Chapter 3336: 3336

Chapter 3336: I Know Grand Elder Tan Zong

Pan Yingying couldn’t help but rage when she saw that they were hesitating, “Are you blind?! Didn’t you see how he injured me? Hurry up and capture them all! Otherwise, I’ll get the higher-ups in the Four Seas Company to fire you!”

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The faces of the enforcers changed instantly.

Even though they were mere enforcers at the airport, they received a lot of benefits. It would be nearly impossible to find another job that paid that well if they were fired.

However, Huang Jiyuan stopped them before things could get out of hand. “Hold it right there.”

“Humph, are you planning to apologize now? It’s too late,” Pan Yingying sneered. 

Retrieving a golden plaque, he handed it over to the captain of the enforcers. “I am an elder of the Huang Family of the Donglin Province.” 

“An elder of the Huang Family?!” The enforcers gasped in fright.

Even Pan Yingying was stunned.

The enforcers were low-leveled employees and had no idea what had happened in the Purple Flame Sect, but they knew that the Huang Family was one of the ten strongest cultivation families in the Huaxia Alliance! An elder of the Huang Family wasn’t someone they could afford to offend!

“So what if you’re an elder of the Huang Family! Your son injured all of us! Even if you’re an elder of the Huang Family, you will be punished by the laws of the Huaxia Alliance! You will all go to jail!” Pan Yingying sneered as she pointed at Huang Xiaolong.

Her reputation after winning three Oscars was something normal people could only dream of. She knew the young masters and many families, and she even had connections to elders in the great families! For example, Zou Dexin of the Zou Family and Chu Yicheng of the Chu Family! She even knew Tan Zong, the grand elder of the Tan Family!

She was surprised by Huang Jiyuan’s identity, but she wouldn’t be afraid of him.

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When Huang Xiaolong heard that Pan Yingying was determined to cause trouble for them, he glanced at her and sighed, “Go ahead and sue me.” 

Seeing as Huang Xiaolong wasn’t taking her seriously, flames of rage burned in her heart, “Fine! You’re definitely going to jail for the rest of your life!”

“Sure. I’ll be waiting.”

Several moments later, the pilot of the plane came over and after he learned of Huang Jiyuan’s identity, he quickly contacted one of the managers of the Four Seas Company.

“What?! Huang Jiyuan?! An elder of the Huang Family?!” When Tan Hong received the call from the pilot, he jumped in fright.

The Four Seas Company belonged to the Tan Family, and Tan Hong was Tan Guanghai’s nephew! He was one of Tan Bi’s grandchildren, and he was Tan Wei’s cousin! As a direct disciple of the Tan Family, he was extremely clear about Huang Jiyuan’s identity!

How could he not know who Huang Xiaolong’s father was?!

Just one day ago, he was kneeling before the Blue Dragon Orchard with all the direct disciples of the Tan Family! They were begging Huang Xiaolong to spare their lives, and they even saw how Huang Xiaolong killed Lin Jinshan with a single gesture!

He had nearly died in fright when that happened.

Lin Jinshan was an expert at the enlightenment Realm! An old ancestor of one of the ten great families in the Huaxia Alliance was killed by Huang Xiaolong without a single word!

“Yes. The person who made the move was Huang Jiyuan’s son,” The pilot explained. “Pan Yingying wishes to sue him, and she wants to see him in jail. Do you think we should help her on the matter by capturing Huang Jiyuan’s son?”

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“Did you just say that Huang Jiyuan’s son was the one who made the move?! His son?!” Tan Hong leaped to his feet and roared into the phone, “Is his son wearing dao robes? Does he have long black hair? Is he exceptionally handsome?!”

The pilot frowned. He didn’t expect Manager Tan to know Huang Jiyuan’s son.

“Yes, that’s him. He seems to be called Huang Xiaolong or something,” The pilot replied.

Huang Xiaolong! 

Tan Hong’s legs gave way as he crumpled to the ground.

His… His Highness! 

“Manager Tan, do you know who Huang Xiaolong is?” The pilot couldn’t help but ask when he heard the commotion on the other side of the phone. After hesitating for some time, the pilot continued, “Should we capture Huang Xiaolong before we decide on what to do? Pan Yingying says that she knows your third uncle, Tan Zong.”

Tan Hong snapped back to attention when he heard what the pilot said. Jumping to his feet, a hysterical roar left his lips. “F*ck you, you son of a b*tch! Are you f*cking stupid? Are you trying to get my Tan Family killed?!” Looking at his expression, he would have choked the pilot to death if they were standing beside each other. 

The pilot gasped in shock. That was the first time he heard vulgarities spewing from Manager Tan’s mouth. Moreover, the entire sentence was filled with them! 

Moreover, he said that they would be getting the Tan Family killed!

Isn’t Manager Tan exaggerating a little?

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He might be someone working for the Four Seas Company, but he wasn’t part of the Tan Family. Regardless, he knew that the Tan Family was one of the strongest families in the Donglin Province.

The other party might be from the Huang Family, but it didn’t seem like they had enough power to destroy the Tan Family. After all, they were just elders…

“Tell me right now… Did you do anything to disrespect His Highness?” Tan Hong howled.

“His Highness?” The pilot didn’t know how to react.

“His Highness, Huang Xiaolong! Did you mess with him?!” 

“No… No, we didn’t” The pilot was curious about how he addressed Huang Xiaolong, but he replied truthfully. “When we heard that they were elders of the Huang Family, I contacted you straight away. We didn’t allow the enforcers to do anything.”

Heaving a sigh of relief, Tan Hong felt that he had crawled back from the depths of hell. Wiping the sweat from his forehead, he commanded, “Go back right now and treat everyone from the Huang Family with the utmost respect. Do you hear me?! I need to report this to my grandfather right now!”

The pilot was astonished to hear that Tan Hong was reporting the events that had happened to their old director. After all, the other party were mere elders in the Huang Family. To him, it was a minor incident.

Not to mention the fact that it had been a long time since the old director made any decisions.

Even when a great general of the Huaxia Alliance had paid a visit to the Tan Family in the past, he had heard that the old director, Tan Bi, had remained in seclusion.

With a frown on his face, he quickly returned to deal with the situation. The only difference was the look in his eyes when he looked at Huang Xiaolong and the others.

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Naturally, he wouldn’t think that Huang Xiaolong was the reason behind Tan Hong’s exaggerated reaction.

Pan Yingying snorted when she saw the pilot’s reappearance. “Have you contacted the upper management of your Four Seas Company? Hurry up and take them down!”

Ignoring her, the pilot bowed to Huang Jiyuan, “Lord Huang Jiyuan, our staff made a mistake and allowed you to suffer some discomfort. I sincerely apologize, and I hope you will forgive me. Please board the plane. The upper echelons will come to a decision soon.”

Staring at the pilot in shock, Pan Yingying didn’t understand what was going on. She snapped, “What do you mean by this?! You should be apologizing to me! I know Grand Elder Tan Zong of the Tan Family! He’s the vice director of your Four Seas Company!”


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