Chapter 3345: 3345

Chapter 3345: What Did You Just Say?!

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Everyone stared at each other in confusion, and they shook their heads slowly.

All of them might be from large clans, but they were merely ants compared to people like Ying Shiming! With Huang Xiaolong locking down all news of himself, there was no way they could learn anything.

Zhou Jia held Xiao Baishan, and she whispered in his ear, “Could Huang Chenfei be from the Huang Family in the Donglin Province?”

“Huang… Huang Family?!”

Her voice was soft, but everyone felt a thunderclap in their minds when they heard the name. They might not have seen Huang Xiaolong in person, but they had heard some stuff about the Huang Family recently.

Even though Xiao Cheng had no idea what had happened on the Purple Flame Mountain, he knew that the Huang Family was something none of them could compare to! According to the rumors, the Huang Family had given birth to a supreme expert!

Moreover, it was said that even the old ancestor of the Ying Family was afraid of him!

Xiao Cheng’s expression changed immediately. Could the person Ying Shiming addressed as ‘Your Highness’ be the supreme expert they were talking about?!

However, he couldn’t believe it due to Huang Xiaolong’s appearance. The kid looked like he barely graduated from university!

Zhou Jia had no idea how strong the Huang Family was, and she snapped in irritation, “Even if that brat is a direct disciple of the Huang Family, who do they think they are?! Senior Shiming definitely overreacted when he slapped Baishan!”

She would be lying if she said that she wasn’t angry after Ying Shiming slapped her husband in public.

“Preposterous!” Xiao Cheng yelled, shocking Zhou Jia.

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Turning to Xiao Yu, Xiao Cheng asked, “Yu’er how did you get acquainted with Huang Chenfei?”

“We met during an auction several days ago…” She explained a little more about how they actually met.

When Huang Xiaolong and the others arrived at the Blue Dragon Orchard, they received a report from Huang Shengan. Xiao Cheng, Xiao Baishan, Zhou Jia, and Xiao Yu were there to pay them a visit.

“Big brother, this…” Huang Chenfei looked at Huang Xiaolong.

“Let Xiao Yu in. The others can wait outside,” Huang Xiaolong ordered.

The moment the words left his lips, Huang Chenfei ran out of the courtyard in excitement.

Wang Meilan couldn’t help but smile. “This brat behaves exactly the same way as the little one!”

“Xiaolong, Xiao Baishan, and Zhou Jia are her parents…” Huang Jiyuan mentioned.

“Don’t worry, I know what to do.” Huang Xiaolong knew what his father meant.

“What about the members of the True Spirit Sect?” Wang Meilan thought of the things Qiu Bohong said and a trace of anger flashed through her mind. “Every time I think of what he said, I get really irritated!”

“Humph, how can he say that Chenfei isn’t qualified to take Xiao Yu’s hand in marriage? Does he really think that he’s someone important?”

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“I really hope their sect goes bankrupt! It will be for the best if their sect topples!”

“Let’s see if he can still stay cocky when that happens!”

Wang Meilan snorted in annoyance.

As Xiao Cheng’s banquet ended the moment he left, all the guests left. The members of the True Spirit Sect didn’t remain behind either.

On their way back, Qiu Bohong couldn’t sit still. He muttered softly, “Do you think that the Huang Family will mess with us because of this incident?”

Qiu Shaopeng was equally as troubled.

“Didn’t you just say some unpleasant things to that kid? We’ll just send them some gifts and express our apology in a few days. It’s nothing too serious.” He Hua, Qiu Shaopeng’s wife, muttered, “Humph, our True Spirit Sect isn’t someone they can trample on as they please. If they think that they can mess with us because of this, they have another thing coming! Everyone knows that we have a great relationship with the Six Swords Gate!”

It was true that they had close relations to the Six Swords Gate. Even though the True Spirit Sect wasn’t too strong, none of the great families dared to push them too far.

Of course, none of them knew the beef Huang Xiaolong had with the Six Swords Gate. They wouldn’t know that the old ancestor and an eminent elder of the sect had already escaped the day before due to Huang Xiaolong’s threat.

All of a sudden, Qiu Shaopeng’s phone rang. He was surprised to discover the caller. It was the old ancestor of the Snow Wolf Sect, and he didn’t dare to ignore the call.

The moment the video call connected, a look of terror could be seen on the old ancestor’s face as he addressed Qiu Shaopeng, “Qiu Shaopeng, from now on, my Snow Wolf Sect will stop cooperating with your True Spirit Chamber of Commerce!”

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“What?! Why?”

The True Spirit Chamber of Commerce was the True Spirit Sect’s income source. The Snow Wolf Sect was their main customer, and if they lost the Snow Wolf Sect, their finances would take a huge hit!

The old ancestor of the Snow Wolf Sect hesitated for a moment when Qiu Shaopeng asked for a reason, but he eventually disconnected without saying anything.

The moment the old ancestor disconnected, another call came through. It was the patriarch of the Blue Nether Realm. They were also one of their largest customers.

A bad feeling filled Qiu Shaopeng’s heart. Taking the call, the patriarch of the Blue Nether Realm sighed, “In the future, my Blue Nether Realm will no longer cooperate with your True Spirit Sect,” He instructed Qiu Shaopeng never to contact them again.

The faces of Qiu Shaopeng, He Hua, and Qiu Bohong were extremely ugly.

Qiu Shaopeng’s phone rang continuously, and it only stopped after several dozen minutes.

“Why did this happen?!” Qiu Shaopeng shattered the phone in his hands.

The patriarchs and the old ancestors of the various large families and sects contacted him a moment ago in order to cancel their cooperation.

In other words, the True Spirit Chamber of Commerce lost all its major customers!

“Huang Chenfei! The Huang Family is definitely behind this!” Qiu Bohong screamed.

A trace of hatred flashed through Qiu Shaopeng’s eyes. “Huang Family? Humph. Since you left me with no choice, you can’t blame me for what I’m about to do.”

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He contacted grand elder Hu Ze from the Six Swords Gate after he spoke.

When the call connected, he saw Hu Ze packing everything he could.

“What do you want?!” Hu Ze snapped.

“Lord Hu Ze, we clashed with a youngster from the Huang Family. We didn’t do much, but the Huang Family used their full strength to cause all our business partners to cease cooperation with us.” Qiu Shaopeng hoped that Hu Ze could assist them.

However, terror filled Hu Ze’s face when he heard what Qiu Shaopeng said. “Huang?! Did you just say the Huang Family?! His Highness?!”


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