Immortal In The Magic World

Chapter 480: 480

480 Nero’s Transformation, Rapid Defeat

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The moonlight disappeared!

When the first ray of dawn shone on every city that had been ravaged.

The remaining Warlocks lowered their heads to look at the ruins of the city and the remaining Warlocks. They let out a heartfelt wail in their hearts, and they felt even more afraid.

“Fortunately, it’s over. I’m still alive!” A heavily injured Warlock lay in the ruins, looking at the corpse of his comrade not far away.

But at this moment, the ground began to tremble, and fine dust jumped up and down on the ground.

The Warlock turned his head and saw a large number of black dots appearing on the distant ground. They were the ocean-like Warlock army, and the flag was the symbol of the Bloodline Tower!

At this moment, the Warlock was enlightened, but his mood also fell to rock bottom.

“Bloodline Tower, they actually dared to attack the Heart of Abyss.”

The Warlock cursed in pain, his emotions completely collapsing.


Just as the Warlock legions were quietly occupying the cities that had been ravaged by the war.

With the help of the dawn, the first round of the Bloodline Tower’s operation and the declaration of war against the Heart of Abyss had spread in the Western Region.

In the eastern part of the Western Regions, all the forces gathered once again. However, no one was as relaxed as before. On the contrary, everyone’s faces were extremely ugly.

“In one night, 361 cities have fallen, and they have officially declared war on the Heart of the Abyss!” The old man in the lead gritted his teeth in disbelief!

When the others heard this number, they also trembled. Then, they lowered their heads again, and their bodies trembled slightly.

“The purpose of me gathering everyone here is also very clear. It is to discuss what we should do next.” The old Warlock spoke again.

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“Sir, what can we do? You must have received the news yesterday.” A Warlock raised his head and said bitterly.

Hearing the Warlock’s words, the others slowly spoke.

“That’s right. I’ve never seen those things before. It’s f * cking ridiculous. I was in that city at that time. F * ck, when those airships landed, our people couldn’t even resist.”

“I agree. The flying Magical Beast Army won’t even be able to fight back. They’re on completely different levels.”

“That’s too ridiculous. It’s a technique of the Mages!”

The Warlocks talked about the information they had received, which made everyone’s mood drop again and again.

According to the intelligence, with the support of the powerful airships, it was really difficult for them to do anything to the powerful Bloodline Tower unless it was a celestial Warlock.

“However, everyone should go back and prepare. This war will probably last for a long time.” The old man spoke again and comforted everyone.

Everyone nodded when they heard that.

That was true. Although the situation was not good, no one thought that they would lose. It was just that the price might be tragic. They had to wait for news from the Heart of the Abyss.


“What is it? 361 cities fell overnight!”


“Elo even declared war on us!”
In a meeting room in the City of Dawn, he roared angrily. His eyes looked like he wanted to eat someone alive.

Everyone present was from the upper echelons of Abyss Heart, but no one dared to speak at this moment. Even a few half-step fifth circle people who had been upgraded lowered their heads silently.

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After a few minutes of anger, Nero poured out all his vulgarities.

After more than ten seconds, he stopped and gritted his teeth. “If that’s the case, then let’s kill them until they bleed for a thousand miles. If Eli wants to fight, then let’s show him our power.

“Coincidentally, the Western Regions also needed a unified force.”

Darkness and bloodlust flashed in Nero’s eyes. Although he was angry, he was also excited.

Everyone was not surprised to hear Nero’s words. After all, this was Nero.

However, there was also someone who raised an opinion. It was the minister in charge of intelligence. He reminded in a low voice, “Sir, according to our current intelligence, the Bloodline Tower’s airship army is completely crushing our Magical Beast Army. Moreover, the combat strength of the Bloodline Tower’s middle and lower troops is not inferior to ours!”

However, Nero’s mind was filled with the secret benefits that the war would bring him. He just waved his hand and said, “That’s because they sneaked up on us like cowards. But now we’ll not lose!”

The Intelligence Minister wanted to retort, but when he saw Nero’s eyes and the excited expressions of the half-step fifth circle lords, he lowered his head silently.

These lords were too confident. Even if they won in the end, they would definitely not feel good!


Not only this place but all the other factions also received a response.

Golden Cicada Merchant Association!

Jin Ji’s eyes lit up. Ignoring his subordinates ‘objections, he waved his hand and said, “Secretly send 3,000,000 Magic Stones to the Bloodline Tower. Since Eli wants to fight, I naturally have to express my support.”

Charm Mansion.

Liliana ordered her subordinates to investigate and share the information with the Bloodline Tower.

The Central Region.

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The Hamis family also received the news.

” Wait!” The patriarch frowned. “The Bloodline Tower will definitely lose. We have to insert ourselves at the right time and then enter the Western Region. We have to be clever!”

Everyone had different reactions. Even the Golden Cicada Merchant Association and the Charm Mansion only dared to support them in secret. Although many other forces were shocked by the first round, they undoubtedly sided with the Heart of the Abyss in the end.

Even if it was temporarily damaged, no one doubted the combat power of the Heart of Abyss.

Moreover, there was another very important thing, which was that Eli had yet to fight against a half-step fifth-circle warlock. This was also an important reason why everyone was not optimistic about him.

Many people even thought that this was just a futile resistance. Eli would eventually lose. Perhaps Eli would even initiate a negotiation soon.

At this moment, Eli was issuing the second order in the meeting.

” Start the second round of attack.”


Time slowly passed.

The army of the Heart of the Abyss quickly gathered, and hundreds of battlefields were instantly ignited.

To everyone’s surprise, when the airship troop arrived, even the large Magical Beast Army found it hard to resist. The sky was almost occupied by the Bloodline Tower.

There was no doubt about the importance of aerial support, not to mention the airship army with powerful firepower. When the war arrived, everyone realized that the Warlocks of the Bloodline Tower were all equipped with mage Tools and Magic Potions.

This caused the two sides, whose basic strength was almost the same, to be in a one-sided situation. The Heart of the Abyss was rapidly defeated at a speed that no one expected.

In just a week, hundreds of cities were defeated again.

“Ahhhhh, how could this be!” In the City of Dawn, Nero looked at the battle report of the past week angrily. His gaze was about to kill the Intelligence Minister.

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“Sir, it seems that the Bloodline Tower has already surpassed us in terms of strength. Even if they are only at the celestial level, the Bloodline Tower that occupies half of the Western Regions is not inferior to us.” The Intelligence Minister was sweating profusely, and he was also a little dumbfounded.

He thought that he had overestimated the Bloodline Tower’s combat power. However, when he was on the battlefield, he realized that they had underestimated the Bloodline Tower. Mage Tools, airships, and magic potions were powerful buffs. They completely suppressed their army!

This kind of war situation also made everyone feel dumbfounded.

This was because they had never encountered such an enemy before, nor had they fought such a war.

A little too advanced?

They were unable to resist for a moment.

At this moment, they finally felt the fear of their former enemies.

What were they facing?

Nero’s mouth twitched, and a lazy voice sounded in his mind. “I’ve faced the Mage army before. Their combat power is at the top, even in the Multiverse. Even if it’s just a weakened version, the Warlock army is no match for them. Send out high-end combat power.”

Hearing the demon’s warning in his mind, Nero calmed down, but he also felt a wave of pain. So in the eyes of demons, Warlocks were even inferior to mages? Even the weakened version of the mages?

What a blow!

He paused for more than ten seconds before he sighed. He felt powerless and said,

“Let Soran go to the front of the battlefield first.

“Let these guys see what a half-step fifth circle soul master is and why my Heart of Abyss can intimidate other factions. We’ll aim for the heads of the enemy.

“We need a big victory.”

Nero gritted his teeth and said the last few words.

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