An Jiu asked Luo Shuyu: "Master, there are more and more people gathering outside, should we arrest them?"

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    Luo Shuyu shook his head: "No, they are all being used as a pawn by others. Those people spreading rumors and causing trouble in this crucial moment, the purpose is to make us confused and disordered, and as for who the mastermind is, someone will jump out and uphold justice after the matter is fermented."

    An Jiu was not stupid, he suddenly understood what Luo Shuyu's purpose. If he didn't go out now, he must be waiting for the other party to be anxious. There would always be someone more anxious than them.

    Of course, Luo Shuyu was also anxious to know Li Mingjin's whereabouts, but it was useless to be anxious. He didn't have the ability to go to the front line to find him, so he could only wait in the rear.

    After a while, Governor Zhu who heard about this matter hurriedly rushed to the third prince's mansion to disperse the common people who was making trouble at the gate.

    An Jiu secretly gave the third imperial concubine a thumb up in his heart: "Master, you are really good at predicting things."

    Luo Shuyu said: "Don't flatter me, ask someone to invite Governor Zhu in, he is now representing Gucheng. "

    An Jiu immediately understood what the other party meant: "The little one will send someone to invite him right away."

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    Governor Zhu endured it for nearly half a year, and only now did he make a small move. It could be seen that his plan was not small. In order to achieve his goal, even the lives of the third prince and the soldiers could be involved, so it could be seen that his plan was not small.

     Governor Zhu, who hadn't seen him for a long time, was invited to the main hall by Luo Shuyu.

    Governor Zhu still had dark skin, and he looked sincere and considerate, amiability makes you rich.
[和气生财 hé qì shēng cái: amiability makes you rich(idiom), treating people kindly can attract wealth and treasure]

    In the past, when he saw Li Mingjin and Luo Shuyu, he had an attitude of being at their disposal, but today he showed a little more imperceptible pride.

    Luo Shuyu habitually observed his expressions. The knowledge from the book was really useful. People had micro-expressions. You could see the person's psychological state through the subtle expressions.

    Governor Zhu pretended to be worried and uneasy, but his subconscious actions at this moment betrayed his frame of mind.

    Luo Shuyu felt that he was too fake. Could it be because he thought he had planned in advance to frame Li Mingjin and destroy his reputation?

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    Presumably Governor Zhu also knew something.

    Before Li Mingjin went to the battlefield, he had mentioned to him that he must pay attention to Governor Zhu. Now it seemed that he was right. Governor Zhu was waiting for an opportunity, not dormant. Only when Li Mingjin left Gucheng he would have the opportunity to show his talents.

    Presumably he also had plans on the battlefield.

    But how many of them were involved?

    Governor Zhu pretended to be benevolent and righteous: "Please don't be too sad, the third imperial concubine, the third highness will return safely."

    Luo Shuyu's face was not very good. He didn't eat well or sleep well because of his lack of Lǐ Mingjin's news recently. He also deliberately asked Qingwang to put some white powder on his face to make him look haggard, and let Governor Zhu see it on purpose.

    In this way, he would believe that Li Mingjin wouldn't come back again, so that he could report the good news to his master behind the scenes.

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    How to catch this big fish?

    Luo Shuyu sighed and said: "Thank you, Governor Zhu, for coming to help in person. If you didn't come forward, I don't know how long I have been in trouble, and I don't know if His Highness can still..."

    As he spoke, Luo Shuyu pressed the corners of his eyes with a handkerchief, making a very sad expression.

    Governor Zhu felt pity for the beauty in his heart, the third prince was destined not to come back, tsk tsk tsk, it was useless to be sad.

    Governor Zhu lowered his head and said: "The Third Imperial Concubine, please don't worry, I will definitely not let anyone bother you anymore. Please stay at home and wait for the good news of His Highness's return."

    Luo Shuyu: "Then, thank you for your trouble, Governor Zhu."

    After he finished speaking, he went back to the backyard with sorrow, and Governor Zhu didn't stay any longer.

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    After he left, An Jiu followed behind Luo Shuyu: "Master, General Wei sent someone to send a message."

    Luo Shuyu asked, "What did he say?"

    An Jiu: "It was Governor who sent people to our mansion to cause trouble. He asked if you want to arrest him."

    Luo Shuyu shook his head: "Not for now, wait for His Highness to come back and deal with it, as for now just stare at him."

    However, someone managed to escape, but he didn't foolishly run out to pledge.

    That night, in the extremely hot north, a group of people were crawling on the ground, waiting for the best time to attack.

    Among them, the leader pushed the dirty hat on his head, thinking: his wife must be crying very sad now, how should he explain it when he went back later? He didn't want to sleep on the couch.

The author has something to say: The Thrd prince: Wife, today you are the leader of the enemy country, and you fight with me all night. You always want to overwhelm me, but no, I'm laogong after all.
Luo Shuyu: ...

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