Chapter 3343: 3343

Chapter 3343: We’re Going Back

Wang Meilan evaluated Xiao Yu in her heart. The lass’ vibrant looks along with her personality quickly got Wang Meilan’s approval. She looked at Huang Xiaolong and Huang Jiyuan as she chuckled, “She’s really pretty. Looks like our Chenfei is in luck!” 

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Huang Xiaolong and his father burst out laughing. 

However, it didn’t take long for a frown to form on Huang Xiaolong’s face. Xiao Yu might have invited Huang Chenfei to the Xiao Family for the first time, but her parents weren’t present.

“Chenfei!” Xiao Yu saw him almost the same time he noticed her and a look of joy blossomed on her face. She quickly ran over to Huang Xiaolong’s group, but she was slightly taken aback when she saw the three other members of Huang Chenfei’s family.

“Xiao Yu…” Huang Chenfei stuttered, “These are my parents, and he’s my big brother!” 

“They wished to come along, so…”

Xiao Yu gasped in shock. Weren’t they a little too young to be his parents and big brother?!

It was especially so for his big brother! He looked like he barely graduated from university! 

Even though she was stunned for a second, her face quickly turned red from all the attention she was getting from Wang Meilan. She quickly greeted them in a sweet voice, “Uncle, Aunt, big brother…”

“Hahaha, what a thoughtful young lass…” Wang Meilan grinned before holding Xiao Yu’s hand. “This is a gift for you.” 

After she spoke, she handed over a tiny little box.

Next, she took out another present and passed it over. “This is a present for your uncle’s eightieth birthday.”

Both items were picked out after special consideration. Both of them came from the Purple Flame Sect’s treasury.

Politely, she declined the gifts, “Aunty, this…”

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“Xiao Yu, please accept them,” Huang Chenfei chuckled.

“Alright… I’ll accept them on behalf of my uncle then!” Pausing for a moment, an awkward expression formed on her face. “Oh, my parents are busy due to the large banquet, so…”

“It’s alright, we understand.” Wang Meilan laughed.

All of a sudden, a middle-aged lady clad in red robes walked over. “Yu’er no wonder I couldn’t find you! Hurry up and come over. This is the patriarch of the True Spirit Sect, Qiu Shaopeng, and his wife. The young man over there is the young master of the True Spirit Sect, Qiu Bohong.”

Wang Meilan and the others were slightly taken aback.

An unnatural expression formed on Xiao Yu’s face, and she quickly introduced Huang Xiaolong’s group. “Chenfei, Uncle, Aunty, these are my parents.”

Next, she turned to Xiao Baishan and Zhou Jia. “This is Chenfei, his big brother, and his parents.

In fact, Xiao Baishan and his wife had long since noticed the group. When they saw that Huang Chenfei brought several other people along, frowns formed on their faces.

“Uncle, Aunty,” Huang Chenfei didn’t know what they were thinking, and he quickly greeted them.

The two of them eventually nodded at him after taking their daughter’s feelings into consideration. 

“Yu’er, the banquet is about to start. Let’s enter the main hall.”

As for Huang Jiyuan and the others, they didn’t bother speaking to them at all.

“This… What about Chenfei and his family?” Xiao Yu frowned. 

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“The inner hall is full of important people invited by your uncle. The seats in there have already been allocated. All of you can remain in the outer hall.”

“Outer hall?” Xiao Yu’s countenance darkened.

Wang Meilan and the others were slightly annoyed, but Huang Xiaolong remained as calm as could be.

“Let’s enter quickly. Your uncle is looking for you.” Zhou Jia hurried before grabbing Xiao Yu’s hand. She practically dragged her daughter into the inner hall.

With an apologetic gaze, she was dragged away by her parents.

As for Qiu Shaopeng and the members of the True Spirit Sect, they had already entered the hall.

When Qiu Shaopeng and the others passed by Huang Xiaolong’s group, Qiu Bohong gloated in front of Huang Chenfei’s face, “Hehe, take a look at yourself. Do you think you’re qualified to take Xiao Yu’s hand in marriage? You can’t even enter the inner hall!” 

“Xiao Yu is mine. In the future, you better stay away from her.” 

A flash of rage crossed Huang Chenfei’s eyes.

As Huang Jiyuan’s expression turned darker and darker, he eventually growled, “Let’s go back.”

Glancing at Huang Chenfei, Wang Meilan noticed that he didn’t oppose his father’s decision.

“Xiaolong, this…” Wang Meilan turned to ask Huang Xiaolong.

Since he had returned, Huang Xiaolong had been the pillar of the family.

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Understanding his mother’s concerns, Huang Xiaolong muttered, “Alright, let’s return.”

Soon after, the four of them headed for the entrance.

When Huang Xiaolong and the others were walking out, an elder from the Xiao Family yelled in excitement, “Grand Elder Ying Shiming of the Ying Family has arrived!” 

“What?! Grand elder of the Ying Family?! They actually sent someone to celebrate Xiao Cheng’s birthday!”

“Xiao Cheng is really someone of status if the Ying Family sent someone to congratulate him…”

“I heard that Xiao Cheng has been friends with Ying Shiming for some time now!” 

The entire venue exploded.

Soon after, a group of people poured out from the inner hall.

The person in the lead had silver hair and he had a ruddy complexion. A smile could be seen on his face, and he was none other than the patriarch of the Xiao Family, Xiao Cheng! He was accompanied by a group of grand elders and experts of the other families. The inner hall that was filled to the brim a moment ago was emptied as they appeared to greet Ying Shiming.

Even though the Xiao Family was a large family in the province, they were far too lacking when compared to the Ying Family!

Ying Shiming’s arrival was nothing short of a celebration!

As Xiao Cheng and the others rushed out of the hall, they overtook Huang Xiaolong’s group as they ran over to the Ying Family’s convoy.

As a grand elder of the Ying Family, Ying Shiming’s convoy consisted of six luxury cars.

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When the group of experts arrived at the entrance of the manor, Ying Shiming barely stepped out of his vehicle.

“Brother Shiming, I’m honored that you came all the way out here for my birthday!” Xiao Cheng grabbed Ying Shiming’s hand in joy.

A smile also formed on Ying Shiming’s face. “Brother Xiao Cheng, we’ve been friends for so long and there’s no need to be embarrassed!” Looking at the group of experts behind Xiao Cheng, he continued, “There are so many people here already!”

Everyone roared with laughter.

Chatting with Xiao Cheng for a moment, he was eventually invited into the manor. However, a familiar figure caught his eye when he stepped through the entrance of the Xiao Family Manor.


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