Chapter 3322

Chapter 3322: I Hate Being Interrupted

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“Huang Xiaolong probably pissed his pants before running away! Hahaha!” Wang Feiyu, a eminent elder of the Six Swords Gate, laughed.

Everyone roared with laughter, and Huang Xiaolong’s image in their eyes fell to rock bottom.

Even though Wang Zheng of the Six Swords Gate didn’t appear to watch the battle, two other eminent elders and several dozen grand elders came.

Other than the experts of the Six Swords Gate, the experts of the other factions were also present. As the Ice Palace’s stronghold was the Japanese Alliance, the Palace Master came personally when she heard that Yuan Hui was going to appear.

As for factions such as the Blade Gate, they sent over several grand elders and elders. 

The only factions who chose to remain neutral were the Divine Court Sect and the Ghost Valley.

“Old ancestor, don’t tell me Huang Xiaolong really ran away…” Ying Zhi of the Ying Family turned to Ying Tian and asked. 

“Do you think you’ll run away if you’re in his shoes?” 

Ying Zhi was taken aback, but he shook his head eventually. “Of course not. However, it’s been so long and he has yet to appear.” 

Ying Tian shook his head slowly in confusion.

“Get everyone from the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce out here!” Yagyu Hasegawa roared all of a sudden. “If he doesn’t appear, kill them all!”

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Patriarch Yagyu hesitated for a moment. “Old ancestor, there are more than a thousand civilians in the building. Are you sure you wish to kill them all?”

“So why if we kill them all?! All of them aren’t worth a fart compared to Motoichi!” Yagyu Hasegawa roared.

The faces of everyone from the Huaxia Alliance changed.

Just as Ying Tian was about to speak up, the crowd started to clamor. A figure was walking towards them, and he looked like he was strolling through the skies. Even though he seemed to be moving slowly, he appeared before everyone in several steps.

“That’s Huang Xiaolong!”

“So that’s Huang Xiaolong…”

The experts who were present quickly craned their necks to look at the newcomer. A complicated expression could be seen on their faces.

“Xiaolong!” Lu Dingming rushed out of the building when he saw that Huang Xiaolong had returned.

Nodding slightly towards Lu Dingming and the others, Huang Xiaolong’s expression turned cold as he looked at Yagyu Hasegawa and Yuan Hui.

Before Yagyu Hasegawa could say a word, Yuan Hui started talking. “Little friend Huang Xiaolong, are you from the Huang Family in the Donglin Province? I am Yuan Hui of the Purple Flame Sect.”

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Everyone was shocked as no one expected him to be so friendly.

Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help but snicker in his heart when he heard how Yuan Hui addressed him. He was several million times older than the man who called him a little friend… Whatever the case, he didn’t wish to bother with other matters as he turned to Yagyu Hasegawa. “Are you Yagyu Hasegawa?”

Those who were shocked before felt their jaws dropping in fright. Huang Xiaolong actually ignored one of the six strongest experts on Earth!

The man was the number one pill master on the planet too!

Ying Tian, Yagyu Hasegawa, and the experts of the other families were all stunned.

Yuan Hui’s expression sank almost instantly.

He didn’t even bother with the patriarchs and old ancestors who came up to talk to him previously. Now, he asked Huang Xiaolong a question but he was getting ignored!

A trace of purple flame flashed in his eyes as he narrowed them to glare at Huang Xiaolong.

Killing intent rose in his heart.

Yagyu Hasegawa looked at Yuan Hui before turning back to stare at Huang Xiaolong. He didn’t dare to speak before Yuan Hui as everyone could feel the murderous intent rolling off his body.

“Huang Xiaolong, you better get down on your knees and answer my questions now!”

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Before he could continue, Huang Xiaolong slapped him into oblivion. With a single slap, one of the six strongest experts on Earth shot out like a cannonball. He slammed into the earth somewhere in the Winding Dragon Garden.

Blood stained the grass around him red, and the entire world fell into silence.

The world seemed to stop moving that very instant.

Yagyu Hasegawa stared at Yuan Hui’s sorry figure that was struggling to get up and he felt his body freezing in place. Even the blood that was flowing through his veins turned stale.

Everyone looked at Huang Xiaolong like they were looking at some terrifying beast. It was especially so for Kuna La of the Kuna Family in the Indonesian Alliance and Eminent Elder Wang Feiyu of the Six Swords Gate.

The members of the Japanese Alliance were also trembling in their shoes.

Lu Dingming, and the other members of the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce stared at Huang Xiaolong like they were looking at a miracle happening before their eyes.

If not for the fact that everyone was rushing up to Yuan Hui to show their respect, Lu Dingming would think that the person Huang Xiaolong sent flying was an imposter!

He was one of the six strongest cultivators on earth, and he was also the number one pill refinement master! Even so, all it took was a single slap!

Ying Tian felt his heart pounding in fear when he looked at Huang Xiaolong once again. Even though he made a guess before that Huang Xiaolong was likely stronger than any of the six experts, seeing one of them beaten half to death with a single slap was a different story altogether!

“I hate it when people interrupt me when I’m talking.” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

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A chill ran down the spines of everyone present, and Yagyu Hasegawa felt as though a bolt of lightning was running through his body. He turned around to look at Huang Xiaolong, but the anger in his heart was nowhere to be found.

“I hate repeating myself too.” Huang Xiaolong continued.

Falling to his knees, Yagyu Hasegawa started to cry for mercy, “Senior Huang, you’re right! I’m Yagyu Hasegawa, and I hope you can spare my life!”

Raising a single finger, Huang Xiaolong dragged Yagyu Hasegawa into the sky. His body slammed into Yagyu Motoichi’s corpse before flying back towards Huang Xiaolong.

“I asked if you’re Yagyu Hasegawa, and there’s no need for any more nonsense.” 

Ignoring the hole in his chest, Yagyu Hasegawa nodded his head like a chicken pecking rice.

“Did you say that you would kill everyone in the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce?” Huang Xiaolong asked once again.

Raising his head slowly, a look of fear flashed in his eyes and he wanted to find an excuse for himself. However, he recalled what Huang Xiaolong said and he eventually broke down. “I… Yes I did.”

Pointing at Yagyu Hasegawa’s head, a ray of light entered the man’s brain. Miserable howls left his lips as he fell from the skies. By the time he slammed into the ground, he was tearing away at his body. Everyone who saw the scene felt the blood draining from their faces.

“Who was the one who said that I ran away while pissing my pants earlier?” Huang Xiaolong ignored Yagyu Hasegawa who was rolling about the ground in pain and turned to stare at the others standing around.

As soon as he spoke, everyone turned to look at Kuna La, Wang Zhou, and Wang Feiyu. 

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