Chapter 3365: 3365

Chapter 3365: By the Roots

When they left, the news of the Devil Hell’s reappearance started to spread through the Silver River Star System. Countless powers were affected.

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“I heard that there’s a new Devil Lord! A tiny little black spirit follows him around, and the little spirit is no weaker than Eminent Elder Wang Haiyang of the Chaos Immortal Gate!” 

“Senior Wang Haiyang is an expert at the Seventh Level Void Immortal Realm! He cultivated the highest of arts in the Chaos Immortal Gate, and his strength is comparable to an early-Eighth Level Void Immortal! How can a tiny black spirit be his match?! It has to be an exaggeration!”

“Yeah, I think so too. Even if Chen Tianzeng of the Immortal Reverence Empire isn’t a match for the little spirit, that doesn’t mean that Senior Wang Haiyang can’t defeat him! Chen Tianzeng barely entered the Void Immortal Realm…”

There were countless empires in the star system, and there were multiple great clans. There were many different views on the matter.

In the Chaos Immortal Palace that drifted about space in the Central Star System, countless experts were gathered together.

There were a hundred immortal gates in the Central Star Region, and the strength of the Chaos Immortal Gate is second only to the Panwu Immortal Gate. They were extremely powerful, and they had more than twenty high-level Void Immortals.

As for the number of Tribulation Realm experts, there were more than six hundred of them seated in the hall.

“What do you think about the reappearance of the Devil Hell?” Yuan Hong, the patriarch of the Chaos Immortal Gate, echoed through the hall.

“The Devil Lord seriously injured our ancestor in the past. As he was unable to recover completely, he failed to overcome the tribulation. He failed to ascend due to his injuries, and our ancestor died just like that!” Eminent Elder Lin Shengan snorted, “Since the new Devil Lord has appeared in the world, we’ll avenge our ancestor personally!” 

“Doyen Lin is right! We have to take revenge!” another doyen, Yang Shaotian, added.

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“From the disciples of the Immortal Reverence Empire, their ancestor submitted to the new Devil Lord, Huang Xiaolong. He has already left the empire, and he should be currently heading to our Central Star System,” Zhang Jianxin, another doyen, mentioned.

Lin Shengan’s eyes narrowed, and he sneered, “In that case, let’s lay down an ambush. We’ll kill Huang Xiaolong and exterminate the Immortal Reverence Empire!” 

Various eminent elders spoke up in the hall, and all of their thoughts aligned. They were to kill Huang Xiaolong. After that, they would exterminate the evil empire that submitted to him.

Yuan Hong didn’t interrupt them as they laid down their thoughts. Seeing as everyone had come to a consensus, he finally spoke, “I’m sure everyone remembers how strong the Devil Lord of the past was. Even though Huang Xiaolong might not be as strong as him, he shouldn’t be that far off. Since he succeeded in leaving the Devil Hell, the other experts of the Devil Hell should be roaming the world.”

Everyone fell silent after they realized the severity of the problem.

“As such, we need to form an alliance with the other immortal gates in order to exterminate this danger from the roots!” Yuan Hong added.

“The patriarch is right! In the past, there were countless experts who died at the hands of the devils. We need to do our part to destroy them completely! Not only do we have to seal up the Devil Hell, but we also need to kill every single devil within!” Lin Shengan growled.

“We’ll solve the root of the problem!” 

To explain Lin Shengan’s hatred for the devils, one had to know that he was the grandson of the old ancestor of the Chaos Immortal Gate.

“However, Lord Ye Zhaolong of the Panwu Immortal Gate said that he would only be back next month. Should we wait for him before discussing our strategy?” Yang Shaotian hesitated.

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“There is no need to involve the Panwu Immortal Gate. With so many of us, we will be more than enough to destroy any remnants of the Devil Hell,” Yuan Hong growled.

Ye Zhaolong was the strongest expert in the Silver River Star System, and Yuan Hong was ranked second. He would feel a sense of irritation rising in his heart whenever someone brought up Ye Zhaolong.

“Pass down my order. Contact the patriarchs of the other immortal gates. They are to gather here in order to discuss the extermination of the devils!” 

Getting to their feet, everyone acknowledged his order.


Several days later…

Huang Xiaolong and Liu Huang stood in space millions of miles away from the Central Star System, and they looked at the dazzling sight before them.

If Huang Xiaolong were to manipulate the power of space, he would have long since arrived. In fact, it would take him less than a day to travel from the Deserted Galaxy to the Central Star System. However, he decided to stroll about the surrounding regions before heading over. 

The Central Star System was hundreds of times larger than the Deserted Galaxy. It was created when countless stars gathered together, and cosmic dust filled the space before them. The cosmic dust formed a pretty sight as they sparkled in the space around the stars. 

With their massive size, there were countless factions located in the Central Star System!

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Even the great families there were comparable to the empires on the outskirts of the star system. As for the empires present in the Central Star System, it went without saying that every single one of them was stronger than the Immortal Reverence Empire.

Liu Huang looked at the pretty sight before him as he sighed in his heart. There was a trace of longing, but there was also a feeling of deep-seated hatred in his heart.

“Are you thinking about ancient times?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Liu Huang nodded and sighed, “My father once told me to bring the disciples of the Devil Hell away from that miserable place. He said that his dream was to find a piece of land in the Central Star System for all of us to settle down. However, we were hated by the members of the immortal factions the moment we set foot here.”

“They formed a great army to kill us all!”

“In their eyes, devils are creatures that represent the darkness. We should never be allowed to coexist with them…”

“It’s especially so for the old baldy in the Hundred Buddha Gate. He brought everyone together in order to exterminate us!” 

A flash of hatred crossed Liu Huang’s eyes.

The Hundred Buddha Gate was ranked third in the Central Star System.

When the two of them were chatting casually, a flying ship sailed past them, and they overheard the conversation within.

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“Did you hear? The Chaos Immortal Gate and the Hundred Buddha Gate formed a giant alliance to exterminate devils! I heard that countless patriarchs and experts are rushing over as we speak.”

“Wouldn’t this be the second time in history that the great immortal factions are banding together?” 

“Hehe, our Dazzling Gold Empire can’t miss this meeting!” 

As the flying ship sailed towards the Central Star System, Huang Xiaolong looked at Liu Huang and muttered, “We should head over too…”

As they slowly drifted over, countless immortal gates sealed off the Central Star System as they performed stringent checks on anyone who wished to enter.


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