly Court over to replace the seal.”

“Do you think it’s possible for someone to shatter the seal from the Mortal World?” Someone guessed.

Deathly silence followed.

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“This… This doesn’t seem possible.” Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, the expert who surpassed the Golden Immortal Realm continued, “How can there be an expert like that in the Mortal World?! It’s not possible.”

“That’s right. Anyone who can shatter the seal definitely has to be at the level of a Combined Dao Ancestor! It’s impossible for anyone to enter the Combined Dao Ancestor Realm in the Mortal World.”

Discussion broke out among the troops.

Two days later, Huang Xiaolong stood on one of the massive stones around the village and he looked into the distance.

The weather was great, and rays of sunlight covered Huang Xiaolong’s body in a soft aureate glow.

A deep gaze could be seen in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes, and it seemed as his sight could pierce through the myriad of worlds.

“Your Highness…” Liu Huang spoke.

After two days of cultivation, he managed to stabilize his foundations in the Heavenly Immortal Realm. He could tell that his speed had increased by a whole lot.

Yan Shiming and his son, Yan Bao’er, came over to look for Huang Xiaolong.

“Immortal Huang, we heard from Lord Liu Huang that you’re planning to leave for the Wind and Lightning Immortal Gate today.”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled when he realized Yan Shiming’s objective. “Are you planning to ask me to bring Bao’er along?”

“Yes. Bao’er has excellent talent and it’s a waste for him to live in the village all his life. When Immortal Huang enters the immortal gate as a core disciple, please allow Bao’er to stay by your side. He can deal with all the chores that you might need.”

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Yan Shiming felt his heart pounding in his chest after he spoke.

Huang Xiaolong rubbed Yan Bao’er head slightly and laughed, “Alright.”

Yan Bao’er was indeed a super talent. Even in the Blazing Dragon World, his talent might not be any lesser than the young masters of some creeds. Not to mention the fact that they ran into Huang Xiaolong after he entered the Immortal World. Huang Xiaolong had long since formed a good impression on the kid.

Naturally, he wouldn’t make the kid do his chores after he went to the immortal gate.

Hearing Huang Xiaolong’s agreement, Yan Shiming thanked him profusely. “Bao’er, hurry up and thank Immortal Huang!” 

Yan Bao’er fell to his knees and he kowtowed several times.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t stop him. After all, even the great immortals of the Immortal World would have to kowtow when they met him. 

Half an hour later, Huang Xiaolong brought Liu Huang and Yan Bao’er along towards the Wind and Lightning Immortal Gate.

As Yan Bao’er was only a high-level Nascent Soul Realm expert, he couldn’t fly by himself. Huang Xiaolong got Liu Huang to carry the kid as they made their way towards the immortal gate.

“Immortal Huang, my father said that there are tons of immortal beasts in the Wind and Lightning Immortal Gate.” Yan Bao’er said.

Laughing slightly, Huang Xiaolong asked, “Do you want one?” 

Yan Bao’er nodded his head seriously. “When I cultivate to the level of a Heavenly Immortal in the future, I will definitely find a mount for myself! There was an immortal who came to our village in the past riding on an immortal qilin, and it’s so big! It looked really impressive!” 

After gesturing to show how large the beast was, Yan Bao’er didn’t know how to continue describing its looks.

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Huang Xiaolong and Liu Huang roared with laughter.

“When we arrive at the Wind and Lightning Immortal Gate, I’ll catch any beast you like.” Huang Xiaolong smiled.

“Really?!” Yan Bao’er’s eyes sparkled.

“Of course. Is that really your dream? Do you wish to obtain an immortal beast when you enter the Heavenly Immortal Realm?” 

Scratching his head in embarrassment, Yan Bao’er sighed, “Is that a little too unrealistic?” 

“Of course not. Do you think the patriarch of the Wind and Lightning Immortal Gate is an impressive figure?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

A look of reverence appeared on Yan Bao’er’s face. “Of course he is! He’s the strongest expert in the surrounding region! My father once said that the patriarch of the Wind and Lightning Immortal Gate can be considered an important figure even in the Immortal World!”

“In the future, you will definitely surpass the patriarch.” A grin slowly formed on Huang Xiaolong’s face.

Staring at Huang Xiaolong in shock, Yan Bao’er rubbed his nose. “I…” 

He didn’t even dare to think of the possibility.

Huang Xiaolong continued, “The patriarch of the Wind and Lightning Immortal Gate isn’t anyone important in the Immortal World. He’s just a fly. In the future, you’ll definitely become someone important…”

With Yan Bao’er’s talent and the techniques passed down by Huang Xiaolong, a God of Creation, he might even be able to enter the Combined Dao Ancestor Realm!

“Someone important in the Immortal World?” A sneer came from the distance. “Young Lady, did you hear that? That man said that the little kid over there will become someone important in the Immortal World!”

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“Who does he think he is? He thinks he’s an Immortal Emperor or something…”

Huang Xiaolong and the others looked over only to see two female disciples clad in purple flying towards them.

Their looks weren’t bad, and one of them was exceptionally stunning.

“Humph, they’re just frogs in a well.” The young lady sneered as she flew past them. A look of contempt flashed through her eyes.

With rage building up in his heart, Liu Huang wanted to send them flying. However, Huang Xiaolong stopped him.

The two of them flew towards the Wind and Lightning Immortal Gate, leaving Huang Xiaolong’s group behind.

“They seem to be core disciples from the Snow Forest Immortal Gate!” Yan Bao’er explained. “The two factions are located next to each other, and disciples of the Snow Forest Immortal Gate often visit the Wind and Lightning Immortal Gate.”


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