Chapter 3366: Shattered!

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There were more than a hundred entrances to the Central Star System, and every one of them was well-guarded by disciples of the various immortal gates. When Huang Xiaolong and Liu Huang approached the largest entrance, they discovered that it was guarded by the disciples of the Panwu, Chaos, and Hundred Buddha Immortal Gates.

Huang Xiaolong could see that there were thousands of guards in the area.

Ordinarily, there would only be a hundred guards at best.

Huang Xiaolong naturally knew the reason behind the increased security.

“Looks like they’re hell bent on capturing the new devil lord…” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

“I wouldn’t be stupid enough to try anything like that…” Liu Huang joked.

“It’s too bad they’re not you.” 

There were massive gates that stood along the entrance like the Southern Heaven Gate, Northern Heaven Gate, and so on… All of them were tens of feet tall, and there were immortal runes lining the pillars. It was clear that they were formations laid down by the strongest of Void Immortals the Central Star System had to offer.

Huang Xiaolong and Liu Huang quickly stopped by the disciples guarding the area.

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“There’s no need to check. I’m from the Devil Hell, and this is His Highness, Huang Xiaolong.” Liu Huang roared with laughter.

“Devil Hell?!” The thousands of disciples roared in fright as they surrounded the two instantly.

“That’s right! It’s them! That’s the black spirit that we were told to keep a lookout for!” 

“His Highness?! Huang Xiaolong?! Hurry up and contact the patriarch!” 

The disciples of the great immortal gates didn’t attack Huang Xiaolong immediately. Instead, they contacted whatever higherup they could. At the same time, they activated the grand formation around the entrance and pillars of light descended from the void to trap the two.

After seeing that the two of them were stuck in a ball of light, the disciples heaved a sigh of relief.

The immortal formation wasn’t just a formation laid down by Void Immortals. It was a combined effort of dozens of peak-late Ninth Level Void Immortal Realm experts!

As long as one was trapped in the formation, not even a peak-late Ninth Level Void Immortal Realm expert would be able to escape. By the time their reinforcements arrived, they would be able to take Huang Xiaolong down!

By the time the report arrived, the patriarchs and experts of the great sects had already arrived in order to capture Huang Xiaolong, the new ‘devil lord’! They received the report from the disciples at the entrance that Huang Xiaolong was already trapped in the formation at the grand entrance of the Central Star System!

They were stunned initially, but the shock soon turned into joy.

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“Hahaha! This is great news indeed! We just formed the alliance and the devil lord came over to trap himself in our ambush!” Han Li, the patriarch of the Azure Sea Immortal Gate laughed.

“Wasn’t he said to be in the Deserted Galaxy just a few days ago? How did he arrive so quickly? Could he be an imposter?” The patriarch of the Hundred Buddha Immortal Gate, Jiang Lin, frowned.

“Indeed, this sounds a little too good to be true. Why would the real devil lord be trapped in our formation without any resistance?” Yang Hong’s eyes sparkled.

“Whatever the case, we’ll know it once we arrive!” Ning Qiyu, the patriarch of the Purple Dragon Immortal Gate muttered.

Ning Qiyu was one of the two female patriarchs among all the factions. She was an absolute beauty, and her strength could rank in the top ten!

As soon as she spoke, everyone nodded and they headed towards the great formation.

Looking at the barrier of light around himself, Huang Xiaolong raised his hand and tapped casually. The formation trapped them popped like a bubble.

The entrance to the Central Star System that stood tall since countless years ago started to quake violently. It didn’t take long for the entire structure to shatter into a million pieces.

The giant gate turned into countless dust-like particles!

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The countless disciples who were waiting for their patriarchs to arrive to reward them stared at Huang Xiaolong in shock.

They couldn’t believe their eyes as question marks filled their minds.

“This… This…”

There were even some of them who thought that the entrance was corroded after many years of existence. Why else would he be able to shatter it with a simple tap in the air?

Huang Xiaolong strolled through the gate with Liu Huang following closely behind.

The disciples surrounding them backed away quickly.

“The… The patriarch and the others are coming as we speak! We only need to stall him for an hour! When they arrive, we…” Someone yelled.

Liu Huang devoured him before he could finish his sentence. The disciple was an expert in the Tribulation Realm, but how could he resist an expert at the level of Liu Huang?!

“If all of you scram, you might be able to keep your life. Otherwise, you’ll die.” Liu Huang growled as a streak of red light flashed through his eyes. The stench of blood filled the space around them.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t stop him as he continued to walk deeper into the Central Star System.

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The disciples retreated several steps, but they didn’t run away.

Liu Huang narrowed his eyes slightly and reached out with one hand. A wave of blood emerged from the void and swallowed the members of the immortal faction. 

Experts of other great factions stared blankly as Huang Xiaolong and Liu Huang moved unhindered through the bloody wave.

When it finally subsided, the disciples of the immortal factions were on their knees.

Huang Xiaolong and the others didn’t bother visiting the other great factions when they made their way over to the Central Star System. After all, he knew that they would definitely send themselves over to him when the time came.

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