Chapter 393: Reach A Consensus

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Mu'en shut her eyes, and when she opened them again, a familiar scene of a vast and calm water surface appeared before her. Compared to before, Mu'en could now enter this dream realm at will.

Ripples spread out under her feet as she treaded lightly on the surface. With her as the center, these ripples expanded continuously, finally disappearing at the point where sky and water met.

At this moment, it seemed like Mu'en was traversing the night sky.

She raised her hand slowly, and an annulus appeared in front of her. "Eternal Sun, Vincent, follow the path of this dream realm and come to me."

Mu'en's voice echoed in the dream, ethereal and strangely pleasant.

As soon as she said that, this dream realm that was like the night sky began to slowly heat up. The calm mirror-like water surface beneath Mu'en's feet started to crumble, gradually wrinkling the night sky and causing the stars reflected on the water's surface to shatter.

In the distant place where water met sky, an incomparably blistering ball of fire slowly rose like the sun. Mu'en eyed the ball of fire indifferently, unable to feel its heat as if it was being swallowed by the formless night sky.

Inside Walpurgis' dream realm, even the harsh sun was as docile as a young child.

"Master of the Night, Eternal Moonlight, Lady Mu'en—Vincent has heard your beckon and come."

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The giant blazing ball of fire let out a voice that didn't sound human, but its tone was gentle and steady.

Mu'en's fair and cold face was dyed a faint reddish-gold by the giant ball of fire. This was a massive ball of fire with an ugly black spot on its mottled dark orange surface and a huge pillar of fire spun at its edge.

This huge sunspot moved gradually, sometimes becoming larger while other times shrinking till it was nearly gone.

Around this sun-like ball of fire were thousands of small fireballs, each several dozen meters wide, forming an imposing and jaw-dropping image.

In comparison, Mu'en's figure was so minute it was almost insignificant.

"Pope Vincent, I have come to tell you something," Mu'en looked at the bright sun and said solemnly. "Boss Lin has assigned a new mission."

The massive ball of flame trembled slightly when Boss Lin's name was said. Then the thousands of fireballs around it descended simultaneously as if they were bowing and listening.

Mu'en continued, "Boss Lin wishes to open a branch in the Central District with me managing it. This is to increase the number of believers and officially enter the Central District to announce his arrival to the true upper-class rulers of Norzin."

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Vincent listened to Mu'en's message. Upon hearing about the intent to open a branch, his body suddenly shuddered.

"Finally… it's about time."

Opening a branch meant delegating power. Mu'en would be able to make her own decisions on certain things, and it also implied that the Sun's Faith would have more freedom to do more things without having to be afraid.

After a brief pause, Vincent bemoaned, "The Sun's Faith hasn't done well enough. If I had worked harder, Boss Lin wouldn't have to worry about the matter of believers."

"No, the Sun's Faith has only just been established and you've already worked hard, not to mention that you've done very well." Mu'en offered her solace, then frowned and tilted her head as if in thought. "There's more than enough followers that have appeared because of your preaching. The Sun's Faith is now the undisputed number one religion in Norzin. However, Boss Lin wishes to have more followers that like to read..."

Mu'en face lit up. "Or rather... He isn't dissatisfied with the quantity, I think?"

She mulled for a moment before continuing, "Boss Lin told me that some people don't really like books but think that reading can help them find a good path. On the other hand, Boss Lin loves books not for the benefits but because he purely likes to read them.

"He also said, 'books hold a gold house, books hold color like jade.' But to be honest, I still don't really understand this phrase." (T/L Note: Color like jade is a literal translation for 颜如玉, the name of a beauty from Nineteen Old Poems, and basically refers to a young beautiful lady. The entire phrase is a saying from ancient Chinese times which roughly means studying is a path to success that can bring you riches and a beautiful wife.)

Mu'en delved into her memories, recalling all the chicken soup of the soul that Boss Lin had doled out to her previously. She often chatted with Lin Jie, and he was like a father to her, one that guided and protected her.

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While she had inherited the power and memories of Walpurgis, becoming the new ruler of the night, her mind was still that of an ordinary homunculus. This was especially evident whenever she listened to Lin Jie's teachings where she could clearly discern between the latter's erudition and her own shallowness. There were always some words and sayings she couldn't understand, and thus only memorized and tried to figure it out.

Vincent silently recited this phrase, and after mulling for a moment, he said, "Lady Mu'en, I might have some thoughts about these words, but they might sound immature."

"Go ahead." Mu'en nodded.

"Boss Lin probably reckons that the current me and other increasing believers aren't pure enough, nor have morals that are righteous enough. They aren't true book lovers but rather people who think Boss Lin's books can benefit them.

"Boss Lin needs people who are pure."

Mu'en blinked several times.

"Just gaining more believers is something that I can do, but getting believers that are pure is really difficult. Moreover, most just treat Boss Lin's books as 'gold houses' and 'colors like jade,' blindly seeking after them and do not truly believe." Vincent came to such a conclusion after careful consideration.

"Mm... You're right." Mu'en nodded pensively.

"If that's the case, we've also found the reason why Boss Lin arranged for Joseph and Wilde to fight," added Vincent solemnly.

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"…Could it be to verify whether Norzin's transcendent beings have pure and righteous characters?" Mu'en seemed to have been enlightened. "Indeed, Boss' plans are all far-sighted."

"Yes, that's right, but Boss Lin must surely be dissatisfied with the result. Otherwise, he wouldn't be opening a new branch."

The blazing ball of fire emitted an intense heat as a high heat and breathed in a low voice. "These mortals have disappointed Boss Lin."

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"Only greed and individual benefits exist in the hearts of these people, some even having the intention of making use of Boss Lin. In their eyes, there's no difference between good and evil. Such beings have no right to live in this world, so how can they even hope to achieve Boss Lin's favor?

"I understand what Boss Lin means."

Vincent's giant ball of fire blazed even more intensely, illuminating the entire night dreamscape and making it appear as if it was daytime. Rapt fanaticism gradually crept into his voice as he went on, "What the Sun's Faith needs to do is help share Boss Lin's burden. Boss Lin doesn't need people who are impure. It's time to cleanse this world to achieve this pure goal."

"Boss Lin will guide Norzin and remove all that is excess. Those that aren't pure enough should disappear," Mu'en chimed in indifferently. "A withered tree branch must be cut off or it will absorb nutrients from the main trunk in the future.... Boss Lin needs people who are helpful to him and not this vermin."

The thousands of fireballs around Vincent rose into the air, vibrating excitedly after having reached a consensus. "And we will become the blade in Boss Lin's hands."

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