Chapter 392: Opening A Branch     

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Ji Zhixiu's voice over the communications device was slightly distorted, but the respect in her tone was evident as ever.

From the way she had immediately picked up Lin Jie's call, it was clear that she didn't dare be negligent.

Ah, do it for me... Regardless of whether it was previously or now, Lin Jie felt that Ji Zhixiu was being overly respectful toward him. How that could be explained by his previous actions which had made the young Miss Ji somewhat dependent on him.

However, now with all signed a contract to be partners, there shouldn't be any need to be accommodating to this extent, right? During our negotiations, Ji Bonong didn't even seem to have any reservations and gave in right away...

Lin Jie was somewhat baffled, but the benefits he got were real and true.

Lin Jie did have some guesses when he recalled how Ji Zhixiu hadn't shown much emotion at the Fred Family's undoing at the banquet. However, since Ji Zhixiu didn't say anything, he would just maintain a tacit understanding.

Search for the original.

"Nothing much." Lin Jie chuckled. "I just saw on TV that Area A where you guys are at... and the Truth Union's periodic subsidence... I was just wondering if you guys were affected?"

He felt like laughing no matter how many times he read the professional term, 'periodic subsidence.'

Is this really not a term used by experts to fool common folk? The Truth Union wouldn't be experimenting on some secret weapon, would they...?

Ji Zhixiu could hear the humor in Lin Jie's words and told herself that Boss Lin probably felt terms like 'Secret Rite Tower' and 'Truth Union' were being ridiculous... To think they could come up with a term like 'periodic subsidence.'

Speaking of which, since he was asking about the situation, and the Truth Union was—or used to be—the greatest auxiliary of the central administration, Boss Lin was probably worried about whether there would be any danger after Rolle Resource officially fell out with the central administration.

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Ji Zhixiu replied softly, "Thank you for your concern. For the time being, we're safe and there isn't much danger. The only problem is that we're a little understaffed. However, I've already made contact with the Truth Union and I believe the matter will be resolved soon."

...Her upcoming plan to 'become a race' required large quantities of 'people.' And the Truth Union's homunculus project was key.

"That's good." Lin Jie touched his chin. Understaffed? And she's contacted the Truth Union. Could it really be a geological problem that required professional academics to discuss and solve?

"The Truth Union is professional enough. I still believe in... their skills."

After all, they even had prosthetics and limb regeneration technology. Even if the Truth Union's studies were somewhat skewed, they were definitely at the forefront of Norzin. It would truly be troublesome if they couldn't do anything.

"Having your trust is more than enough," said Ji Zhixiu with a bright smile on her face. "By the way, Boss Lin, the mansion I've prepared for you previously can be transferred to your name at any time."

Lin Jie was surprised. "I didn't expect you to still keep it."

"Of course, I wouldn't dare disobey Boss Lin's instructions," said Ji Zhixiu sincerely.

"Oh... That's fine. I previously had the thought of opening a branch in the Central District and let Mu'en run it. In the three days I was away, Mu'en managed the bookstore very well on her own. I think she's capable enough to take charge."

That's right. The reason he left the bookstore for three days was to test Mu'en's ability.

But, of course, his main reason was to freeload...

Ji Zhixiu's heart skipped a beat. Did Boss Lin mean to enter the Central District?!

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Because of their 'uprising,' the Central District would definitely fall into chaos. Having an assistant who was simultaneously related to the Truth Union and Sun's Faith open a branch there meant...

Ji Zhixiu sucked in a deep breath and said, "I'll transfer ownership of the Fred Family's mansion to you immediately. As long as you need it, you can get anyone to take over it at any time."

"Alright, thank you, Miss Ji."

"It's my honor to provide you with even the tiniest bit of help."

Lin Jie hung up the communications device and was in a good mood. How could he not be happy?

This was a gold-tier villa in the Central District for free!

With some renovations, this would be a courtyard house in the capital. He would make a killing!

Lin Jie stood up with his hands to his back and leisurely went looking for Mu'en, the latter making milk tea next door.

The girl was expressionless as usual, her inky black eyes like bottomless pools of water. Her skin was fair, and beneath the warm light of the book cafe, faint hairs on her body were slightly discernible. She mixed the milk and tea bag together and closed the lid. Then, she raised the shaker and shook hard, forming a beautiful arc with her arm.

Her movements were practiced and her attitude serious.

"Ahem," Lin Jie cleared his throat, attracting Mu'en's attention, and she tilted her head over immediately.

"Boss... Do you have any orders?"

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The ice cold girl's expression suddenly became lively. She hurriedly put down whatever she was doing and stood there obediently like a primary school student standing at attention.

Orders here, order there... Lin Jie wondered whether the image of himself in this young girl's heart was too loftily set.

Lin Jie sized up Mu'en.

"You've been at the bookstore for quite a few months already. From my observations, I think you're completely qualified to head a shop," said Lin Jie. "I've decided to open a branch in the Central District and you can run it."

Mu'en's pupils constricted slightly before returning to normal and frowned. "Boss Lin wants to open a branch?"

"That's right." Lin Jie nodded. "I've more or less been discussing it with Miss Ji from Rolle Resource. I've gotten a villa in the Central District, so it's rather favorable to establish a branch."

"Central District..." Mu'en became pensive.


"That's right. If it's the Central District, there's money... Ah, no, I mean, there would be many more people who like to read, right?" Lin Jie said matter-of-factly.

Mu'en blinked several times. More… people who liked to read?

Do these so-called people who like to read mean believers?!

In other words, he wanted to recruit more believers in the Central District. Was it a clear statement that he wished to engage in direct confrontation with the central administration that governed Norzin to fight for the right to rule?!

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In just a few seconds, it was as if a storm swept over Mu'en's mind and washed it clean.

"I understand what you mean." Mu'en nodded, a determined look in her eyes. Her tiny fists were clenched as if ready to go on a great undertaking.

Lin Jie: "..."

He began to wonder if it was a little inhumane to let such a cute and innocent kid work as a capitalist this early in her life.

"Of course, if you think it's too much, you can continue to stay here and gain more experience for a while more," Lin Jie said hesitantly.

Mu'en shook her head. "No, Boss has already taught me a lot. It is time I start imparting your will."

Lin Jie had a strange look on his face. Mu'en was a cold beauty to begin with, and it could be said that she was rather lacking in emotion. But at this moment, she seemed especially impassioned.

Did he raise this child in a way that led her astray?

"…It's good if you can understand. Work hard and keep up your current standards. You can manage a shop very well." Lin Jie reached out and rubbed Mu'en's head.

Nevermind, as long as the kid is happy.

"Mm, mm." Mu'en nodded vigorously like a little chick pecking away at rice grains on the ground.

With that out of the way, Lin Jie returned to his shabby bookstore and continued his usual daily activity—reading.

Mu'en propped her elbows on the counter and rested her chin between her hands, quietly watching Lin Jie reading through the heavy glass door. Then, she closed her eyes and entered Walpurgis' dream realm.

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