Chapter 370: I Want To See Boss Lin!

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Everyone on the battlefield heard this announcement like it was an ominous tolling.


A new domain was forming, and the Law of the new Supreme-rank had been established.


As Wilde's voice rang out, everyone could clearly feel formless aether sweeping over like a wave. The entire world seemed to have been deconstructed, turning into the complete embodiment of someone's will.


Transcendent beings among them instantly felt an uncontrollable fear that surpassed their thoughts and will. Without any way of resisting, it triggered their instinctive desire to live, urging them to flee.


Everyone fled, regardless of whether they were a knight of Secret Rite Tower or a disciple of the Corpse Devouring Sect.


However, how could they keep up with the speed of the Supreme-rank domain? In the next moment, invisible ripples chased after them. Everything caught by these ripples froze at first before turning into pitch-back fragments that eventually faded into nothingness. All that was touched was crushed by the Law and completely disappeared from this world.


Nothing lasted forever.


At the very end was only death and decomposition.


That was—eventuality.


The twisted behemoth that Wilde had transformed into blotted out the sky. It let out an inhuman roar in the raging blizzard and crushed toward Joseph with unstoppable Law.




Melissa, who was shocked by the sudden change in mysticism of a true awakening of a Supreme-rank, knelt on the ground, dragging her bloody body along and shouting in despair.


Her small, pale face was stained with blood, her red hair flapping in the strong winds. Her blue eyes were lifeless as she watched her father being swallowed by the darkness. She tried to use her sword to prop herself up, but slid weakly to the ground.


Surviving knights all around were also dazed and feeling utter hopelessness.


Suddenly, a Corpse Devouring Sect disciple that had managed to escape the domain's influence noticed Melissa and staggered toward her.


Melissa merely remained where she was, oblivious to anything around her.


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"Melissa, what are you doing? Get out of the way!"

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Winston's furious roar exploded in his ears. He pulled Melissa to the side and lopped off the approaching fanatic’s head.


The fanatic's corpse fell to the ground and became more nourishment for Wilde.


Winston looked at the scene and suddenly felt weary.


However, he quickly perked up when he saw Melissa beside him and went to help the now fainted girl up before quickly retreating further back.


The area covered by the domain of the Eventuality was deathly silent. The flames of war from the previous confrontation were no longer there. Even the flow of air had stagnated to a lifeless lull. Further back, the dream barriers from the second batch of Dream Creators were being strengthened, but everyone knew that... it was already all in vain.


Once Wilde completely crushed Joseph, the expanding domain would engulf them all.


The snowfall got heavier.


Snow got swept up by the wind, and the cold and despairing aura was sucked into Winston's lungs. Such a Law was almost impossible to break, and Winston could not think of any way to support Joseph.


Wilde used himself as the Law. Wherever his gaze went, everything turned into chaotic, destructive matter that could not be touched or felt.


It couldn't be heard, seen, or sensed. The final entropy was the eventuality of everything!


Wilde's powers were complete, and there was no longer any need for other sacrificial rituals. In fact, followers of the Corpse Devouring Sect didn't need to continue dying. However, the awakening of their Supreme-rank preacher inspired the remaining believers and they got even stronger. Thus, the remaining defense line wasn't able to hold on for much longer.

Gritting his teeth, Winston kept pressing on his communications device with trembling hands.


At this point, the only thing he could believe in was that extremely vague sentence.

Greg had said it. He had said that Mr. Lin would not watch Joseph fail. He had said that the final victory would be Joseph's!


The communications device in Winston's hand nearly slipped. It was only then did he realize it was covered in sweat from his nervous pressing, and he had even pressed the wrong button several times.



The call finally connected.




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"Huh?" A distracted Greg at the banquet felt the vibration of the communications device in his chest pocket and his heart skipped a beat. It had been agreed on that he was to provide the information, and it had only been a while since the last call. Why had Winston called him?


Has something gone wrong?


He stood up, preparing himself to avoid Charlotte and Fitch and find a corner to answer the call.


Charlotte trembled slightly at the same moment, then gazing meaningfully at the sight of Greg's back moving away from her, muttering, "Seems like this chess game is finally going to end."


Greg went to the corner of the large main hall and fished out his communications device.


"Section Chief Winston, what's wrong? Do you have something to ask me?" Greg inquired softly.


This time, it wasn't noisy on Winston's end. Instead, it was unbelievably quiet, as silent as death... death…


An ominous sense of foreboding rose in him, and Greg's heart sank.


"Greg," Winston's hoarse voice sounded over the communications device. He uttered with slight difficulty, "Wilde... He beat us to it. He's already grasped the Law known as 'Eventuality.'"


Greg nearly crushed the communications device. A buzzing now felt in his mind and he heard nothing after that.




Winston held the communications device and observed the battle in the distance. Joseph who had initially held the upper hand now found himself in a dire situation on the battlefield.


Joseph condensed a huge wall of glowing aether to block the strange black fog-like and highly destructive substances derived from the Law of Eventuality.


However, when Joseph's aether came into contact with the Law, the glowing wall disappeared.


Even aether had an eventuality.


There was a limit to the aether in Joseph's body. Once it was exhausted, it would be Joseph that met his eventuality.

The Great Radiant Knight was forced backward over and over. But each time he turned to look behind him, at Norzin, and... his daughter, he would once more condense a powerful aetheric wall of light.


This time, he was no longer consuming the aether from around him. Instead, it was produced by the burning of his own life force.

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Only the life force of a Supreme-rank could resist the Law of another Supreme-rank.


"Joseph…" Winston muttered his old friend's name softly.

After clenching his fist, he calmly spoke to Greg on the other end of the call, "The situation has changed. This isn't Secret Rite Tower's orders but my own personal decision. Please immediately ask Mr. Lin for help. Investigations, observing... All of that can go to hell."


He suddenly felt tears welling up in his eyes. "Whatever it takes… Regardless of whatever price I have to pay. I just hope he can just pay a little attention to this place... to my comrade Joseph."


Greg heard the desperation in Winston's calm voice. And in a daze, his communications device fell to the ground.


The resounding clatter instantly returned Greg to his senses.


Boss Lin. Right, Boss Lin! He can definitely save Teacher! He said it before!


"Boss Lin, Boss Lin! I'll go at once! Just wait!" No longer caring for formalities, Greg rushed out from the corner and grabbed a servant to ask where the side hall was.


The nobles at the banquet cast strange looks at the aristocratic youth who had suddenly lost his composure.

Charlotte noticed Greg's anxiousness and grinned.


While she didn't have any way of knowing the battle situation, as a believer who had personally witnessed the doctrine, she naturally had a connection with Wilde, who was the main preacher. She could definitely sense his ascension to true Supreme-rank.


And now, just by looking at Greg, she understood right away that Wilde had beaten Joseph to it.

"Let me through!" Greg pushed past the servants who had come over to inquire about the situation. "Get out of the way, all of you! I want to see Boss Lin!"


Greg was buzzing around like a headline fly, but those servants knew nothing, informed him that the side hall cannot be visited by guests unless invited, or tried persuading him to calm down.


How can I calm down! Greg roared in his heart. Finally, he saw the butler that led Lin Jie to the side hall.


Greg rushed over and grabbed the old butler while shouting, "Where's Boss Lin?! I need to find him! It's important! Where have you brought him?!"


The butler was dumbfounded, but he kept his cool and tried to be as patient as he could. "I'm sorry, Mr. Greg, Mr. Lin is dining with our Master and Young Miss. Please—"


Greg instantly chanted an incantation and conjured up his ceremonial knife which he held to the old butler's neck. Through gritted teeth, he hiss hysterically, "Tell me where the side hall is. Take me there!"


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"Yes, yes..."


The butler had broken out in cold sweat from the threat and uttered, "I'll bring you there now. The side hall is this way..."


But during this time, his hand behind his back was preparing to pull out an alarm buzzer.


But before he could finish his sentence, Greg muttered a second incantation and the butler's vision went bright before he lost consciousness. Now muddled and in a trance, he lowered his hands and said, "Please come with me."


Greg brought the butler all the way to the side hall entrance where the latter said, "Right here..."


Before the butler finished speaking, Greg had shoved him aside and rushed into the side hall, the young apprentice knight slamming the door open.

A ruckus of panicking voices of manor guards and servants chasing after came from behind.


After crashing through, the scene that Greg saw—Lin Jie reaching out to fiddle with a clock.




Winston hung up the call and looked toward Joseph and the few remaining knights who were constantly exhausting their life force. He had disobeyed Secret Rite Tower's instructions to continue holding the enemy back and issued his final order—


"All personnel, evacuate! Save yourselves!"

At this point, he could no longer inspire anyone.


There was no solution to Wilde's power.


He, or rather, 'he,' could instantly accelerate everything to its eventuality—complete annihilation.


Unless a Supreme-rank took action, everyone else under these circumstances would just be throwing away their lives.

Hearing their commander's order, the remaining despairing knights exchanged glances. Although they wanted to say something, they ultimately chose to leave.

In truth, they already knew that Joseph, who hadn't obtained the power of Laws yet, could no longer deal with Wilde's assault. At this moment, he was just burning his life force away to protect the remaining forces of Secret Rite Tower.


Thus, they supported each other and quickly fled the battlefield.


Winston stared off into space with his communicator while the retrograde crowd passed by him.

After what seemed like a long time, he turned around and gazed at Norzin, which was enveloped in cold winter. He trudged on the snow toward the young lady that had just regained consciousness.

Squatting beside her, he said softly, "Melissa, your father... He was a true hero."

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