If the one who planned all this was an enemy, then it might have taken root for a long time, and they must find out. But, if it was Daxia's people, then the lost of the officers and soldiers was their credit, and this account must be settled.

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    Even though he had read the book, but the fourth prince never experienced such predicament, so currently he still had no solution.

    The Fourth prince fought against the Wei family, and the Wei family didn't follow his command in the early days, so it was impossible for him to go to the battlefield. Li Mingchun himself cherished his life. If it was not necessary to motivate the soldiers all the times, he wouldn't appear on the front line at all. Basically he would sit in the rear, and he would take the initiative to go to the battlefield two years later. At this time, he and Shen Mingyun tried to win the hearts of other generals, and only dared to fight when they could protect themselves.

    Due to his carefulness, he didn't get trapped by the enemy's army during this process.

    Luo Shuyu believed that Li Mingjin would be fine, and he would come back safely!

    At this time, Wei Linyuan, who received Luo Shuyu's message, immediately monitored the five escaped soldiers, and he also inquired while appeasing them alone.

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    Sure enough, he found some clues among the few people. After he asked some questions repeatedly, he found that their caliber was completely unified, there were no difference, from their answers when they were questioned for the first time and now, even the words were the same.

    Under the tense situation at that time, how could all five people answer with the same content? There must be some differences in the content of the answer due to nervousness and other emotions, but their answers were too uniform.

    These five people answered the questions with one track path .
[统一口径 tǒng yī kǒu jìng: lit. one-track path; fig. to adopt a unified approach to discussing an issue]

    After interrogation, one of them, who was relatively coward, couldn't support himself and confessed.

    After Wei Linyuan got the answer, he was so angry that he wanted to beat them all to death.

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    If it wasn't for the carefulness of the third imperial concubine, who could find out the doubts after listening to a few words, they probably still thought that the situation ahead was like these five people said, and the people behind the scenes were very sure that their generals were not careful enough.

    Fortunately, the third imperial concubine was not an ordinary person, and Wei Linyuan was also glad that he had sent reinforcements.

    The matter was more troublesome than they imagined. Li Mingjin was framed by someone, and this person was their colleague. As for it was true or not, they still had no evidence. If that person really bit indiscriminately and accused a good person wrongly, then the gains didn't make up for the losses.
[得不偿失 dé bù cháng shī: the gains do not make up for the losses (idiom)]

    The most important thing right now was to rescue the third prince first, he hoped that they were all right.

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    After much deliberation, Wei Linyuan felt that it was possible that Wei Linmu had been used as a gun. He had been in contact with the third prince for a few days and knew him as a human being. Similarly, he knew his younger brother better. If anyone made a mistake, it might really be his brother who committed the crime first.

    Despite the torment in his heart, Wei Linyuan still followed Li Mingjin's original proposal, no matter what happened, he must stay in the barracks and guard the city.

    Luo Shuyu, who could only stay in the mansion to wait for the news and couldn't go anywhere, was more tormented than Wei Linyuan. Li Mingjin wouldn't tell him the battle plans in order to keep them secret, and he also wouldn't ask too much. After all, it related to the entire army. He himself was afraid of accidentally blurting it out.

    Two days later, the whereabouts of Li Mingjin and others were still unknown. General Wei Linyuan also sent a rescue team, but the news came back and said that they couldn't find any trace of the third prince and others.

    However, someone in the city suddenly made trouble, and many family members of the disappeared soldiers ran to the gate of the Third Prince's Mansion to ask Luo Shuyu to give them justice. If the Third Prince hadn't been greedy for meritorious deeds, their families wouldn't have fallen into the enemy's trap, and none of them would survive.

    Luo Shuyu was protected in the mansion, and the bodyguards and dark guards left by Li Mingjin were firmly guarding the mansion, but there were still many people rushing towards the third prince's mansion.

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    It could be seen that this matter was premeditated.

    Luo Shuyu also saw in the book that Shen Mingyun was framed by his opponents when doing business. When someone denounced him, he jumped out and yelled a long string of words, and then made a promise to appease the anger of the customers who were being used.

    Shen Mingyun would do this because he used a prop from the system before yelling, but he didn't, and he didn't need to run out stupidly to argue with those unreasonable people.

    There had been so many soldiers who lost their lives in the past, why this kind of thing never happened before, but now it was obviously aimed at Li Mingjin.

    Luo Shuyu was not stupid.

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