After the news of Li Mingjin's disappearance came, Luo Shuyu almost lost his mind. What he had been worrying for a long time still came.

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    What should he do now?

    He couldn't lose Li Mingjin.

    Luo Shuyu calmed down, originally he wanted to immediately take the bodyguards and dark guards left by Li Mingjin to the barracks to find someone to ask what happened, but he finally chose to endure it.

    He couldn't mess up by himself, he had to trust Li Mingjin.

    According to what he knew about Li Mingjin, it was impossible for him not to listen to the military adviser. Li Mingjin wouldn't be ignorant of the truth that they shouldn't chase after the cornered enemy. The two of them had discussed this issue before.

    But what happened?

    After being reborn, Luo Shuyu still understood Li Mingjin's personality. He was not the kind of aggressive person, so there must be a reason for this.

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    Luo Shuyu calmed down, and he asked An Jiu who came back to report: "Where are the soldiers who came back? How many are there?"

     An Jiu said: "They are in the barracks now, five of them have come back."

    Luo Shuyu: "Since they ran away, how did they describe the situation until they came back?"

    An Jiu explained the information he found in detail: "They said that His Highness refused to listen to the dissuasion of the military adviser and other generals, and insisted on dragging General Wei into the enemy's barracks. The generals and soldiers were trapped in a predicament, and finally they could escape with great difficulty, and they don't know whether His Highness was captured by the enemy or..." died under the enemy's spear.

    Why didn't Li Mingjin listen to the advice of the military adviser? Pulling General Wei to charge into the enemy's barracks?

    Luo Shuyu felt that there must be something wrong with these two points, these two were strange.

    Luo Shuyu asked An Jiu: "Since everyone was trapped, how did they escape? Can you tell me?"

    An Jiu: "The five people said that they were in charge of transporting food and herbs on weekdays, because they didn't go to the front line and only stayed in the rear, they could escape by chance."

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    Luo Shuyu: "How could there be only five people for transporting food and herbs? What about the others?"

    An Jiu: "According to what they said, the others couldn't escape and died. The little one didn't listen too carefully to the other details, and the little one came back to report to Your Highness as soon as the little one heard something happened to His Highness. "He admired the calmness of the third imperial concubine very much, and he could analyze the flaws in the words of these people.

    Luo Shuyu said: "Your Highness is not that kind of reckless person, he won't joke around about the lives of soldiers, if there is no unnecessary reason, he definitely won't make such a low-level mistake."

    An Jiu: "I understand, now, I will go back to the barracks immediately and ask about the situation of those five people, and make them tell the truth."

    Many people probably didn't want to try the dark guard's method.

    Luo Shuyu said: "Don't startle the snake, first look at the attitude of the other generals, and if those five people have someone to protect them, find out."

     An Jiu: "Yes, the little one is going to prepare now."

     Luo Shuyu asked again: "Can someone send troops to look for His Highness now?"

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    An Jiu was also worried: "Yes, General Wei sent people to look for His Highness as soon as he heard the report from the front line, but the little one don't know if there will be enough time."

    Luo Shuyu went to the study and found the map that Li Mingjin put inside. There was the small flag he marked before.

     He found the place where Li Mingjin disappeared, and compared the surrounding of geographical locations. If he was trapped in predicament, could he return another way?

     Anjiu didn't know what Luo Shuyu was looking at, but he thought that the third imperial concubine was too powerful, he could even read maps.

    Luo Shuyu looked at a few points and pondered for a while. If he followed Li Mingjin's thinking, he definitely wouldn't have only one plan. What was more, there was Chen Rong beside him. Both of them were not reckless people, if it was them, how should they deal with the sudden incident?

     Why was there General Wei involved in it?

     These five people had problems.

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    Luo Shuyu looked at the map for a while, and said to An Jiu: "Go and check the background of these five soldiers first, who the generals they have served in the past. His Highness will be fine, he leads elite soldiers and has quite a lot of combat experience. General Wei is not as good as his elder brother, however he should be able to handle one or two. "

    An Jiu: "Yes."

    Luo Shuyu: "Pass on my next words to General Wei Linyuan, don't let others see, pass it on secretly. "

     In the previous life, Li Mingjin was framed by letters, so after Luo Shuyu thought about it for a while, he couldn't easily pass letters to people now, otherwise, if he was designed by someone with a heart, it would be hard to explain at that time. Now was a critical period, and he couldn't make trouble for Li Mingjin. At least at this time, he wanted to be his backbone, and set his mind at ease.

    After a few months, Luo Shuyu was sure that he and Li Mingjin had a certain influence in Gucheng. , Although they wouldn't reach the level of the old general Wei's formidable, but at least they still had some influence, not to run away and not to mess up was the best way to deal with Gucheng.

    Who would frame Li Mingjin at this time?

    Who kicked Old General Wei back to Gucheng before and asked him to hand over his military power?

    Was it the enemy or one of their own people who planned all this?

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