Chapter 3315: 3315

Chapter 3315: Don’t Blame Me

“Who?!” Yagyu Motoichi roared. The members of the Fierce Tiger Gang, Chen Shaozuo, and his father, Chen Kerui, trembled in their shoes.

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“Senior Motoichi, he’s a brat from the Huaxia Alliance!” Chen Shaozuo suppressed the shock in his heart and told Yagyu Motoichi everything that happened.

When they heard how Huang Xiaolong stopped Yagyu Tyrant’s fist before beating him up, Yagyu Motoichi was slightly taken aback. However, killing intent burned in his heart.

“Chinese pig!” Yagyu Motoichi roared in anger as fire spewed from his eyes. He crushed the jadestone in his hand and he snorted, “Regardless of your identity, you will have to die today! I don’t care if you’re the young master of the Ying Family!”

Even a hundred years ago, the relationship between China and Japan wasn’t great. The hostility lasted all the way through the cultivation era, and that explained the anger Yagyu Motoichi felt. Even Murasakigawa Mariot didn’t feel a thing when he called Huang Xiaolong a chinese pig.

“Where is that b*stard right now?” Yagyu Motoichi asked.

Replying with haste, Chen Kerui explained, “We tracked him all the way back to the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce’s headquarters. He’s there right now, and he seems to be the son of Lu Dingming’s old friend. They are currently hosting a banquet in his honor.

Yagyu Motoichi sneered, “Son of an old friend?! I’ll head over there myself and deal with them once and for all!”

When Chen Kerui heard what he said, wild joy filled his heart. With Yagyu Motoichi’s strength, they would be able to crush the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce!

“Don’t be too happy.” Yagyu Motoichi stared at them and snorted coldly, “You’re the reason my son’s arms are crippled. I’ll deal with you when I get back.”

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The faces of those from the Fierce Tiger Gang turned pale instantly. However, they didn’t dare to speak up as they lowered their heads in shame.

“Prepare the flying ship! I’m going over to the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce right now!” Yagyu Motoichi spoke to one of the elders behind him.

It didn’t take long for the flying ship to be prepared. With a whole bunch of grand elders and elders, Yagyu Motoichi boarded the ship before heading for the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce. As for Chen Kerui and the others, they followed obediently behind.

The movement of the Yagyu Clan shocked the great families of the Japaneses Alliance. Of course, the Ice Palace noticed their actions too.

The action of any Enlightenment Realm expert would cause the entire world to shake. Not to mention the fact that Yagyu Motoichi brought along an army of grand elders and elders along with him!

He also had the Fierce Tiger Gang following closely behind!

“Looks like Yagyu Motoichi is headed for the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce.” Murasakigawa Akira, the patriarch of the Murasakigawa Clan, muttered, “Do you think the Yagyu Clan will uproot the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce tonight?”

One of the grand elders standing behind him spoke. “I’m afraid so…”

The grand elder who spoke was called Murasakigawa Takashi, and he was Murasakigawa Mariot’s grandfather. He was a trusted aide of Murasakigawa Akira.

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Shaking his head, Murasakigawa Akira sighed, “Yagyu Motoichi is too hot headed. Is he planning on killing the entire Nanjing Chamber of Commerce in public? If he actually does something as stupid as that, the Huaxia Alliance will defintiely come down hard on him! Then that happens, even the Yagyu Clan won’t be able to protect him.”

“Eminent Elder Motoichi definitely has his reasons. Go investigate what happened.” Murasakigawa Akira ordered.

Murasakigawa Takashi managed to find out what happened in a matter of minutes.

“Oh? Yagyu Tyrant was actually crippled by a young man from Huaxia! One of his arms will never be the same again!” Murasakigawa Akira nodded slowly. “Is the young man currently residing in the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce? Hmm, this is a little too weird.”

In an instant, the powers of the Japanese Alliance turned to look at the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce.

During the banquet hosted for Huang Xiaolong, Lu Dingming asked about Huang Jiyuan. When he heard that Huang Jiyuan had already entered the Golden Core Realm, he laughed happily, “Brother Jiyuan is really lucky. Unlike this old man who is probably never going to progress again in my life, he will be able to live to a ripe old age! An old man like me will only be able to live for eight more years at most, and that’s pushing it!”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled slightly and he took out a jade bottle. Handing it over to Lu Dingming, he said, “Uncle Dingming, this is a pill I refined myself. It’s called the Blue Dragon Pill, and there are ten pills in the bottle. As long as you refine one of them, you will definitely be able to enter the Golden Core Realm.”

The members of the Lu Family stared at Huang Xiaolong in shock.

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One of the vice chairmen who was seated in the hall sneered when he heard what Huang Xiaolong said, “Our chairman bought thirty Fire Dragon Pills from the Purple Flame Sect and he still failed to enter the Golden Core Realm. Who do you think you are? Do you really think refining one of your stupid Blue Dragon Pills will allow him to break through?”

Afraid that Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t know what the Fire Dragon Pills were, he continued, “The Fire Dragon Pills were refined by the old ancestor of the Purple Flame Sect himself! Do you know who that is?! He’s the best pill refiner on Earth!”

The person who spoke was called Zhang Yu, and he was a vice chairman who was headhunted from another company. He wasn’t just good at doing business, he was also a Ninth Level Nascent Soul Realm expert. He was the strongest expert in the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce, and he had an air of arrogance around him. He had a little knowledge on pill refinement, and when he heard what Huang Xiaolong said about the Blue Dragon Pills, he couldn’t help but mock it.

Of course, he was already not happy about the fact that he was forced to welcome Huang Xiaolong along with the others. One had to know that he was an expert at the Ninth Level Nascent Soul Realm. Why would he greet a random brat?!

Huang Xiaolong glanced at him and laughed, “You’re the id*ot for being a frog in the well.”

Lu Anan and the others felt their expressions changing.

One had to know that Zhang Yu was the strongest expert there! Even the members of the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce wouldn’t dare to provoke him!

As expected, Zhang Yu roared in anger when he was insulted by Huang Xiaolong. “Brat, do you dare to repeat yourself?! Since the old chairman is here today, I’ll let it slide if you apologize by drinking a bottle of wine! Otherwise…”

“What do you think you can do to me?” Huang Xiaolong chucked in amusement.

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Seeing Zhang Yu rage, Lu Dingming got to his feet and tried to mediate the situation, “Vice Chairman Zhang, Xiaolong doesn’t know about your identity and offended you unknowingly. I will apologize on his behalf. Please let it slide.”

Zhang Yu snorted in response, “Humph. Since the old chairman spoke on your behalf, I’ll give you a chance. If you try it again, don’t blame me for ignoring the old chairman’s position!”

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