I’m Really Not The Demon God’s Lackey

Chapter 398: The Night Elves' Plan

"Since long ago, we've always believed that the Broodmother was this world's ruler of fate and the fabricator of the night elves' future," Stephanie articulated calmly.

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"I've worshiped her from when I was little, and as long as we maintain our love, reverence for her, and believe in her original intentions, we would be able to fulfill our wishes and breathe new life into our clan."


Broodmother Sandalphon, once a core member of the Path of the Flaming Sword and master of weaving fate, had eventually met such a ridiculous fate.

Stephanie didn't laugh out loud when she thought about it, but she felt that this event was rather ironic.

While she believed in the Broodmother, she was even more inclined to believe in the workings of fate.

Wasn't the weaver of fate that fell into fate's bindings also a form of fate?

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Stephanie was seated within a small and gloomy tree house. She had a pair of violet eyes on her delicate face and a silver curl that draped her back like a white clock. Pointed ears indicated her elfin identity, but her dark skin revealed a night-like ominousness.

Night elves had never been favored by light.

She gazed at the interior of this treehouse. It wasn't too big and seemed more like a tavern. Although space was limited, there were currently more than ten people inside, either sitting or standing around.

There were many taverns like this in the Village of Dark Night, but this particular one was destined to be different.

And the young and beautiful Stephanie had been the convener of this gathering.

These people summoned by her were here for a meeting that would change the Village of Dark Night.

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Ever since Sandalphon died in the battle against the moonlight, the Village of Dark Night had become a godless land.

Most of the Broodmother's fanatical believers had already crumbled and split. Only a few scattered members lingered, still stubbornly searching for evidence that the Master of Fate hadn't yet died, or... a new hope.

There weren't many members left, but they were still a powerful force and were led by Stephanie, the young 'Spider Woman.'

They needed to find a new path ahead for night elves.

Stephanie didn't tell everyone what her plans for the future were right away. Instead, she recounted about how the Village of Dark Night led by the Broodmother was like from her memories when she was still a young girl.

"Lady Stephanie—" a rather aged night elf interjected. His voice was hoarse, his skin dark and wrinkled, yet he held Stephanie in unparalleled respect and couldn't bear to look directly at her. "This is a disrespectful thing to say, but the great Broodmother has already left us. We cannot dwell on the past forever."

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Stephanie put down the glass of red wine she was holding, revealing the sorrow in her eyes. However, there wasn't any hint of mockery in her heart as she sighed, "You are right, Lil Darby. I really mustn't be like this."

"Yes, you are now the leader of the dark elves. The futures of all of us are in your hands," the old dark elf who had been addressed as Lil Darby said hoarsely.

"Mm, even if the Broodmother has utterly given up on the Village of Dark Night, we can't give up on ourselves. We have to rely on our own two hands to fight for a greater future," said Stephanie as her dark violet eyes scanned the audience.

"On the bright side, at least..." Stephanie went on, "we no longer have to work for the Path of the Flaming Sword any more, am I right?"

'But… the Broodmother said..."

"If not for the Path of the Flaming Sword, then what should we do now?"

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"That's right. Without the Path of the Flaming Sword to rely on, once the Central District discovers our movements..."

Worried chatter spouted in the tavern the moment Stephanie said her last sentence.

"Even the Broodmother is gone, so what can the Path of the Flaming Sword do? From now on, we can no longer allow ourselves to be the pawns of others. Every step we take must be for ourselves..." Stephanie whispered softly, "The Broodmother's death comes at the worst time for us, but it's also the best time.

"From now forth, the road to the Lower District that was excavated for the Path of the Flaming Sword completely belongs to us. The Ash Chamber of Commerce can no longer order us around but listen to us instead. This is a great opportunity for us."

Stephanie raised her hand and revealed a slight smile. Beneath the dim light, her dark violet eyes shone with ambition. "As long as we control all the resources in the Lower District, we can fully replace the Truth Union and Rolle Resource. Even the Central District is nothing to fear. Do you all get it?

"Right now, the ones that control all transcendent objects and resources are us!" Stephanie's smile broke into a grin.

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