Chapter 3320

Chapter 3320: Dead?

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The old ancestor of the Yagyu Clan, Yagyu Hasegawa, stared coldly at the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce as killing intent rose in his heart.

The expression of the Purple Flame Sect’s old ancestor couldn’t be read as he spoke, “Hasegawa, let’s go over there immediately.”

“Senior Yuan Hui, please.” Suppressing the killing intent in his heart, he spoke to Yuan Hui respectfully.

Even though he was an early-Ninth Level Enlightenment Realm expert, he was like a junior before one of the six strongest cultivators on Earth!

In fact, he was like a disciple to the old man when he decided to learn the art of pill refinement from him.

Yuan Hui wasn’t angry at all as he started to soar through the skies.

Yagyu Hasegawa remained a step behind.

As Yuan Hui looked in the direction of the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce, a weird light flashed through his eyes. The reason he came all the way to Tokyo wasn’t because of Yagyu Hasegawa. It was because he heard that Huang Xiaolong could refine the Blue Dragon Pill that would allow someone at the Ninth Level Nascent Soul Realm to enter the Enlightenment Realm!

“Blue Dragon Pill!” A burning passion ignited in Yuan Hui’s heart. If the Blue Dragon Pill was really as effective as it was, all he had to do was to get the formula of the pill from Huang Xiaolong! As one of the six strongest cultivators on Earth, that wouldn’t be too hard for him to do… 

Moreover, once he manages to get his hands on the Blue Dragon Pill, his Purple Flame Sect will definitely rise to become the number one sect in the world!

It wouldn’t take long for them to suppress everyone else to become the only overlord on Earth!

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Not to mention the fact that if the Blue Dragon Pill was effective in helping him break past the Enlightenment Realm to the Spirit Severing Realm, it would be even better…

The more he thought about it, the faster he flew towards the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce.

The two of them saw the giant building towering into the skies, and the first rays of light descended upon the Earth as dawn broke.

Looking at the building that was dyed in golden light, the killing intent in Yagyu Hasegawa’s heart surged.

The army of the Japanese Alliance had already sealed off the skies and streets around the building. If anyone wanted to pass, they could only take another route.

A manager of one of the top companies in the Huaxia Alliance, Xu Dong, arrived in the city just one day ago. It was a company trip, and she was there with other members of her department. According to their itinerary, they were supposed to have a tour of the Winding Dragon Garden beside the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce’s building. They didn’t think that they would be stopped by the army before they could approach.

“Hey, what’s going on around here? Why did the Japanese Alliance mobilize the army?” Xu Dong asked one of the disciples who stopped him.

Looking at the robes on the disciple, it wasn’t hard to see that they were members of one of the big families.

Looking at Xu Dong, he couldn’t help but explain himself after admiring her beauty, “Did you guys recently enter the city?”

“Yeah. We are from the Peng Cheng Company in the Huaxia Alliance.” Xu Dong nodded. “We came to travel around the Japanese Alliance for several days, and we wanted to tour the Winding Dragon Garden today.”

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“I see…” The youngster sighed. “You guys won't be able to enter the garden today. The entire area has been sealed off by the military. With your strength, you guys should leave this place.”

“What’s going on? Is there some type of fierce beast roaming around lately?” One of the male colleagues beside Xu Dong asked. “We’re not weak! Manager Xu Dong is at the Second Level Foundation Building Realm! We are more than capable of protecting ourselves!”

A chuckle left the disciple’s lips when he heard what the man said. He sneered, “Second Level Foundation Building Realm?” Raising his hand, a wisp of purple flame emerged.

“Golden Core Realm!” Xu Dong and the others gasped in shock. They didn’t think that a random disciple they met on the street would be an expert at the Golden Core Realm!

“Let me tell you the truth. There will be experts in the Enlightenment Realm doing battle up ahead. Even I will be running for my life when the battle breaks out later.” The young man said.

“Enlightenment… Enlightenment Realm?!” The colleagues standing behind Xu Dong yelled in shock.

For ordinary people like them, they wouldn’t be able to meet Golden Core Realm cultivators most of the time, much less experts at the Enlightenment Realm!

“Senior… Do you know who will be the ones fighting?” Xu Dong asked.

“Alright, I’ll tell you. One of them will be the old ancestor of the Yagyu Clan, Yagyu Hasegawa!”

“Old ancestor of the Yagyu Clan?!” Xu Dong and the others sucked in a cold breath. No matter how uncultured they were, they knew that the Yagyu Clan was a behemoth in the Japanese Alliance.

The old ancestor of the Yagyu Clan was one of the strongest experts on Earth!

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“Senior, what about the other one?!”

A complicated expression formed on the disciple’s face. “That… He’s someone from our Huaxia Alliance.”

“What?! Someone from the Huaxia Alliance?!”

“Could it be Senior Ying Tian?” Xu Dong couldn’t help but ask. According to her knowledge, the only person who could do battle with the old ancestor of the Yagyu Clan would be Ying Tian.

“It’s not Senior Ying Tian. The person going up against Yagyu Hasegawa is Huang Xiaolong.”

“Huang Xiaolong?!” Xu Dong and the others revealed a suspicious expression. Even though Huang Xiaolong killed two old ancestors several days ago, low level employees and personnel like Xu Dong and the others would never be able to learn about it.

“He’s the leader of the grand elders of the Huang Family.” The disciple explained again.

Staring at each other in shock, Xu Dong and the others had no idea why a grand elder of a family would pick a fight with the old ancestor of the Yagyu Clan. They knew the difference in strength between a grand elder and an old ancestor, and they felt that Huang Xiaolong had no chance of winning.

All of a sudden, Xu Dong and the others saw two figures soaring through the air towards the giant building in the distance. A horrifying aura descended on the lands and everyone felt their bodies freezing in place.

They only recovered when the two figures disappeared into the distance.

“That…” Xu Dong gasped in shock.

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“One of them is Yagyu Hasegawa!” The disciple stared in the direction of the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce with a terrified expression and his voice started to tremble. “The other.. The other person is the old ancestor of the Purple Flame Sect!”


“The old ancestor of the Purple Flame Sect came all the way here to back Yagyu Hasegawa up!”

Xu Dong and the others stared at each other silently. 

“Wouldn’t that mean that Huang Xiaolong is dead?!”

The disciple sighed. It was clear that he didn’t think that Huang Xiaolong had a high chance of winning.

“Senior… did you say that you’re also a member of the Huaxia Alliance?” 

“I’m an elder of the Qingcheng Sect.” The disciple nodded his head. “Even the experts of the Wudang Sect, Shaolin, E’mei, and the great families of the Huaxia Alliance have arrived. I heard that Ying Tian arrived yesterday!”

The battle was bound to shake the world. Not a single family of the Huaxia Alliance wished to miss the fight, and everyone rushed towards Tokyo as soon as the news reached them.

Even members of the Indonesian, Egyptian, European, Western, and African Alliances had arrived!

It went without saying that all the members of the Japanese Alliance were also present.

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