Chapter 367: Toy

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Ji Zhixiu's gaze subconsciously followed Lin Jie's finger, and then she noticed the bottom half of this small exquisite clock.


Behind the smooth dial made of rubies set in a sterling silver frame hidden within a complicated frame and beneath all the interlocking gears was a tiny... caterpillar?


The caterpillar was crawling on the exquisitely crafted gear contraption. With each step it crawled, the second hand of the clock would make a 'click' and drive the entire machine.


"This is…" Ji Bonong's eyes widened slightly, his expression frozen.


Ji Zhixiu's jaw dropped. She was in complete shock and couldn't even speak.


Lin Jie's smile widened seeing the reactions of the two.


While this clock was merely a flashy plaything, or a toy to the rich, it couldn't be denied that it was really aesthetically pleasing. Anyone could tell that it was a priceless item as long as they weren't blind.


Something capable of leaving the president of Rolle Resource that held a commercial monopoly of Norzin dumbfounded... Andrew's gift had really been spot-on.


The reason why Lin Jie felt that the enamel box was worth a lot of money instead of this small clock was because he felt that regardless of how much he sold the small clock for, it would be a huge loss. He couldn't let it go easily, and it was better to use it as a trade for a favor.


This repackaged gift was definitely comparable to the case of items the Ji father and daughter pair had given him last time—inclusive of the golden apple.


This time round, when it came to negotiations, Lin Jie could finally bargain without holding back.


This back and forth has resulted in huge gains without any capital. How profitable...


At these thoughts, Lin Jie couldn't help beaming.

Ji Zhixiu's eyes were fixated on the tiny worm that was still crawling on its own. Her mouth had gone dry and she gulped silently.


If this clock was revealed outside, perhaps not even one out of ten people might know its value.

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However, in this small side hall, even Ji Bonong knew where it came from and how valuable it was.

This was the heirloom of the Truth Union Vice-Chairman Andrew's family and was one of the priceless treasures of the Truth Union. Yet, Boss Lin put it in such a plain box and gave it away so casually…


Ji Zhixiu tried her best to calm her frantically pounding heart. Ever since she had gained Ruen's memories and absorbed his intelligence network into 'Spider,' the latter had now become the organization with the greatest intelligence in Norzin.


Ruen had been full of ambition, and he also had the forbearance that matched it as well as the support of a huge intelligence network. Unfortunately, he lacked a little luck and died to the claws of Boss Lin's stone gargoyle, prematurely cutting short his dreams.


Even so, due to his intelligence network, Ruen was worthy of his moniker, 'Underground Emperor.'


This was an intelligence network so powerful that, back then, it could even obtain information about Wilde being in Norzin.


Had he and his ambitions not died in the bookstore then, Secret Rite Tower might have yet another difficult enemy on their hands...


Therefore, it wasn't the least bit out of the ordinary for Ji Zhixiu, who had gained Ruen's all memories, to know about this secret treasure that had belonged to Andrew's family.


Ji Bonong, on the other hand, had often relied on his many years of experience to help Ji Zhixiu deal with some information regarding the transcendent community. He, too, also understood the value of this little thing in front of him.


The father and daughter pair exchanged the same burning gaze with each other.

Having just experienced such a terrifying test, Ji Bonong's determination and perseverance to endure pain, as well as Ji Zhixiu's loyalty to endure even when she saw her father in an uncertain predicament, had finally gotten them Boss Lin's approval!


The Clockwheel Worm—An object that was only talked about in legends had actually been placed before them so casually!


According to information they had, this seemingly feeble and harmless caterpillar was actually a four-dimensional creature that had unintentionally encountered this lower-dimension world and happened to be captured by powerful transcendent beings of the Andrew Family.

What an incredible, terrifying power!


Getting caught in that instant akin to a flash of lightning and being turned into a power that could change laws.

That's right, this transcendent object from the Andrew Family was one of the few items that could temporarily possess the domain of law that only Supreme-ranks possessed.


The pin drop silence in the room lasted for quite a while. Lin Jie could understand how it felt to be stunned by the ingenuity of such a marvelous piece of work.

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"Using an insect to power the clock. Such an ingenious idea is far more amazing than its beautiful appearance.


"Just like humans, good-looking ones are a dime a dozen, but interesting souls are one in a hundred."


Lin Jie didn't feel at all guilty about reusing someone else's gift as his own as he continued on matter-of-factly, "Miss Ji, in my opinion, is both good looking and interesting. But most importantly, you have a heart that is still trying to move forward, just like this clock that never stops. Therefore, I'm giving it to you in hopes that you always continue to do so."


"This- It's way too precious…" Ji Zhixiu had gotten up from her seat. Lips pursed, and with some hesitation, she muttered, "Such a precious gift..."


It being precious was one thing, but more importantly, this was a secret heirloom treasure of the Andrew Family.


Ji Zhixiu knew for sure that she would have to pay a price if she wanted to obtain the item in Boss Lin's items. And that price depended on how precious the item was.


And now, what sort of price would she have to fork out for such a priceless treasure?


Lin Jie waved his hand nonchalantly. "Haa, what's so precious about it? In fact, the most important thing about a gift is the thought behind it, right? I see that it's exquisitely made, but it's of not much use to me, so why not give it to you? I felt that you might like this sort of toy."


Mm, young ladies probably like this sort of exquisite and aesthetically pleasing toy—This was Lin Jie's valuable experience from his barren interactions with the opposite sex.

Toy… Little plaything…

Ji Zhixiu fell silent.

You call this a toy?

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

What's there about it to play with?


Toying with the rules of time?


But perhaps, in Boss Lin's view, this symbol that represented the apex of humanity's intelligence and the limits of transcendent beings was really just a mere plaything. A lousy toy made of mud by an urchin who had just learned how to speak.


A ludicrously clumsy one...


Ji Zhixiu couldn't help grimacing. She couldn't decline it, nor did she have the intention to do so. However, there was one thing she had to consider...

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That was her current level was still that of a Pandemonium-rank transcendent being. Even if she obtained a transcendent tool of this level, she had no way of using it.


However, Lin Jie was determined to give this 'clock/toy' to Ji Zhixiu. He looked at her sincerely and moved to pass her the item in his hand.

Ji Zhixiu hesitated for a moment. Even if she obtained it now, she wouldn't be able to use it.


Using the Clockwheel Worm required an unimaginably large amount of aether to activate the four-dimensional creature and make time move under its influence.


It was rumored that several centuries ago, the Truth Union had wanted to activate this weapon for some reason and gather a huge amount of aether from the upper echelons, using the charm of manipulating time as a warning to other transcendent organizations.

Ji Zhixiu didn't know whether they succeeded in using it, but as long as the Andrew Family controlled it, they would be able to stay strong within the Truth Union.


Perhaps, the Andrew Family didn't even have the intention of ever using it again.


If this powerful weapon that held dominion over laws was used, the consequences would be unimaginable. In fact, Ji Zhixiu very much doubted whether the Clockwheel Worm at present could still be used.


But... Since Boss Lin has brought it out, it's definitely usable, just that most wouldn't be able to manage it. Ji Zhixiu quickly did a mental analysis, and suddenly came to a conjecture.


Since it can't be used, then... maybe, this is a keepsake?


The Truth Union believes in the highest knowledge of mankind, which is ultimate wisdom and science.


And just now, Boss Lin had said… Truth and Laws.


Isn't that the Truth Union's purpose?

From not believing in gods to liberating human nature, and then the Andrew Family's heirloom treasure... Everything seemed to coincide with the Truth Union.


He's hinting that he wants Spider as well as Rolle Resources to rely on this keepsake Clockwheel Worm and join forces with the Truth Union to defeat the false gods that oppress humanity and the transcendent beings that bully the weak.


Ji Zhixiu had thoroughly received a revelation. Everything made sense now.


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She looked at Lin Jie, whose eyes seemed so sincere.


Ji Zhixiu was excited. She understood Boss Lin's intentions once again but, at the same time, she was shaking. Could she really take on such a heavy responsibility…


Strange... Lin Jie thought. It's just a small toy. Why did Miss Ji remain silent for so long and is gazing at me so solemnly?


Could it be... she's afraid of caterpillars?


She actually doesn't like this present but can't reject it and is struggling internally?


Perhaps that's it.


Even though Ji Zhixiu is an imposing feminine fighter that mercilessly hunts down scumbags that jilt her, even the toughest girl has a soft side. Could it be that she's really afraid of caterpillars?

"Uh… Miss Ji, are you scared?" Lin Jie broke the silence.


Ji Zhixiu's heart skipped a beat when she heard this. Yes, she was afraid.


Compared to the trivialities in the past, the fact that Boss Lin had given out a Supreme-rank object this time meant the mission wasn't ordinary by any means. But at present, she hadn't even attained Destructive-rank yet, so it would be a lie to say that she wasn't afraid.


Can I really become the savior of the weak?


Ji Zhixiu thought to herself somewhat dejectedly. Then, she lowered her head and answered truthfully, "I'm sorry to have disappointed you…"


Indeed... She's afraid of caterpillars, eh?

Lin Jie suddenly felt bad seeing Ji Zhixiu's disappointment. This is a massive miscalculation. I never expected this... Ahh, I've given the wrong gift.

"Uh, actually there's really nothing much to be afraid of.”


Lin Jie wanted to redeem his act of giving a failed gift. He quickly took the clock back and tried to rid Ji Zhixiu's fear with his actions.


"What's there to be afraid of? It's just a little bug. It won't bite." Lin Jie smiled awkwardly as he fiddled with the slow crawling worm inside the mechanical contraption under the shocked gazes of the Ji father and daughter pair.

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