Chapter 3362: 3362

Chapter 3362: Chaos Immortal Gate

When Huang Xiaolong and Liu Huang made their way towards the Immortal Reverence Star, a giant competition was held in the imperial palace of the empire.

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The competition was a tradition that was created when the founding ancestor created the empire! According to the rules, all disciples of the royal family would have to take part in it.

No one could come to a consensus on why the founding ancestor held the competition.

Some of them said that the founding ancestor planned to look for an inheritor through the competition, and there were others who said that he planned to train his descendants up using this method. Whatever the case, the empire would grow stronger.

The competition venue was arranged on a giant plaza in the imperial palace. It was large enough to house hundreds of thousands of people, and any official could spectate the competition. Other than them, the old ancestors, patriarchs, and experts of the great clans were invited. There were even several old ancestors of nearby empires!

It was the last of the ten days of competition, and the battles were reaching their climax.

“Looks like His Third Highness, Chen Zhong, will be able to take first place in the competition!” A silver-haired old man announced as he stood on the hosting platform in the middle of the plaza. 

Just one round ago, Chen Zhong defeated the fourth prince with five moves! Everyone was shocked at the sudden development.

“The third prince has been hiding his strength all this while. Who would have thought that he would not only be the most talented, he would also be the strongest among them?! If not for the competition, no one would know that he had already reached the peak of the late-First Level Tribulation Realm!” An expert, whose eyes resembled that of a tiger, praised him.

The two experts were doyens of the Immortal Reverence Empire, and they were high-level Tribulation Realm experts. The silver-haired old man was called Bo Yifeng, and the other was called Ceng Long.

Bi Yifeng looked at the two members sitting in the central area of the platform. One of them was the founding ancestor of the empire, Chen Tianzeng!

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As for the person beside him, it was a supreme expert from the Chaos Immortal Gate, Wang Haiyang!

In fact, the two of them knew the real purpose of the competition. It was because of Wang Haiyang!

Wang Haiyang was an expert who roamed the world, and he wanted to pick a talented disciple to inherit his mantle. He basically went to all the empires before getting the old ancestor to do the same thing.

“Senior Immortal Wang seems to look highly upon His Third Highness,” Ceng Long suppressed his voice and whispered.

In the mortal world, only Void Saints would be hailed as an ‘Immortal’!

Wang Haiyang wasn’t merely an expert in the Void Immortal Realm. He was at the high-level Void Immortal Realm! To be exact, he was at the late-Seventh Level Void Immortal Realm. Even the old ancestor of the Immortal Reverence Empire would have to worship an existence at his level! One could only imagine how honored anyone would be to be chosen to be Wang Haiyang’s disciple!

Bo Yifeng nodded slightly. He looked at Chen Zhong with an envious gaze as he said, “If His Third Highness is really chosen by Wang Haiyang, the old ancestor will definitely leave the throne to him! He will take control of the empire in the future!” 

“With His Third Highness’ talent, he will definitely be chosen! After all, he has three immortal talents.”

Before the start of the competition, no one knew that Chen Zhong had an immortal bloodline, immortal fate, and three immortal talents! His revelation shocked the empire! Everyone felt that he was the only one capable of taking the title of the crown prince. After all, no one could hold a candle to him!

Wang Haiyang nodded with satisfaction when he looked at Chen Zhong. “Indeed, Even in the Central Star River, his talent is exceptional! His foundations have been well built with the ancient immortal arts, and he doesn’t show off his strength unnecessarily.”

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“Great. He’s pretty good!” 

Chen Tianzeng felt a wave of joy filling his heart, and he cupped his fists towards Wang Haiyang. “It’s Chen Zhong’s honor to receive Senior Immortal’s praise.”

If his grandson, Chen Zhong, could become a direct disciple of Wang Haiyang, they would be able to latch on to the power that was the Chaos Immortal Gate! That was definitely worth celebrating.

The Chaos Immortal Gate was the second-ranked power in the Silver Star System!

Before the behemoth that was the Chaos Immortal Gate, the Immortal Reverence Empire was a ragtag gang! 

Wang Haiyang chuckled happily, “There are two more battles lined up, but let’s call it here. Chen Zhong will take first place! Bring him to me later. I wish to meet the kid.”

Chen Tianzeng was ecstatic. From what Wang Haiyang said, he was definitely going to take Chen Zhong in as his disciple!

“Yes! I shall announce your decision immediately!” 

Getting to his feet, Chen Tianzeng rose into the air, and he swept his gaze across those present. “There is no need for the competition to continue. Third Prince Chen Zhong’s strength and talent speak for themselves. He shall take the first place in the competition!” 

“Is everyone agreeable?” 

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His voice rang through the skies.

Naturally, no one dared to say otherwise.

Chen Zhong was elated when he heard the announcement.

“Chen Zhong, come over and meet Immortal Wang Haiyang!” a voice rang in his head all of a sudden.

“Yes, old ancestor!” Chen Zhong bowed respectfully. Right before he could fly over to the platform where Wang Haiyang was, a figure descended from the skies. He stood right before Chen Zhong.

Everyone stared at the newcomer in shock.

That included Chen Tianzeng and Wang Haiyang. None of them detected his presence!

Noticing the reaction of those around him, Chen Zhong spun around instantly.

“Are you the third prince of the Immortal Reverence Empire?” Huang Xiaolong asked casually.

A frown formed on Chen Zhong’s face as he ordered the troops around the platform, “Why haven’t you thrown him out?” 

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Liu Huang casually tapped at the air before any of them could move. A burst of light emerged and all of them were sent flying.

“Huh?” Chen Tianzeng gasped when he looked at the little black spirit behind Huang Xiaolong. Wang Haiyang was equally shocked when he noticed Liu Huang’s presence.

The troops might not be strong, but the two of them noticed Liu Huang’s special arts.

“Who are you?” Chen Zhong asked as a look of shock crossed his eyes.


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