Chapter 3357: 3357

Chapter 3357: Blow it Up

The rhythm caused everyone to feel as though they entered a world of illusions. Their essence soul fell into a daze, and they started to go crazy. It wasn’t long before some people lost control and blew themselves up.

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That was how terrifying the Devil Dragon Flute was!

Without any physical attacks, the Devil Dragon Flute could cause the deaths of one’s enemies! It could kill a crowd at once!

The experts of the devil race covered their ears, and they sealed off their essence souls. Even so, it was useless. The notes rang in their minds and the true essence in their bodies started to speed up. Luckily for them, Liu Huang didn’t direct the brunt of the attack at them! Otherwise, they would have long since exploded.

Liu Huang seemed to fuse with the Devil Dragon Flute as he played with all his heart. 

Along with the melody, he seemed to be transported into a magical world where he was the overlord! He was a god!

Only after a long time did he open his eyes. However, he was greeted by a terrifying sight. Huang Xiaolong was standing there without the slightest damage to his body! He didn’t explode like Liu Huang thought, and his mind seemed completely unaffected!

“That sounded pretty good,” Huang Xiaolong said. “Other experts at the peak of the late-Ninth Level Void Immortal Realm might not be able to defend against that mental attack, but I’m no ordinary expert.”

“What?!” Liu Huang yelped.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t move a muscle. However, a shocking amount of power emerged, and it filled every corner of the secret region.

Everyone felt as though they were smaller than a speck of dust when they looked at Huang Xiaolong.

“Who are you?!” Liu Huang stared at Huang Xiaolong with fear in his eyes.

“Kneel,” Huang Xiaolong commanded and his order was like the law that governed the world. 

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Liu Huang and the others felt their souls trembling as they fell to their knees involuntarily.

Huang Xiaolong walked towards him slowly, and he sent a grandmist worm into Liu Huang’s body.

“You can get up now.” 

Climbing to their feet, they looked at Huang Xiaolong in trepidation.

However, Huang Xiaolong didn’t stop there. He waved his left hand and a mysterious rune landed on Liu Huang’s body. The devil lord that was hundreds of feet tall started to shrink and he became a tiny little spirit that was the size of a fist. The devil qi he emitted was completely locked in his body.

The experts of the devil race gasped in fright.

Their terrifying devil lord became a little spirit in the blink of an eye! The chance was too damn shocking!

“In the future, you can follow me.”

Liu Huang replied respectfully, “Yes, Your Highness.” 

He flew into the air and followed closely behind Huang Xiaolong.

A pair of wings appeared behind Liu Huang, and if anyone were to call him a tiny spirit, no one would ever doubt that claim.

With another flick from Huang Xiaolong, the Blood Sea Divine Palace was dragged out of the ocean.

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Runes appeared along the palace as the devil light around it started to dim. Soon, rainbow-colored light emerged from inside the palace.

Huang Xiaolong only stopped after several minutes and the Blood Sea Divine Palace shrank to fit in his palm.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the palace with a satisfied gaze. He had refined it countless times in the past few minutes, and he increased the strength of the artifact by several dozen times! He planned to use the palace as a defensive fort for the members of his family.

He tossed the palace into the Sun Moon Furnace before strolling about the secret region with Liu Huang. When he saw everything he wanted to, they left the Devil Hell Secret Region.

After they left, Liu Huang raised his head to the skies and roared, commanding every monster who invaded Earth to return.

In the blink of an eye, the devils that flooded earth returned to the Great Valley, shocking the great alliances and the great sects.

Through the satellite images, every single expert on Earth saw the monsters retreating into the ground. Not a single one was left!

Initially, everyone lived in fear of the terrifying creatures. They felt endless despair as though the end of the world had arrived. Now, there was no longer anything to be afraid of! The creatures that were so scary ran away without any warnings! No one could believe what they were seeing.

However, it didn’t take long for the news of the Great Valley’s fate to be revealed to the world that someone had sealed it up completely and the monsters in there wouldn’t be able to escape ever again!

Earth broke out into celebration.

Huang Xiaolong left towards the Huaxia Alliance with Liu Huang in tow.

“Since you’re the devil ancestor, you should know something about the Kun Lun Secret Region, right?” Huang Xiaolong was reminded of the Pangu Axe on his way back, and he asked.

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“Your Highness, do you mean the Kun Lun Immortal Region?” 

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head. Since Liu Huang was the master of the Devil Hell and had been alive for a long time, he might know a thing or two!

“Is there no other way to enter the secret region other than when it opens by itself?” Huang Xiaolong asked. Even though four years wasn’t a long time, it would be great if he could obtain the Pangu Axe earlier than that.

“There is… However, it’s almost impossible to open the immortal region before the day it’s meant to be!” 

A light flashed in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes. “How can I do that?” He wasn’t too hopeful when he asked, but it seemed as though there was a way to do it!

“According to the legends, Pangu left the secret region behind along with the Pangu Sword! The Pangu Sword contains his soul brand, and anyone will be able to enter the Kun Lun Immortal Region as long as they possess the sword!” Liu Huang explained.

“Pangu Sword?!” Huang Xiaolong was stunned.

Who would have thought that Pangu had refined a sword in the past? However, it seemed as though his father, Huang Long, and his master, the Blazing Dragon, had no idea about its existence.

Was it a product Pangu made casually? 

“That’s right! However, the Pangu Sword isn’t in the mortal world at the moment,” Liu Huang continued.

“Is it in the Immortal World?” 

Liu Huang nodded slowly.

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“Alright, then I’ll have to make a trip there one of these days,” Huang Xiaolong spoke casually as though he could ascend at any time.

Liu Huang looked at Huang Xiaolong with a face full of contempt. Was the Immortal World a place he could go as he pleased? One had to know that the path to the Immortal World was sealed! Without the permission of the Jade Emperor, no one would be able to ascend!

“Your Highness, the path to the Immortal World has been locked down since the start of time. Only after passing the heavenly tribulation and obtaining the permission of the Jade Emperor would one be able to ascend!” Liu Huang explained as he was afraid that Huang Xiaolong might not know the truth behind ascension.

Huang Xiaolong glanced at Liu Huang from the corner of his eye, and he chuckled, “It's alright, I’ll just blow up the seal!”


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