Chapter 3363: 3363

Chapter 3363: Immortal Reverence Blade Style

Chen Zhong found the duo somewhat familiar, but he had no idea where he had seen them before.

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According to logic, he hadn’t seen the two in his life! Why were they looking for him?!

“Huang Xiaolong.” 

“What?! You… You’re Huang Xiaolong?!” Chen Zhong yelped in shock. Just half a day ago, he had passed down a killing order for the man. Wasn’t he supposed to be on the Flowing Flame Star?! Why was he in the core of their territory?!

The experts of the empire fell into a discussion.

“I heard that the third prince gave an order several hours ago! The target was called ‘Huang Xiaolong’ or something… Could that be him?!” 

“I’m afraid so.. He’s too damn daring. Not only did he stay behind, but he also dared to barge straight into the heart of the empire!” Ceng Long sneered.

Chen Tianzeng turned to look at Chen Zhong when he heard the discussion in the air. “Chen Zhong, what’s going on?”

“Ancestor… This man heavily injured hundreds of Soul Condensation Realm experts of the empire. He even killed thousands of my subordinates! According to him, he’ll exterminate our empire. That was the reason behind the killing order.”

“Who would have thought that he would run all the way here?”

Chen Zhong’s words caused many of those present to suck in a cold breath of air.

Killed more than a thousand subordinates?

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Threatened to exterminate the empire?

Chen Tianzeng furrowed his brows, and he turned to glare at Huang Xiaolong. “Did you say that you would destroy my empire?” 

“Why would I need to do something like that myself?” Huang Xiaolong waved his hand casually in the air before pointing at Liu Huang. “He will be more than enough.”

Chen Tianzeng roared with laughter as rage filled the hearts of the empire’s experts.

Wang Haiyang looked at Huang Xiaolong with a mocking smile on his face. He had adventures across countless galaxies, but that was the first time he had seen someone as crazy as Huang Xiaolong.

“Old Ancestor, please allow me to punish this man on behalf of our Immortal Reverence Empire!” 

Chen Tianzeng nodded as his eyes turned cold. “Take him down, but keep him alive.”

“Old Ancestor, please rest assured.” Chen Zhong promised before turning to face Huang Xiaolong. As he walked towards the devil and man duo, a halo of light surrounded his body.

The light seemed to originate from the Immortal World as everyone felt their hearts trembling in their chests.

“This… This… This is the immortal light recorded in the legends!” someone in the crowd exclaimed.

“I heard that only someone who has an immortal bloodline, immortal physique, and immortal fate will be able to produce such a powerful aura! Even though he hasn’t reached the Void Immortal Realm, his strength has already reached an incredible level!” 

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“That’s not all! Anyone who can produce the immortal light can receive the protection of the immortals in the Immortal World! With the immortal light supplementing his strength, he is definitely much stronger than he was during the competition!” 

Everyone broke out into heated discussion.

It was the first time any of them in the audience had seen such a strange phenomenon.

Wang Haiyang looked at the immortal light around Chen Zhong, and he sighed, “I haven’t seen the immortal light in such a long time!” 

He had lived for hundreds of thousands of years, but he hadn’t seen more than ten experts who possessed the power of the immortal light.

Moreover, all those who possessed such a powerful ability were patriarchs or ancestors of the great immortal gates in the central star system.

One wouldn’t be able to possess the immortal light with just three traits alone. They had to be of certain strength!

One needed a high-level immortal bloodline, immortal physique, and immortal fate to be able to produce the immortal light. It was difficult to obtain even one of the three criteria, much less all three.

As such, the notion of taking Chen Zhong in as his disciple solidified in his heart.

As the light around him grew stronger and stronger, it enveloped the entire plaza. Everyone felt as though a god was descending from the heavens.

“Make your move. I’ll give you one chance,” Chen Zhong said as he approached Huang Xiaolong and Liu Huang.

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The moment the words left his lips, Liu Huang casually pointed in the air. The stench of blood filled the plaza in an instant as the skies  turned dark. It was as though purgatory descended on the lands as the immortal light around Chen Zhong lost its power.

“Be careful!” Chen Tianzend and Wang Haiyang yelled in unison, but they were far too slow… Indeed, how could they compare to the strongest devil in the mortal world? Liu Huang was merely half a step away from ascending, and he possessed unbelievable strength! The immortal light around Chen Zhong’s body shattered in an instant as he was struck by a ray of energy. He fell off the platform to the cold, hard ground below.

When everyone turned to stare at whatever was left of his body, they realized that his heart was nowhere to be seen. All that was left was a gaping hole in his chest.

A terrifying cloud of black smoke filled the air.

Shock ran through the crowd. 

“What terrifying devil qi?!” Wang Haiyang got to his feet, and he appeared beside Chen Zhong. A ball of light appeared in his hand as he sent it towards Chen Zhong. It was evident that he was planning to save the kid.

Chen Tianzeng no longer held back as he released his aura completely. A storm was swept up as the empire trembled slightly. Everyone felt a majestic aura descending on them, and they yelled in shock, “Immortal!” 

“The old ancestor entered the Void Immortal Realm!” 

Indeed, the two eminent elders who were at the peak of the late-Ninth Level Tribulation Realm stared at Chen Tianzeng in fright.

Void Immortal! He was basically an immortal in the mortal world!

When everyone was stuck in a state of disbelief, Chen Tianzeng leaped into the air as a giant blade slashed at Huang Xiaolong. Millions of blade light filled the air, and it surrounded Huang Xiaolong and Liu Huang completely.

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“Immortal Reverence Blade Style! It has been three hundred years since the old ancestor last used the move!” Bo Yifeng felt excitement coursing through his veins.

“The sword style was created by the ancient immortals! Three hundred years ago, Chen Tianzeng used the move to defeat a First Level Void Immortal!” Ceng Long yelled.

However, Chen Tianzeng was a mere Tribulation Realm expert three hundred years ago! Now, he was a Void Immortal!

A moment before the blade light could land, Liu Huang raised his head and tapped the air to stop them dead in their tracks. 

Staring at Chen Tianzeng, millions of rays of blade light flew towards him!


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