Chapter 3364: 3364

Chapter 3364: New King of Devil Hell

Chen Tianzeng panicked when he saw the rays of light shooting towards him. Retreating hastily, he slashed out multiple times with the sword in his hand. He tried his best to deflect the attacks, but the blade light was too damn fast! 

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Cuts filled his body from head to toe, and not a single part of his body was injury free.

In an instant, millions of cuts were made on his body!

Grunting, he was sent flying through the air as blood filled the skies.

Slamming into the middle of the main platform, the blade in his hand fell to the ground below. His blood stained the platform red as terrifying wounds filled his body.

Everyone who thought that Chen Tianzeng would defeat his opponent easily after entering the Void Immortal Realm fell silent when they saw his sorry figure lying on the platform.

He was no longer recognizable, and his clothes were in complete tatters.

Wang Haiyang, who was trying to save Chen Zhong, stared at Liu Huang as a trace of shock flashed across his face.

He formed a weird hand seal as mysterious runes appeared all around Chen Zhong’s chest. The devil qi that was constantly being produced was suppressed for the time being.

Liu Huang raised an eyebrow in surprise. He nodded to himself quietly. The Chaos Immortal Gate wasn’t one of the most ancient powers for nothing. They deserved their reputation indeed.

Wang Haiyang quickly took out a pill and fed it to Chen Tianzeng who was on the verge of death. At the same time, another ball of light appeared in his hand as he pushed it towards Chen Tianzeng. The terrifying blade wounds on his body started to close up.

Huang Xiaolong and Liu Huang didn’t stop the man.

When Wang Haiyang was done, he finally turned to look at the two of them. His gaze lingered on Liu Huang for a long time. Since the little black spirit could defeat Chen Tianzeng with a single move, he wouldn’t be much weaker than Wang Haiyang himself.

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“I am Wang Haiyang of the Chaos Immortal Gate. I wonder which devil sect did fellow cultivators come from?” 

There were immortal cultivators in the Silver River Star System, and it went without saying that there was never light without darkness. There were equally as many devil sects!

The strongest of them were comparable to the Panwu Immortal Gate! Of course, immortal factions like the Panwu Immortal Gate and the Chaos Immortal Gate thrived in the light. Experts of the devil sects hid in the darkness.

“Devil Hell. You can call me Liu Huang.” 

Devil Hell? A look of confusion filled Wang Haiyang’s face. There didn’t seem to be a devil sect called the Devil Hell…

However, a terrifying thought flashed through his mind all of a sudden as he thought of an ancient legend.

His expression changed drastically. Could it be?!

“Devil… Devil Hell?!” 

Devil Hell!

It wasn’t a devil sect. Instead, it was a location! 

It was a location where the most terrifying of devils lived!

Since ancient times, the Devil Hell had always been recorded in the legends. There was a time when the Devil Hell nearly conquered half of the Silver River Star System. In fact, not even the strongest expert of the immortal factions could do a thing to the Devil Lord! Eventually, the experts of every single righteous faction banded together and sealed off the Devil Hell! 

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Now, the experts of the Devil Hell are reappearing in the world!

“That’s right…” Liu Huang knew that Wang Haiyang finally recalled the epic conquest of ancient times.

Wang Haiyang felt his heart pounding in his chest and the look in his eyes changed. 

He looked at Huang Xiaolong and made a gander at his identity. “Are you the Devil Lord of this generation?” 

Huang Xiaolong chuckled in amusement. “Sure, you can think of it however you like.”

Indeed. After subduing Liu Huang and the great marshals, one could say that Huang Xiaolong practically owned Devil Hell. It wasn’t a stretch to call him the new Devil Lord.

Wang Haiyang felt fear coursing through his veins, and he took several steps back in retreat!

In the past, the Devil Lord was far too strong. 

“You can leave,” Huang Xiaolong muttered. 

Staring at Huang Xiaolong in shock, Wang Haiyang felt his expression dropping. He looked at Chen Zhong on the ground and hesitation filled his heart. The kid was someone who could produce the immortal light! If he were to miss a disciple like that, no one would know how long he would have to wait before finding another one!

“You have ten seconds to disappear,” Huang Xiaolong sighed.

Clenching his fists, Wang Haiyang thought about saving Chen Zhong from the evil clutches of Huang Xiaolong.

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He was extremely confident in his strength, and the secret art of the Chaos Immortal Gate. He thought of testing out Huang Xiaolong’s strength to see how he fared against the Devil Lords of the past. According to him, there was no way Huang Xiaolong would possess the strength of the old Devil Lords! After all, he was just a young brat!

“Seven,” Liu Huang’s voice boomed through the air.



Just as Liu Huang was about to make Wang Haiyang stay permanently, he soared through the air in retreat.

He chose the safest option at the very last second possible.

In his mind, all he had to do was to return to the Central Star River to inform the various great factions about the reappearance of Devil Hell. 

Chen Tianzeng and Chen Zhong felt despair clouding their hearts when Wang Haiyang left.

“Senior Wang!” Chen Tianzeng screamed with everything he had, but Wang Haiyang left without looking back.

Huang Xiaolong and Liu Huang approached Chen Tianzeng and Chen Zhong.

“Protect His Majesty!” one of the eminent elders yelled and everyone leaped at Huang Xiaolong and Liu Huang in unison.

A cold harrumph left Liu Huang’s lips and his pair of tiny wings flapped once. A terrifying wave of devil qi swept through the land and swallowed everyone in his path. Everyone who came into contact with the devil qi cried out in pain. After the dust settled, the only person left standing in the plaza was Huang Xiaolong. Everyone was rolling about on the ground in pain.

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Chen Tianzeng and Chen Zhong felt another wave of hopelessness washing over them. The fear they had towards Liu Huang increased by many times.

One had to know that there were more than tens of thousands of Grand Completion Realm experts and hundreds of Tribulation Realm experts present. However, they were defeated in the blink of an eye!

The two of them might not know what the name ‘Devil Hell’ represented, but they finally realized why Wang Haiyang ran away with his tail tucked between his legs.

Chen Zhong’s face was filled with bitter resentment and endless fear as Liu Huang opened his mouth to devour him. He turned into a streak of light that disappeared into Liu Huang’s belly.

After all, he was extremely nutritious to a devil like Liu Huang.

As for Chen Tianzeng, Huang Xiaolong didn’t plan to kill him. He sent a grandmist worm into his body to control the old ancestor of the Immortal Reverence Empire. If Chen Tianzeng were to die, the entire region would be thrown into chaos. It wasn’t a good thing for Earth. As such, Huang Xiaolong wished to preserve the stability of the galaxy.

Waving his hand, rays of light fell from the void. When they landed on the bodies of Chen Tianzeng and those rolling about on the ground, they were healed completely.

Huang Xiaolong remained for a single day in the imperial palace of the Immortal Reverence Empire. After ordering Chen Tianzeng to complete some simple tasks, he left the galaxy with Liu Huang.


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