Chapter 3341: 3341

Chapter 3341: Xiao Cheng’s Banquet

Murasakigawa Tatsuya and Pan Yingying headed over to the Myriad Dragon Plaza by car.

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Since they learned that Huang Jiyuan was an elder of the Huang Family and should be at the Golden Core Realm, they brought over several dozen high-level Golden Core Realm experts in case anything went wrong.

All of them were hired by Murasakigawa Tatsuya for a huge sum of money.

When they arrived, Murasakigawa Tatsuya chuckled in amusement, “Huang Xiaolong and the others are currently on the fourteenth floor. Lady Pan Yingying, you can decide if you wish to shop around or if you wish to confront him directly.”

“I heard that the fourteenth floor specializes in jewelry. Let’s head up there directly. We’ll take care of Huang Xiaolong before buying to my heart’s content!” 

Murasakigawa Tatsuya chuckled. “Alright! Let’s go!” As soon as he spoke, he brought everyone towards the fourteenth floor.

“I wonder how you wish to deal with him later?” Murasakigawa Tatsuya asked casually.

When Pan Yingying thought of the scene where Huang Xiaolong had tossed her out of the flying ship previously, she growled, “Since he threw me off the ship, I’ll throw him off the fourteenth floor! We’ll send someone to grab him from the first floor and bring him up again. We’ll be done after I throw him off several dozen times…”

Staring at her in stunned silence, Murasakigawa Tatsuya laughed, “That’s a good idea!” 

Pan Yingying added, “Before throwing him off, I’ll slap him till he can’t tell left from right!” 

Murasakigawa Tatsuya laughed, “Alright! That sounds even better! You can humiliate him to your heart’s content!” 

When their group was traveling up to the fourteenth floor, Murasakigawa Yuiitsu and Murasakigawa Yaren had already found Huang Xiaolong. They followed closely behind the Huang Family and when they learned that Wang Meilan and Huang Wen were planning to buy some jewelry, they quickly introduced the best products they had to offer.

“Alright, I’ll take that,” Wang Meilan pointed at one of the dark blue pendants and said.

The gemstone inlaid in the pendant might only be the size of a thumbnail, but it was the extremely rarely seen phantom sapphire! It was extremely rare, and the pendant was a work of art!

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Huang Wen also chose a pendant, and it glowed an icy red. Like the petals of a rose, her pendant was in stark contrast to the one Wang Meilan chose.

When Huang Xiaolong was about to pay for both of them, Murasakigawa Yuiitsu spoke up from the side. “Your Highness, there’s no need to pay! Just pick out anything you want! I’ll get someone to foot the bill later.”

“Alright.” Huang Xiaolong didn’t plan to stand on ceremony.

When the two of them were about to keep the pendants, a haughty voice rang through the air. 

“Put those down right now!” 

Wang Meilan, Huang Wen, Huang Chenfei, and the others turned to look at the person who spoke. It was no surprise that it came from Murasakigawa Tatsuya.

Leading the group over, Murasakigawa Tatsuya was unable to see Murasakigawa Yuiitsu and Murasakigawa Yaren as they were standing behind Huang Xiaolong. 

“Pan Yingying?” 

Sneering coldly, Pan Yingying addressed the members of the Huang Family. “Humph, I bet you didn’t think that we would meet again so soon! Let me introduce you to Young Master Murasakigawa Tatsuya! His grandfather is an eminent elder of the Murasakigawa Clan, and the manager of the Myriad Dragon Plaza is his third uncle!” 

Afraid that they wouldn’t know who the Murasakigawa Clan was, she continued, “Look, the Murasakigawa Clan is one of the four strongest families in the country! They are also ranked at the peak of the world! Your Huang Family is merely a small speck of dust compared to them!” 

“If the Murasakigawa Clan wishes for you to disappear, you’ll be erased from the face of the Earth!” 

Murasakigawa Tatsuya’s eyes landed on Huang Xiaolong, and he snorted, “Are you Huang Xiaolong?! Alright, I won’t kill you today. Young Lady Pan Yingying has instructed me to toss you down from the fourteenth floor. She’ll be done after she does that several times.”

Even if Huang Xiaolong was at the Foundation Building Realm, he would basically be half dead after that ordeal.

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The moment the words left his lips, Murasakigawa Yaren appeared from behind Huang Xiaolong, and he slapped Murasakigawa Tatsuya till he saw stars. 

The sudden change caused everyone to fall into silence.

Flying into a fit of rage, Murasakigawa Tatsuya wanted to give the order to kill the person who slapped him when he recognized Murasakigawa Yaren. “Third… Third Uncle?!” 

Murasakigawa Tatsuya’s bodyguards who were about to take down his attacker jumped in fright when they heard what he said.

Turning to look at Murasakigawa Yaren and then Huang Xiaolong, Murasakigawa Tatsuya stuttered, “Third Uncle, what are you doing here?!” 

From what it looked like, his third uncle seemed to have appeared from behind Huang Xiaolong!

“Why can’t he be here?!” a stern voice rang through the air.

Frowning, Murasakigawa Tatsuya felt as though he had heard the voice somewhere before.

He couldn’t help but turn to look behind Huang Xiaolong once again.

Stepping to the side, Murasakigawa Yuiitsu revealed his presence.

When Murasakigawa Tatsuya saw the old ancestor, he felt the world spinning around him as his vision started to go dark.

As Pan Yingying wasn’t paying attention to Murasakigawa Tatsuya’s expression, she pouted and rocked his arm coquettishly. “Young Master, who the hell is that old man?! He sounds so annoying!” 

A slap landed on her face instantly, and she was thrown through the store. Falling to his knees, Murasakigawa Tatsuya stuttered, “Old… Old… Old ancestor, what are you doing here?!”

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Glaring coldly at Murasakigawa Tatsuya, Murasakigawa Yuiitsu snorted, “Why am I here?! Why can’t I be here?” 

After scolding a junior of his family, Murasakigawa Yuiitsu fell to his knees and apologized to Huang Xiaolong, “Your Highness, I didn’t raise the members of my family well! Please forgive them!”

Murasakigawa Tatsuya’s eyes nearly popped out of his eye sockets when he saw what was going on.

Wasn’t Huang Xiaolong just the son of an elder in the Huang Family?!

Why in the world was their old ancestor…

Huang Xiaolong glanced at Murasakigawa Yuiitsu, and he muttered, “Throw them off the fourteenth floor, including the girl. Since they’re from your family, you can deal with them as you please.” 

Murasakigawa Yuiitsu thanked Huang Xiaolong profusely before personally carrying out the punishment.

When everything was over, Wang Meilan and the others shopped for a little while longer before returning.

After the past few days, they basically saw everything of interest in the country.

On the third day, Huang Chenfei broke a piece of news to Huang Xiaolong and Huang Jiyuan. “Xiao Yu told me that it’s her uncle’s eightieth birthday tomorrow! She wishes to invite me over as a guest!”

Wang Meilan was the first to react. “That’s great! You’re finally going to meet her elders!” 

Xiao Cheng was the patriarch of the Xiao Family, and his eightieth birthday was definitely a huge matter! It was definitely something special for her to invite him over.

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“But… But we’re planning to visit Mount Fuji to watch the sunrise tomorrow…” Huang Chenfei sighed.

According to their itinerary, they were only supposed to leave in a few days.

Wang Meilan snapped, “We can always come back! This is her first invitation, and you cannot reject it no matter what! Let’s go back today…” 

It didn’t take long for them to embark on their return journey.


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