Chapter 365: Void Palm

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Void Palm.


Vast taboo knowledge flew through the thick pages like flies and flew toward Ji Bonong the moment he saw the book's title clearly.




He hadn't been mentally prepared at all and subconsciously wanted to scream and wave his hands to drive them away.


However, in the next moment, he was already surrounded by these flies. His entire body was covered, and he could feel the flies burrowing into his body from every orifice, especially his eyes.


The trembling Ji Bonong was unable to move. He could clearly feel as if the feet of countless bugs were squirming on the sclera of his eyes, densely packed and increasing by the second.


His eyes were gradually filled as the rolling and crawling insects made it appear as if his eyes were bubbling like boiling water.


In his field of vision, every single fly was engraved with countless ancient and unknown words.


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Ji Bonong felt as if he was being buried alive in a sea of insects. He wanted to breathe, but he could only wave his arms around helplessly and 'swim' with great difficulty. However, the reality was that, in the eyes of anyone on the outside, he was merely moving his arms and turning the pages swiftly.


The only thing out of the normal was his drooping head, as if he had already lost consciousness. But on closer look, it would appear as if he was just too focused.


Lin Jie secretly felt a sense of pride in his ability in picking books as he watched Ji Bonong with his head lowered and totally engrossed in reading.


Even if he was a slacker that couldn't really do anything, at least he was still decent when it came to selling books.


Seeing Ji Bonong so absorbed that his gaze never strayed away, Lin Jie knew that this book was definitely to his liking.


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With a smile, Lin Jie turned his head and whispered softly, "It seems like Mr. Ji really likes this book. Let's not disturb him for now... How about we eat first?"


His last sentence was directed at Ji Zhixiu who was opposite him.


Ji Zhixiu's nervous face was pale. Stiffly pulling her eyes away from her father, she forced a smile. "Boss Lin is right... Let's eat first."


At this very moment, she was extremely terrified yet excited at the same time.


Since Boss Lin was willing to give this book, it meant that Ji Bonong had gained his recognition. He, who was a mere mortal, would have the opportunity to become a transcendent being!


This, too, would also be the greatest opportunity for Rolle Resource!


This was well worth Ji Zhixiu's excitement. However, the scene before her also made her experience a skin-crawling fear.


Because in the eyes of a transcendent being like her, this didn't seem like a book but was clearly a glossy black lump of some unknown matter. It was like glue, but also like thick fog, or a channel akin to a black-hole. A dark hand reached out from the hole and firmly grabbed Ji Bonong's body, completely enveloping him.


Moreover, that black hand was made up of countless bugs that were like locusts or flies, buzzing all around and consuming Ji Bonong.


They… they are eating my father!


This realization made Ji Zhixiu break out in cold sweat. Her anxiety caused her teeth to chatter as she tried her best to suppress her pounding heartbeat.


She knew that a completely ordinary person with no talent had to pay a sufficient price if he wanted to become a transcendent being. Everything in the world was equal...


However, this scene still far transcended what she had imagined.


As Ji Bonong was completely smothered by the swarm, the air started to smell like rotting sludge, and it made Ji Zhixiu feel as if she was soaking in oil.

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Now, what remained in the seat flipping through the book seemed to be some indistinct humanoid figure.


Within the bright side hall they were in, this was an extremely strange sight.


Servants began to serve the dishes… but no one questioned their master's condition, nor did they think anything was wrong. They came in well-trained and went out quietly as if they couldn't see it at all.


Ji Zhixiu tried her best to calmly pick up her cutlery as she cast a sneaky glance at Boss Lin.


Lin Jie wasn't the least bit affected as he turned to thank a servant politely. Then, noticing Ji Zhixiu's gaze, he asked with a smile, "Does Miss Ji have something to ask?"


That smile of his made Ji Zhixiu clam up.


That's right, this was a test.


She wanted to call her father back, but she didn't dare.


On one hand, she was worried that her indecision would attract Boss Lin's disgust, causing her father to fail Boss Lin's test, but on the other hand, she was afraid that her father might never return… This was her worry as a daughter, but because this was Boss Lin's will, she wouldn't go against it.


Ji Zhixiu bit her lower lip and glanced at Boss Lin again. Taking a deep breath, she shook her head firmly. "No, I was just wondering if these dishes are to your liking."




Ahh, so it was this. He had wondered why Ji Zhixiu was being nervous all of a sudden.


Lin Jie raised his head slightly and smacked his lips as he pondered for a moment. Norzin's traditional Western-style food didn't interest him very much indeed, and he wondered if he had subconsciously frowned due to the flashy but insubstantial plating, causing Miss Ji to overthink.


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Chuckling, Lin Jie jested, "I like them all. To be honest, it's impossible for me to enjoy such delicacies when all I do is run an obscure bookstore on the corner of a street. I really have to thank Miss Ji for giving me such an opportunity."


Ji Zhixiu waved her hand and said, "No, not at all. We ought to be thanking you for coming instead. Everything is fine as long as you like it."


Lin Jie rubbed his chin and mused, "However, I do have some biases... Such as the honey cake Charlotte recommended earlier in the morning. That's an unforgettable taste indeed."


"!" Ji Zhixiu's hand trembled, and she nearly knocked over her wine glass.


"What's wrong?" Lin Jie was baffled.


"…" Ji Zhixiu shook her head like a rattle drum and tried her best to erase the image of Boss Lin devouring the Supreme-rank existence from her mind.


Lin Jie was somewhat worried.

Why does it seem like Miss Ji's been especially nervous since just now? Boss Lin pondered for a moment. Noticing Ji Bonong still engrossed in reading, he suddenly understood.


Yeah, that's right. It's because her father is beside her... Her passionate confession was overheard by her own father. Anyone in that situation would feel nervous, and it's akin to a social death. Poor Miss Ji...


In the next moment, Ji Zhixiu suddenly realized that she had lost her composure. She glanced at Lin Jie with both respect and fear, only to find that the bookstore owner didn't comment on her panic nor rudeness. Instead, he smiled at her with a look of unparalleled sympathy.


Was this the sympathy from a higher being? Sympathizing her ignorance and weakness… or perhaps both of theirs.


Sigh... Lin Jie really couldn't stand it anymore. This knot in Miss Ji's heart... Forget it. I can't mercilessly reject her a second time in front of her father. At least, I'll wait till after the banquet.


"Miss Ji, how about a toast? To the partnership between my bookstore and Rolle Resource."


Lin Jie raised his wine glass with a friendly gaze, vaguely indicating that only the matter of business could completely cover over the awkwardness from before. "The five books were selected meticulously by me, and I hope Rolle Resource makes good use of them."


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Ji Zhixiu's eyes widened as excitement rushed over her. Mentioning the collaboration at this time meant...


She immediately raised her glass. "You will definitely be able to witness the sincerity of Rolle Resources, no, our Ji Family! To our partnership!"




A crisp clinking of glass sounded, as if a beautiful pebble had been thrown into a calm lake with surging undercurrents, creating ripples.


Falling into a sudden daze, Ji Zhixiu found that the wine glass raised before her didn't seem to be in the hands of a human male. Instead it appeared like a dark, hazy palm.


Her heart tightened as she felt the urge to turn and look at her father.


The invisible hand that was holding on to Ji Bonong's soul instantly retracted as if it had touched a hot iron when the two wine glasses knocked.


"Haa—" Ji Bonong suddenly raised his head. It was as if he had fought for a long time in the stomach of some evil beast and managed to finally escape. As if he were a dried out fish being returned to sea.


He had escaped from the swamp of the book.


Lin Jie blinked and sat back down. "Mr. Ji, do you think that this book will be of help to you?"


Ji Bonong was momentarily at a loss, then he clenched his fists and said almost ecstatically, "Yes, of course! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you..."


He was almost incoherent because, from this moment on, the world in his eyes was completely different. The flies that had penetrated deep into his body had constructed passages from nothing, filling them with aether.


He, Ji Bonong, had become a transcendent being!


This was a miracle!

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