Chapter 3358: 3358

Chapter 3358: Center of the Star River!

“Blow… Blow it up?!” Liu Huang gasped in shock. He had been alive for a long time, and that was the first he had heard of someone wanting to blow up the path towards the Immortal World.

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“Your Highness, I heard that the path to the Immortal World has been sealed after many Immortals fused their power!” A strange look appeared on Liu Huang’s face, and he looked at Huang Xiaolong. He felt that he had to explain everything clearly to this crazy man before him. “The great immortals in the Immortal World are existences akin to the gods! They are indestructible and even Golden Immortals are nothing to them!” 

Even though he had no idea how strong a Golden Immortal was or their position in the Immortal World, he knew that they were definitely existences hundreds of times stronger than a regular Heavenly Immortal. Before them, everyone was an ant! How terrifying were they exactly?!

Would anyone be able to shatter the restrictions laid down by them?

A smile formed on Huang Xiaolong’s face, and he chuckled in amusement. “The great immortals in the Immortal World are nothing but ants before me…” 

Liu Huang looked at Huang Xiaolong in a daze.

Is he comparing all the immortals to mere ants?


Liu Huang gulped in fright. He forced a smile and continued, “Your Highness, you really know how to joke around!” 

Huang Xiaolong didn’t explain himself, and he laughed casually, “Alright, the path to the Immortal World should be in the center of the Star River, right?”

“Yes, Your Highness, that’s right!” Liu Huang had no idea what Huang Xiaolong meant, but he continued, “In the past, my father and I saw the path to the Immortal World when we visited the Panwu Immortal Gate!”

The Panwu Immortal Gate, Chaos Immortal Gate, Hundred Buddha Immortal Gate, and Azure Sea Immortal Gate were the strongest powers in the mortal world. Their territories were located precisely around the center of the Star River.

Huang Xiaolong nodded slightly, and he asked, “Do you still remember the way there?” 


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Was Huang Xiaolong actually planning to…?!

“Alright. Make your preparations. We’ll leave for the central region in a few days,” Huang Xiaolong commanded.

“Are we really going there?!” Liu Huang failed to suppress the shock in his heart.

“Of course. I’ll bring you around the Immortal World for a quick stroll.” Huang Xiaolong joked.

Liu Huang’s mouth fell open but nothing came out of it.

As the space around them spun around continuously, they arrived in the Blue Dragon Orchard in a little more than an hour.

Seeing as Huang Xiaolong had returned safely, Huang Jiyuan and the others heaved a sigh of relief.

“When your mother heard that you were going to the Great Valley, she became extremely anxious. She couldn’t contact you either,” Huang Jiyuan explained.

“You’re too reckless! What if something had happened to you in the African Continent?! What were your father and I supposed to do?!” Wang Meilan snapped. 

The time Huang Xiaolong spent over in the African Continent amounted to several hours at most and everyone thought that he didn’t manage to venture far into the valley.

That was understandable. After all, no one would expect him to be able to seal up the Great Valley before returning in a few short hours.

“Did Yuhan tell you this?” Huang Xiaolong laughed.

The only person he had told before going to the African Continent was Zhang Yuhan!

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“You can’t blame her!” Wang Meilan continued, “Whatever the case, we heard that the experts from the other planets came over to seal the Great Valley. The monsters won’t be able to cause trouble on Earth any longer.

“Experts from other planets?!” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Huang Jiyuan nodded his head. “That’s what everyone is saying. You probably heard that the Great Valley was sealed before returning empty-handed, right?” 

Huang Xiaolong could only nod in agreement.

“Hey, Xiaolong, is this a new pet you bought on your trip?” Wang Meilan looked at Liu Huang and gasped. “It’s so cute! It’s like the black spirits of the legends… Look at it! It has a pair of cute little wings and it looks like a little furball!” 

Even though he had lived for a long time, it was Liu Huang’s first time experiencing the touch of another being. He felt a shock running through his body.

“Haha, it’s trembling all over like a frightened cat!” Wang Meilan giggled.

“Xiaolong, where did you get this pet? Help us get one too!” Huang Wen approached them all of a sudden, and her eyes sparkled when she looked at Liu Huang.

“I want one too!” Huang Jiyuan piped up at the side.

Huang Xiaolong smiled and looked at Liu Huang. “Looks like you’re quite the desirable pet…”

Coughing slightly, Liu Huang nearly choked on his reply, “Your Highness, you… You have to be joking…” 

Due to his appearance as a tiny black spirit, no one noticed his red face.

“He can even talk!” Wang Meilan’s eyes lit up in surprise.

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Huang Xiaolong chuckled. “Of course. He’s pretty damn strong. I should be the only one who can deal with him. No one else on Earth is his opponent…”

Wang Meilan scoffed lightly, “You’re getting better at lying…”

Huang Xiaolong promised to get them one each before they released Liu Huang.

In the following days, Huang Xiaolong strolled about the various cities with Wang Meilan, Zhang Yuhan, and the others. Two days after he returned, Liu Huang called You Dehai and the other marshals to the Blue Dragon Orchard. With the same technique, he turned them into tiny little spirits. The devil qi they released returned into the bodies and they became cute little house pets. Huang Xiaolong gave Wang Meilan, Huang Jiyuan, Huang Chenfei, Big Headed Huang, Huang Wen, Lin Kai, and Zhang Yuhan one each.

There were four male and three female marshals, and all of them were in the Void Immortal Realm!

In the future when Huang Xiaolong left for the Immortal World, they could take care of the members of the Huang Family before he returned.

As for the seven marshals, they might have turned into tiny little spirits, but their strength wasn't affected at all. Huang Xiaolong also imparted a set of special techniques to them in order to boost their strength.

Wang Meilan was playing with her pet when she heard that Huang Xiaolong was planning to leave Earth for a little while. She immediately became extremely worked up as she yelled, “Why do you need to leave?!”

“I need to deal with some matters, and it should take a few months. You can rest assured that I’ll be back before we celebrate the Lunar New Year!” 

Huang Xiaolong knew the reason behind their anxiety. After all, he had gone missing for a whole hundred years in the past! Wang Meilan was probably afraid that he would disappear once again.

As it was already October, there were four months left before the Lunar New Year. It was more than enough for Huang Xiaolong to do what he needed to do in the Immortal World.

Wang Meilan finally calmed down after Huang Xiaolong promised them that he would return. She knew deep down in her heart that Huang Xiaolong would have to leave eventually.

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“Xiaolong, we’ll await your return…” Zhang Yuhan muttered.

“Relax. When I come back, we’ll celebrate the Lunar New Year as a family! After that, I’ll bring all of you to tour around the various planets in the star system.”

Zhang Yuhan felt her heart pounding when she realized that Huang Xiaolong had already considered her to be part of the Huang Family.

As for the others, they could only send him off reluctantly. 

In the blink of an eye, he disappeared into the horizon with Liu Huang.


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