Chapter 3333

Chapter 3333: Plead

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Next, Huang Xiaolong took a trip down to the prison of the Purple Flame Sect, and he saved Yuan Hui. Even though Yuan Hui’s qi veins were crippled, it was nothing Huang Xiaolong couldn’t heal. With a single move, Yuan Hui returned to his peak state.

In the residence of the Tan Family…

Tan Bi felt his heart pounding as a weird feeling formed in his heart.

“Is there any news from the Purple Flame Sect?” he asked Tan Guanghai.

“Father, I got several people to head over, but there hasn’t been any videos of news from the sect.” Tan Guanghai tried to comfort the old ancestor, “Father, there’s no need to worry. Ren Qi is a Ninth Level Spirit Severing Realm expert, and his strength is more than enough to flip the heavens. There is no way Huang Xiaolong can live through this.”

Tan Bi nodded slowly.

Several minutes later, a look of joy formed on Tan Guanghai’s face. “Father, the videos are here!”

Snapping back to attention, Tan Bi chuckled, “Hurry up and play it! Let me see if Huang Xiaolong is really dead!”

As they started the video, the scene that played out around the Purple Flame Sect unfolded before their eyes. They saw Huang Xiaolong’s flying ship appear and the two of them held their breaths.

Tan Bi tightened his grip when he saw the experts of the Purple Flame Sect emerging.

As Chen Xingjian stopped Huang Xiaolong to ask him to climb the steps filled with glass, Tan Bi and Tan Guanghai were shocked to the core when Huan Xiaolong snapped Chen Xingjian’s neck before throwing him down into the mountain.

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“He… He dares to move against the patriarch of the Purple Flame Sect!”

Next, they saw how Huang Xiaolong slapped an eminent elder to death.

With their eyes widening in shock, they continued to watch the video.

As Ren Qi’s roar rang in their ears, they saw another group of experts appearing.

When they saw the strength Ren Qi revealed, an expectant look appeared on their faces. However, they were bound to be disappointed as Huang Xiaolong casually reached into the hurricane surrounding Ren Qi to drag him out.

They saw how Ren Qi dangled in mid-air as a look of fear was plastered on his face. The two of them could feel how terrified Ren Qi was through the screen!

Turing to look at each other, the two of them felt their entire bodies turning cold.

Next, Huang Xiaolong sent the eminent elders and elders of the Purple Flame Sect flying into the mountain, turning them all into meat paste.

Finally, the video turned to show Ren Qi rolling about in pain. Liu Xulong and Cao Gang were killed with a single finger, and the other two old ancestors started to climb the mountain.

The hearts of Tan Bi and Tan Guanghai froze.

“We… We are finished. The Tan Family is finished!” Tan Bi cried out. The light in his eyes extinguished.

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Jumping to his feet, Tan Guanghai exclaimed, “We.. We can get Wei’er to plead on our behalf! Doesn’t Huang Bisheng like my daughter?” 

The light in Tan Bi’s eyes reignited, and he jumped to his feet. “That’s right, that’s right! As long as Wei’er looks for Huang Datou, His Highness will definitely let us off!”

All of a sudden, Tan Guanghai froze. “An hour ago, Huang Datou came over to look for Wei’er! I stopped him and told him never to come again! I also…”

“What else did you say to him?!” Tan Bi felt his heart-stopping.

“I also told him that he’s not worthy of Wei’er… I also told him to get out of our sight. Moreover, I told him that his Huang Family will be exterminated by the Purple Flame Sect soon and to not drag our Tan Family into this.”

Tan Bi fell back into his chair. 

Once again, the sky came crashing down on him.

Tan Bi wasn’t the only one feeling it. The same scene was playing out in the Lin Family. Lin Jinshan, the old ancestor of the Lin Family slumped in his chair. As they thought that Huang Xiaolong’s death was basically set in stone, they didn’t bother going over to watch the battle. He casually glanced at the video and nearly died of fright.

In the Liu, Zou, and Chu Families, sounds of weeping could be heard all over the place.

Half a day later…

After dealing with the large powers, Huang Xiaolong returned to the Blue Dragon Orchard.

As soon as he arrived, he saw Tan Bi, Tan Guanghai, Lin Jinshan, and the old ancestor of the Liu, Zou, and Chu families kneeling at the entrance of the manor.

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When they noticed Huang Xiaolong’s return, Tan Bi was the first to cry out, “Your Highness, please spare us! We know our mistakes! On behalf of Wei’er, please spare my life!”

The others quickly kowtowed as they didn’t hesitate to slam their heads into the ground with the greatest force possible.

“Spare you guys?” Huang Xiaolong looked at them with a frosty light flashing in his eyes. “When you guys tried to swallow the Huang Family’s business in the past, I spared you once. I even helped you to enter the Enlightenment Realm. Not only did you cut all ties with the Huang Family, but you also went as far as to spread rumors that my entire family will be exterminated! Do you think I will spare your lives?!”

 Raising his hand, a ray of light shot towards Lin Jinshan’s forehead.

Widening his eyes, Lin Jinshan crumpled to the ground.

Tan Bi and the others pissed their pants in fear.

“Xiaolong, stop right now!” Huang Jiyuan, Wang Meilan, Huang Chenfei, Huang Wen, and Huang Bisheng emerged from the manor. Without a doubt, the person who stopped Huang Xiaolong was Wang Meilan.

Tan Wei was beside her, and her eyes were swollen and red. 

When Huang Xiaolong glanced at her, she avoided his gaze altogether. Holding Wang Meilan, she hid from Huang Xiaolong.

“Xiaolong, I came to know everything from Wei’er. The Tan Family might not have done the right thing, but you should leave things at that.” Looking at Lin Jinshan’s corpse, Wang Meilan frowned, “Why must you kill them? Can’t you talk to them like a reasonable person?”


Huang Xiaolong was too stunned to speak.

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“Alright, I know what to do. I’ll deal with it,” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

“Nonsense! Do you think your mother is annoying now that I stopped you from killing them all?! There are several hundred people here! Are you going to be satisfied only after killing all of them?! Do you think that you can do whatever you want now that you have become a super expert?!”

As rays of silvery moonlight fell upon the lands, Huang Xiaolong looked at the skies above from inside the Blue Dragon Orchard.

“Xiaolong, will you blame me for interfering with the members of the Tan Family?” Wang Meilan spoke as she walked towards Huang Xiaolong with Huang Jiyuan.

“Of course not.” Huang Xiaolong shook his head slightly.

Because of Wang Meilan, Huang Xiaolong didn’t kill anyone other than Lin Jinshan.

To him, none of it mattered. It didn’t matter if they lived or died.

“Oh right, I’ll contact Uncle Dingming in a bit. Shall we head over to Tokyo for a holiday?” A smile formed on Huang Xiaolong’s face.

After dealing with the Purple Flame Sect, Huang Xiaolong freed up some time to travel around with his parents.

“Alright!” Huang Jiyuan and Wang Meilan chuckled happily in response.

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