Chapter 3321

Chapter 3321: Escaped With His Legs Shaking

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“Senior, where are the experts who came along to watch the battle? Wouldn’t that mean that the patriarchs of the various families have also arrived?” Xu Dong swept her gaze across the street and she couldn’t find anyone of their status.

The disciple of the Qingcheng Sect revealed a bitter smile. “All of them entered the blockade… Why would they be standing outside?”

The male colleagues grumbled, “That’s so unfair. Why are they allowed in when we aren’t?!”

“Unfair? There’s no such thing as that anymore. Strength rules supreme. As long as you’re strong, everything will be fair for you. You will receive endless privileges, and you can do anything you want. For now, only experts in the Nascent Soul Realm and above are allowed to enter.”

The meaning was clear. All of them could only remain outside.

“In fact, they deserve all the privileges they are getting. Anyone who can enter the Nascent Soul Realm or higher put in a lot of hard work! Their strength is the fruits of their labor…” Turning to the male colleague behind Xu Dong, the disciple sighed, “There’s no need to complain about fairness here. If you wish to be like them, work hard and become an expert at the Nascent Soul Realm.”

Xu Dong and the others lowered their heads in silence.

By the time they were done, Yagyu Hasegawa and the old ancestor of the Purple Flame Sect had already arrived.

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There were countless experts standing all around, and all of them were in the Nascent Soul Realm! There were even several Enlightenment Realm experts standing about.

All in all, there were more than seven thousand of them!

More than half the experts on earth had gathered around the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce!

When they noticed the arrival of Yagyu Hasegawa and the old ancestor of the Purple Flame Sect, the experts of every single alliance, excluding several members of the Huaxia Alliance, rushed forward to greet them.

“Senior Yuan Hui!”

“Lord Yuan Hui!”

“Senior Hasegawa!”

Those who approached cupped their fists and showed an extremely respectful attitude. It was as though they were afraid to be the last to greet them.

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Even the old ancestors and patriarchs of the great families around the world wouldn’t be able to meet experts like the old ancestor of the Purple Flame Sect ordinarily. 

 If they requested an audience with one of the six strongest cultivators on Earth, people like the old ancestor of the Purple Flame Sect would only grant them one if they were feeling good that day.

That was how mighty the six experts were! More importantly, Yuan Hui was the number one pill refinement master on Earth. Just that point alone was more than enough to make all the patriarchs and old ancestors fawn over him.

The members of the Yagyu Clan rushed towards Yagyu Hasegawa as soon as he arrived and they bowed, “Old ancestor, Senior Yuan Hui…”

They received the only reaction from Yuan Hui as he nodded slightly at them.

When the other experts saw what happened, they hastily called out to him. “Senior Yuan Hui!”

Yagyu Hasegawa stared at the members of the Yagyu Clan as his gaze slowly turned to the corpse hanging in the plaza opposite the building. It was none other than Yagyu Motoichi!

In the two days that passed, Yagyu Motoichi’s blood had run dry. Even the stains on the ground below were solid.

When everyone saw how Yagyu Hasegawa’s eyes twitched when his gaze landed on Yagyu Motoichi’s corpse, their hearts started to pound. Before the old ancestor arrived, everyone was already shocked at the fact that Yagyu Motoichi’s body was filled with the shards of the weapon he once wielded.

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That was the corpse of a Second Level Enlightenment Realm expert!

When they re-watched the footage of how Huang Xiaolong killed the man, they were even more terrified to discover that he only used a single move!

Even so, no one felt that Huang Xiaolong stood a chance against Yagyu Hasegawa.

“Why didn’t you take his corpse down?!” Yagyu Hasegawa roared in agner.

The members of the Yagyu Clan felt their legs quivering as they replied, “We… We… We can’t take it down!”

In fact, they tried many ways in order to retrieve the corpse. Despite that, nothing worked! All of them were sent flying when they touched the corpse! The more force they used to retrieve the corpse, the worse their injuries when they were sent flying away!

“What do you mean you can’t?!” Yagyu Hasegawa frowned when he heard what they said. Even Yuan Hui was stunned.

Snorting coldly, Yagyu Hasegawa appeared above the corpse. With true qi surrounding his arm, he grabbed at Yagyu Motoichi’s body.

Everyone stared at him as he made his move, but a terrifying ray of light emerged from Yagyu Motoichi’s body before slamming into Yagyu Hasegawa’s body. The impact forced him several hundred meters back before he found his footing.

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Yuan Hui was equally as shocked.

With his expression sinking, Yagyu Hasegawa roared, “Where is Huang Xiaolong?! Get out here now!”

The patriarch of the Yagyu Clan, hastily replied, “Old ancestor, Huang Xiaolong doesn’t seem to be here. According to Lu Dingming, he will be back in two days.”

“Two days? Heh, he definitely ran away!” An expert from the Indonesian Alliance snorted. The person who spoke was Kuna La, the patriarch of the Kuna Family.

In the Indonesian Alliance, the Kuna Family was an existence whose presence was akin to the heavens. They were like the Ying Family of the Huaxia Alliance, and their strength was comparable too.

“It’s no wonder he ran away. He learned that Senior Yuan Hui was coming along, and his legs probably went soft when he heard the news.” The patriarch of the Taizhen Sect, Wang Zhou, chuckled happily.

There were tons of experts who broke into laughter when they heard what he said.

Even though there were more than four hundred factions on earth, the Taizhen Sect was one of the factions that came from planets outside of Earth. They were only weaker than the six largest sects on Earth, and they were definitely stronger than the likes of the Ying Family.

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