Chapter 3347: 3347

Chapter 3347: Go Find The Two

After subduing the strongest factions, Huang Xiaolong didn’t return to the Blue Dragon Orchard immediately. Instead, he left Earth and headed straight for the headquarters of the Six Swords Gate.

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The moment he left earth, his strength was no longer restricted. He took a single step and crossed hundreds of millions of miles.

In two short minutes, a greyish planet could be seen in the distance. There were signs of life all over the planet, and it was tens of times larger than Earth. There were several auras that had crossed the Spirit Severing Realm and were at the Soul Condensation Realm!

Huang Xiaolong arrived above the star in an instant, and with another step, he arrived at the Six Swords Gate.

The headquarters of the Six Swords Gate was on the Heavenly King Star, and they were one of the two strongest factions on the planet! They controlled a massive region, and vigorous sword qi filled the air. Restrictions were laid over the lands and there were at least hundreds of them!

On Earth, the Six Swords Gate had six mid-grade spiritual grade treasures in their Six Swords Killing Formation. They were pretty strong, but that was nothing compared to the Heavenly King Star! Every single formation in the headquarters was stronger than the Six Swords Killing Formation!

No… they were in completely different leagues!

On earth, there were several experts at the peak of the Enlightenment Realm. Here, there were several hundred experts at that level!

There were over forty Spirit Severing Realm experts, and two Soul Condensation Realm monsters!

Huang Xiaolong’s dao soul swept through the planet once, and he discovered Fu Wu and Wang Zheng in one of the palaces. The two of them were on their knees as they kneeled before two Spirit Severing Realm experts. From what he could see, they were making a report of some sort.

Even though the two of them left two days before Huang Xiaolong, they arrived not too long ago.

“Master, Martial Uncle, Huang Xiaolong went too far!” Fu Wu growled. “We acceded to his request, and Wang Zheng crippled his arms before kowtowing to Zhang Yuhan! Even then, he wished to kill the two of us!” 

“Master, we should join hands with the other sects to summon a great army. When several thousand Golden Core Realm cultivators trample on Earth, we’ll kill everyone related to the Huang Family!” Fu Wu cried.

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Wang Zheng nodded his head and continued, “That’s right! If we join hands, we’ll have more than a dozen Soul Condensation Realm experts! When we arrive on Earth, we’ll see Huang Xiaolong peeing his pants in fright!” 

Fu Wu’s martial uncle, Chen Shen, muttered, “Several days ago, the old ancestor of the Divine Court Sect summoned all of us to form an alliance. They also brought many experts over to the Flowing Flame Star.”

“The old ancestor will probably personally make a move. When that happens, I’ll go along with him.”

A look of joy formed on their faces.

“Is that true?! That’s great!” Fu Wu grinned.

Wan Shen, Fu Wu’s master, chuckled, “The experts in the surrounding region have all been invited. We have nearly two hundred Soul Condensation Realm experts.”

“Two… Two hundred?!” Fu Wu and Wang Zheng yelled in fright.

Wouldn’t that mean that nearly all the experts in the surrounding stars showed up?!

“Three days later, the alliance would be formed. In five days, the great allied army will head over to Earth!” Chen Shen laughed, “Huang Xiaolong will only be able to live for ten more days at best.”

Chen Shen’s transmission symbol trembled, and he quickly glanced at the message. “The old ancestor is summoning me. Looks like we’re going to head over to the Flowing Flame Star to talk about the alliance.”

Chen Shen and Wan Shen stood up at the same time. 

However, they realized that a figure was standing at the entrance after standing up.

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It was the figure of a young man.

“Who?!” the two experts yelled in fright.

When they saw the other party’s robes, they realized that he wasn’t from the Six Swords Gate.

Fu Wu and Wang Zheng’s reactions were completely different. They screamed in unison, “Huang Xiaolong?!”

Chen Shen and Wan Shen took a step back in shock as they quickly activated the grand formation protecting the palace.

The moment it was activated, they heaved a sigh of relief. They had heard that Ren Qi of the Purple Flame Sect was killed by Huang Xiaolong with a single blow, and they didn’t know whether the rumors were true.

Chen Shen’s eyes narrowed as he glared at Huang Xiaolong, “Huang Xiaolong, you’re pretty gutsy to come here alone!” 

“This is just the Six Swords Gate. Even if you’re from the Panwu Immortal Gate, I’ll come and go as I please,” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

The Panwu Immortal Gate was the strongest sect in the Silver River Star System, but Chen Shen and the others had never heard of them.

Right before Chen Shen could say anything, Huang Xiaolong took a step forward and entered the area protected by the grand formation. He quickly walked into the main hall.

“What?!” All four experts of the Six Swords Gate gasped.

Even experts who surpassed the Spirit Severing Realm would find it difficult to shatter the formation! Now, Huang Xiaolong passed through it like it didn’t exist!

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“Huang Xiaolong… Aren’t you in the Soul Condensation Realm?!” Chen Shen yelped.

Huang Xiaolong raised his hand and dragged all four of them towards him.

“Is your imagination only limited to the Soul Condensation Realm?” 

Their faces changed instantly. Did Huang Xiaolong mean to say that he had surpassed the Soul Condensation Realm?!

Wouldn’t that mean that he was in the Great Void Realm?!

Around the surrounding stars, the strongest expert was at the Sixth Level Soul Condensation Realm!

Huang Xiaolong didn’t bother saying anything else as he clenched his fist to turn all of them into a bloody mist.

When that was going on, a batch of experts could be seen in the main hall of the Six Swords Gate. There were more than forty of them, and all of them were in the Spirit Severing Realm!

The old ancestor looked around, and he said sternly, “Is everyone here? If there’s no one left, let’s go!” 

“Ancestor, Eminent Elder Chen Shen and Wan Shen aren’t here yet!” The patriarch of the Six Swords Gate, Shi Chuan, reported.

Cao Deng, the old ancestor of the Six Swords Gate, felt a trace of irritation rising in his heart, and he growled at an eminent elder beside him, “Go find them!” 

“Yes, ancestor!” The doyen replied.

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Right before he could leave the hall, a figure could be seen strolling casually towards them. He was clad in a weird dao robe, and there were unknown runes swirling on it.

Cao Deng and the others thought that their eyes were playing tricks on them.

“Who! Who dares to barge into our Six Swords Gate?!” the disciples who were in charge of security roared. However, they were sent flying before they could touch the figure.

“What audacity!” One of the grand elders at the Ninth Level Enlightenment Realm slashed at the figure. It was too bad he was sent flying before his sword qi could come into contact with the other party.

Cao Deng and the others felt their expressions changing slightly.


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