Chapter 3359: 3359

Chapter 3359: Immortal Reverence Empire

It didn’t take long for the two of them to leave Earth.

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When Huang Xiaolong left the planet, Chen Haoguang and the others were facing a group of people clad in scarlet robes. 

Even though there were only fifty of them, all of them were Soul Condensation Realm experts. There were several high-level Soul Condensation Realm experts among them.

The person in the lead was a Ninth Level Soul Condensation Realm expert!

“Tao Wei, what do you mean by this?!” Chen Haoguang growled angrily.

The person in the lead, Tao Wei, sneered, “It’s nothing for you to be concerned about. Anyway, we’ll be taking everything in this immortal cave!”

The faces of Chen Haoguang and the others turned extremely ugly.

“Tao Wei, your Bristling Moon Sect might be strong, but you might not be strong enough to take this immortal cave for yourself!” Liang Yun sneered.

“There’s no need for you to worry about that.” Tao Wei sneered. Clapping once, he yelled, “Come out!” 

The space around them started to tremble and several figures revealed themselves. There were nearly three hundred of them, and all of them were in the Soul Condensation Realm!

Chen Haoguang and the others felt their hearts pounding in fear.

They might have gathered nearly two hundred Soul Condensation Realm experts on their expedition, but their opponent had twice their number! There were also more than a dozen high-level Soul Condensation Realm experts among them.

However, the Bristling Moon Sect shouldn’t possess so many experts…

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“You should be a little confused. My sect doesn’t have so many experts!” A sneer formed on his lips and he continued, “They aren’t experts from my sect. All of them are from the Immortal Reverence Empire!” 

“Immortal Reverence Empire?!” Chen Haoguang and the others gasped.

There were countless territories in the Silver River Star System, and there were countless sects that resided in it. Even so, the Silver Star System was only a small part of the Deserted Galaxy!

There were many top-tier families and countless powerful commerce houses. However, there was only a single empire! It was the Immortal Reverence Empire!

They basically controlled half the galaxy, and more than two million cultivation planets had submitted to their rule!

The Bristling Moon Sect might be one of the top ten sects in the Deserted Galaxy, but they ranked at the bottom of the ten! They were far too weak compared to the Immortal Reverence Empire!

There wasn’t a need to speak of the Bristling Moon Sect. Even the Lightning Sword Sect, the strongest out of the ten, would be crushed by the Immortal Reverence Empire.

As such, no one dared to go against the order of the Immortal Reverence Empire.

When Tao Wei saw the look of fear and shock on the faces of those present, a satisfied smile appeared on his face. “That’s right. It’s the Immortal Reverence Empire. In fact, it’s the Third Prince of the Immortal Reverence Empire. Recently, His Highness has been looking for experts to carry out his bidding. Chen Haoguang, Liang Yun, and all of you should surrender!” 

“This will bring you endless honor! I will only give you one chance to surrender. I hope you cherish your opportunity.”

Chen Haoguang and the others fell into a dilemma when they heard the offer.

There were five princes in the Immortal Reverence Empire, and every single one of them possessed endless resources. All of them might control the Immortal Reverence Empire in the future as the crown prince hadn’t been chosen yet. Working for one of the princes would indeed bring them endless prestige.

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However, they had already surrendered to Huang Xiaolong!

If they chose to work for the Third Prince, they would be betraying Huang Xiaolong!

“What’s wrong? Are you not willing to submit?” A cold light flashed through Tao Wei’s eyes.

“That’s not it… Brother Tao Wei, we are more than willing to work for His Third Highness!” one of the old ancestors beside Chen Haoguang replied in haste. “My True Essence Sword Gate is willing to work under His Third Highness!” As soon as he spoke, he fell to his knees.

Huang Xiaolong’s strength might have shocked those present, but the actions of the True Essence Sword Gate’s old ancestor caused many of their hearts to waver.

Huang Xiaolong might be strong, but none of them felt that he was comparable to the third prince of the Immortal Reverence Empire! One had to know that the Immortal Reverence Empire stood behind the third prince!

The old ancestor of the Immortal Reverence Empire was said to possess heaven-shaking strength. He was an expert half a step into the Void Immortal Realm!

“I am willing to follow His Third Highness!” Several other old ancestors fell to their knees in unison.

Soon after, people started kneeling one after another.

In the end, only Chen Haoguang and the others were left. There were only twenty or so people left standing.

Looking at each other, they sighed before getting to their knees.

More than two hundred factions submitted to the Immortal Reverence Empire!

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“Nice!” Tao Wei roared with laughter, “Chen Haoguang, Liang Yun, His Third Highness will definitely treat you well!” 

Chen Haoguang hesitated for a moment before telling Tao Wei everything that had happened previously. After all, since he chose to betray Huang Xiaolong, he should deal with the problem at the source!

Tao Wei was a little shocked when he heard what had happened. “Oh? He defeated more than a dozen Soul Condensation Realm experts with a wave of his arm?! Not even Cui Yuan was his match?” 

“Yes, Brother Tao Wei, Huang Xiaolong might actually be in the Great Void Realm! In fact, he might be at the high-level Great Void Realm!” 

Tao Wei sneered, “Is that it? Even if he surpassed the Great Void Realm to reach the Grand Completion Realm, he would be smaller than a speck of dust to His Third Highness! Do you know how many Grand Completion Realm experts work for His Third Highness?” He raised a single finger after speaking.

“One… One hundred?!” Chen Haoguang gasped in fright.

“A thousand. To be exact, there are more than 1100 experts in the Grand Completion Realm!” Tao Wei chuckled.

“Out of those, there are more than 60 high-level Grand Completion Realm experts!” 

“A little more than a dozen of them are Ninth Level Grand Completion Realm experts!” 

Chen Haoguang and the others sucked in a cold breath.

They were trying their best to overestimate the third prince’s power, but it far exceeded their expectation. Just the number of Grand Completion Realm experts alone outnumbered all of them present! Could there even be Tribulation Realm experts after that?

They didn’t regret surrendering at all!

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“What about Huang Xiaolong?” Chen Haoguang asked.

“His Third Highness lacks experts at his level. Since he might be someone in the Grand Completion Realm, we can’t afford to let him go,” Tao Wei sneered.

“What if… What if he refuses to submit?” Chen Haoguang asked.

“Relax. He will.” Tao Wei sneered in contempt.


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