Chapter 384: The Final Banquet

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Mu'en had completely accepted the goddess of the night Walpurgis' authority and could be considered a new Primordial Witch. Blessings in the form of moonlight-like aether shone on Joseph.

Under this calming moonlight, Joseph's body regenerated at a speed visible to the naked eye and didn't leave behind any scars.


Although Mu'en didn't have an understanding of causation, Joseph was still a customer of the bookstore. Boss Lin wasn't around, so as his able assistant, Mu'en had to take good care of the bookstore's business.


Joseph was a Great Radiant Knight of Secret Rite Tower, yet he didn't return there after suffering such serious injuries.


The problem was rather obvious in that case. Naturally, Mu’en couldn't let Secret Rite Tower notice this place.


Joseph awoke from the chaos and felt the acute pain throughout his body gradually become clearer, as if the burning pain had just reached his body. However, he only frowned slightly. In his many years of being a knight, this little bit of pain was nothing.

His five senses began to recover, and the slight musty smell of books and rich milk tea hit his nose. He opened his eyes slowly and was met with a familiar ceiling.


"You've finally awoken." A young lady's exhausted voice entered his ears. "Great Radiant Knight Joseph."


With some difficulty, Joseph adjusted to look at Prima.


"This is..." Joseph was having problems speaking at the moment due to his newly regenerated vocal cords.


But in truth, he had more or less recognized this place. This is... Boss Lin's bookstore?

Prima said in earnest, "This is Boss Lin's bookstore. Chief Winston asked me to bring you here for recuperation."


"Boss Lin's means..."

Prima mulled for a moment, While it can be said that Vice-Chairman Andrew sent me, it must surely have been Boss Lin's indirect orders. Therefore, it isn't wrong to say that Boss Lin got me to come...


"Yes," the young girl replied.


Mixed feelings came over Joseph when he heard Prima's reply. At the same time, he could clearly sense a higher existence still lingering in his body.

As one who had thoroughly ascended to Supreme-rank, Joseph naturally understood the source of this power.


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This was the power that belonged to the night and the moon. Only such an existence could conceal his everything and restore his body…

Joseph hurriedly looked around and saw Mu'en seated quietly behind the counter.


"Thank you very much," Joseph managed to utter after a slight struggle. The doubts he had were quelled but was immediately replaced by shock—even a Primordial Witch was willing to be the assistant of the bookstore owner.


"No need to thank me. You are a veteran customer of the bookstore," said Mu'en nonchalantly. "This is my job as an assistant. If there's nothing else, you can continue resting. I still have other things to do."


This 'other things to do' was to continue exploring new milk tea recipes.


Prima said her goodbyes to Mu'en and left rather reluctantly.


Joseph had an empty look in his eyes as he lay on the recliner. The near-death experience had given rise to many thoughts, and he couldn't help but think about the battle with Wilde.


He had completely decided to die along with Wilde, giving in to fate and ending it all at once. Yet, he never imagined that he would be able to survive this battle... and be saved so casually by Mr. Lin.

There might have been a winner in this battle, but for the first time, Joseph had understood true horror.


A Supreme-rank’s domain had always been something that Joseph could only dream of. Now that he had ascended to the realm of Supreme-rank, he now had a better understanding of what an existence that surpassed even Supreme-ranks was like.


Casually being able to reverse time and altering the outcome of battle from across a great distance without so much as batting an eyelid... Lin Jie far surpassed what Joseph could even hope to imagine. In Boss Lin's eyes, the little tricks of Secret Rite Tower were just like the ideas of a child.

How powerful is he exactly...? But between me and Wilde, why did Boss Lin choose me?


"Secret Rite Tower..." Joseph suddenly muttered these three words.


Having fought for Secret Rite Tower for so many years, only to eventually realize he was just being used as a tool by the organization to sound out Boss Lin, Joseph couldn't say that he wasn't affected by this realization. However, surprisingly, he was actually very calm about it.


Perhaps it was because he had expected it from the start. Ever since his wife died, he had been out on missions all the time, yet Secret Rite Tower never ever dissuaded him once.


Joseph stared blankly at the ceiling. If I had been sent to the Secret Rite Tower, how would they have used me?

"Thank you, Winston." Joseph sighed.

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The pain wrecking his body paled in comparison to the hurt his heart felt, and Joseph could only smile bitterly. He had given his all to uphold justice and defend Secret Rite Tower and only now did he realize how ridiculous it was.


In any case, the Joseph of the past that had guarded Secret Rite Tower with his all was dead...The present Joseph was the Joseph that had been saved by Boss Lin.


Gazing at the ceiling in silence, he thought about Melissa's pretty face, then recalling her bright, warm smile before she died made Joseph reckon that it was time for him to let go.

Melissa already had sufficient ability to hold her own. Rather than repeat the same mistake as Joseph, it was better to leave a way out from the beginning.


Hatred was the best nourishment for growth, but this time, Joseph would not let Secret Rite Tower dictate their fate.




A16 Manor.

The short earthquake didn't affect the gathering of affluent folk too much. For the Ji Family full of riches, appeasing guests was a rather easy task.


But all good things would come to an end.


The party that had gone on for the past few days was about to reach its conclusion. Lin Jie had already given his present, and the price negotiation for the book distributorship was almost settled.

Ji Bonong and his daughter had treated Lin Jie as a distinguished guest during the past few days of activities. Even ignorant onlookers would come to the understanding that this unassuming bookstore owner wasn't as ordinary as he seemed.


However, regardless of how they tried to get on his good books, whether by beating around the bush or speaking their minds, Lin Jie treated everyone as usual, causing others to deem him even more mysterious and unable to figure him out.


It made other guests feel that this person's shrewdness was simply unfathomable.

After giving his present, Lin Jie calmly began the bargaining technique that he had worked on for a long time. However, it turned out that all his preparations were in vain since regardless of whatever requests he made, the Ji father and daughter were obliging.


Slight guilt even came over Lin Jie as he felt that he had gone overboard. Eventually, he only proposed a half-cooked 30-70 split.

However, Lin Jie who had already thought of all the possible reasons for his request to be rejected was surprised to see the look on Ji Bonong's face. The latter had a determined look as if to say, "Even if I don't earn a single cent, I have to let Mr. Lin's knowledge spread!"

The negotiations were such a breeze that Lin Jie felt a tad guilty despite never feeling like this in his past few years of money-grubbing ways when it came to his business.


"This collaboration can't go any better." Ji Bonong hurriedly extended his hand and shook Boss Lin's hand vigorously. "Boss Lin, you're so generous, kind, and benevolent. I'm looking forward to working with you in the future and I'll definitely do my best to serve you."

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Aren't you the generous one? Or should I say that this world has too many easy suckers? I reckon Ji Bonong would agree even if I were to propose a 90-10 split. But for the sake of future collaborations... Lin Jie restrained himself.


Umm… The image they have established of me seems a little too high.


The price negotiation was supposed to be Lin Jie's highlight of the entire banquet, yet it had been so easily brushed off by Ji Bonong. It was as if this huge matter had already concluded and the last thing to do was just mere formality.


Lin Jie rubbed his chin in thought. Perhaps... He thinks he's found a confidant. This Ji father and daughter really love reading and respect knowledgeable people.


"Boss Lin, please come with me. Let's attend the final banquet in the outer hall. At the same time, we will announce to everyone that our cooperation has been reached." Ji Bonong got up and said respectfully.


Ji Zhixiu smiled and gave Lin Jie an elegant bow.


It was already the last day of the entire event, and if it were convenient, perhaps Lin Jie might get to go home tonight. The last night's banquet was also a free mingling banquet, so all the guests attending it would head to the great hall to prepare for the final night.


It ought to be a fun and happy evening filled with festivities.


Unfortunately, it was a pity that many of the participants were transcendent beings with ulterior motives. They weren't here to savor the food and wine but were all carefully watching Lin Jie as well as the Jis when they headed in from the side hall.


Of course, everyone was waiting for Ji Bonong to speak, so they didn't stand out.


The climax of the final banquet had arrived. Ji Bonong stood a little straighter and walked to the center of the hall.

"Everyone, thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedules to attend my daughter's birthday banquet," Ji Bonong expressed while glancing all around. "I would like to announce something here."

Lin Jie watched on from behind him with a pleasant smile on his face.


Deep down, he couldn't help but find it a tad ridiculous. Haa... Why does this seem like a betrothal no matter how I look at it?


Ji Bonong then took two steps back and stood at Lin Jie's side. "The thing at this banquet that makes me feel honored is that Boss Lin and I will be doing business together."


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Lin Jie was taken aback for a moment before he revealed a calm smile. "It's just a few books. It's actually my honor to be able to collaborate with Rolle Resource."


Many guests and banquet-goers were stunned when Lin Jie said these words.


Most guests only focused on the words "collaborate with Rolle Resources" and nothing else.


What sort of company was Rolle Resource? A fearsome enterprise that had monopolized Norzin for centuries. Did it need to collaborate with others? Even the Ash Chamber of Commerce didn't have such rights. What more this little bookstore without a name.


Meanwhile, the transcendent beings had their attention captured by the words "just a few books."


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Ji Bonong couldn't control himself, and his excitement showed.


What was there for a person standing at the peak of Norzin in terms of wealth to be excited about?


It couldn't be anything else... All this time, Ji Bonong had the long-standing regret of not being able to become a transcendent being.


What sort of books were this?


Ones that could defy the long-standing rules and gave Ji Bonong the courage to resist.


The owner of these books—the man smiling faintly behind Ji Bonong. Who exactly was he?


Ji Bonong turned around and waved at the butler, signaling him to hand over the five books.


"The books will be on the market in three days' time. All who are interested are free to come and have a try."


A faint murmuring came from the crowd. All transcendent being whoosh. There was a faint commotion below. All the different transcendent beings appeared to freeze on the spot, then their gazes simultaneously went to the books. With quickened breathing, their avaricious gazes were clear.


Everyone could feel the strange allure of those books, but... they couldn't resist. They didn't wish to resist either. All of them wanted everything within those books.

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