Chapter 3356: 3356

Chapter 3356: Devil Dragon Flute

The experts of the devil race stared at each other and none of them knew what to do now that their marshal had been controlled by the human.

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Finally, they chose to follow closely behind You Dehai and the human called Huang Xiaolong.

“Do you think that Lord Devil will be able to defeat this human?” one of the generals asked the others. The scene where Huang Xiaolong kicked You Dehai into the ground was still fresh in their minds.

“Lord Devil has already refined the supreme treasure of our devil race, the Devil Dragon Flute! The human’s body might be strong, but he won’t be able to withstand a strike from Lord Devil!” someone else muttered.

“Devil Dragon Flute?! When the Devil Dragon appears, the world will bow at its feet! That’s what the old ancestors said! When the Devil Dragon Flute rings, immortals will fall!” 

In several dozen minutes, they arrived. A sea of blood could be seen under their feet.

Waves that were thousands of miles high swept through the blood sea as the stench was overwhelming. Ordinary humans would have long since puked long before they arrived. Moreover, there was a special type of energy that would kill anyone not of the devil race.

However, Huang Xiaolong ignored it completely as he continued walking forward.

A giant palace sat in the middle of the blood sea, and it shone a dazzling gold color. It was extremely eye-catching, and without a doubt, it was the home of the Devil Lord.

The Blood Sea Divine Palace was a top-grade devil artifact! It was passed down since ancient times, and it had been nurtured by an endless amount of blood. It was much stronger than it once was.

When Huang Xiaolong approached the palace, a blood arrow shot towards him.

The blood arrow was tens of thousands of feet long!

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There were devilish runes inscribed on the arrow, and when it appeared in the skies, the surface of the sea was lowered by hundreds of feet!

A piercing buzz made everyone present feel as though their minds were bleeding.

The moment the blood arrow appeared, the members of the devil race backed away in fear.

The blood arrow arrived before Huang Xiaolong in an instant and just as it was about to pierce through his chest, Huang Xiaolong swatted it away casually. The blood arrow slammed into one of the distant mountain ranges, and it shattered the structure completely.

As it crumbled to the ground, the blood arrow continued onwards to stab straight through a random continent in the distance.

“Huh?” A shocked cry emerged from the Blood Sea Divine Palace. Soon after, a man clad in blood-red robes emerged.

It was a middle-aged man with a blood rune on his forehead. He was like a bloodied knife standing against the wind.

The members of the devil race fell to their knees when they saw him.

“Lord Devil!” 

That was the master of the secret region!

He was at the peak of the late-Ninth Level Void Immortal Realm!

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One could argue that he was as strong as the current Huang Xiaolong!

The devil lord saw that You Dehai wasn’t on his knees, and he narrowed his eyes slightly. However, his gaze soon turned to Huang Xiaolong. “Peak late-Ninth Level Void Immortal?” He licked his lips in excitement and continued, “I haven’t tasted the blood of a Void Immortal in a long time… Who would have thought that there would still be one on Earth?”

“You’ll have to be strong enough to make claims like that.”

With Huang Xiaolong’s current physical body, practically nothing would be able to injure him. The only item in the Pangu World that could hurt him would be the Pangu Axe. Even if he stood still, the devil lord wouldn’t be able to pierce through his skin!

The devil lord, Liu Huang, sneered with contempt. “Hahaha! You’re a feisty one! Why don’t you work for me?! In the future, you’ll be second only to me!” 

“Once you follow me, we’ll join hands and sweep away every power in the Silver River Star System! Not even the Panwu Immortal Gate will be our match!” 

“Oh? You know about the Panwu Immortal Gate?” Huang Xiaolong was slightly surprised.

A light flashed in Liu Huang’s eyes as he turned to stare at the void. “In the past, I followed my father to the Panwu Immortal Gate before the Devil Hell was sealed. My father battled the old ancestor of the Panwu Immortal Gate for ten days straight!” 

He turned to Huang Xiaolong once again. “If we join hands, we’ll become the overlords of this world!” 

Huang Xiaolong shook his head and sighed, “Make your move. Give it all you got.” He had to admit that Liu Huang was probably the strongest person in the mortal world. However, it was impossible for him to join hands with Huang Xiaolong! Not even Gods of Creation who had 2 billion units of grand cosmos energy were qualified to work with him!

“Since you chose death, I’ll respect your wishes.” A red light flashed through Liu Huang’s eyes. “You seem to possess a terrifying bloodline! After I absorb your blood essence, I’ll sweep away the Panwu Immortal Gate all the same! I’ll dominate the Silver River Star System alone!” 

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A devil blade appeared in his hands after he spoke.

It was a blade that had a crescent shape, and he appeared above Huang Xiaolong in the blink of an eye. His blade slashed downwards and it appeared half a meter away from Huang Xiaolong’s skull!

However, Huang Xiaolong’s punch arrived at the same time it did.

The power behind the fist caused the hearts of those present to tremble slightly.

As his fist came into contact with the blade, a terrifying blast rang through the skies. The devil blade shattered into a million pieces and Liu Huang was sent crashing into the Blood Sea Divine Palace.


A dull ringing sound rocked the air as countless waves swept through the ocean of blood.

Silence descended on the lands.

When the sea finally regained its calm after a long time, a figure tore through the skies. Liu Huang reappeared in the air, and he roared, “You…!” 

“I heard that you have a supreme treasure of your devil race. Why don’t you bring the Devil Dragon Flute out?” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

Even though their cultivation realm was similar, Liu Huang would never be a match for Huang Xiaolong. Not even a hundred million Liu Huangs would be enough to take on the man.

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Liu Huang didn’t say a word as a long flute appeared in his hands. The flute resembled a devil dragon, and it had a sinister appearance.

Liu Huang brought the flute to his lips as he entered a trance. 


In an instant, weird sounds filled the space around them, and they formed a special rhythm that echoed in the backs of everyone’s minds.


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