Chapter 363: Inseparable

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An organization that suffered from internal strife due to the lack of internal communication was ridiculous to the extremes, as if it was a joke.

But what made it even more absurd for Winston was the fact that this unbelievably shambolic organization had rendered Secret Rite Tower’s investigations fruitless for several months…

However, if Greg's information was true and this organization was led by ten Supreme-ranks, then things seemed to make sense.

From the point of view of these Supreme-ranks, this organization might be a joke, or perhaps a game.

They themselves were the true Path of the Flaming Sword.

Greg lowered his voice. “That’s the truth. This is all the information I’ve gathered so far and I hope it can be of use.”

Winston was silent for quite some time before he eventually said, “I’ll get someone to investigate as soon as possible.”

Greg nodded an acknowledgement before asking, “Teacher… How’s his situation?”

Winston replied, "It's still fine. I mean, the situation hasn’t continued to deteriorate at the very least. He’ll definitely buy as much time as possible, but…”

Greg inhaled sharply. “I got it.”

He didn’t continue to probe because he trusted his teacher.

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Joseph must have been doing his best to stop Wilde, so all that was required of the others was to do their jobs as best they could.

He hung up the communications device while his mind was in a mess as he thought about Lin Jie, who was planning something with Rolle Resource.

At this moment, the crisp clacking of heels on ground sounded from the side, interrupting his chain of thoughts. Frowning, Greg turned in its direction—

Charlotte was walking over, with the book given by Mr. Lin in her arms. The book was squeezed tightly to the chest, so close to her that it gave an illusion that it was a part of her.

"Sorry for the delay," said Charlotte with a smile as she gracefully took a seat beside Greg.

Greg impassively observed the smiling Charlotte. For some reason, goosebumps broke out all over his body when she sat down.

This feeling… was as if there was a dream beast sitting next to him. This clearly hadn’t happened previously.

Fitch stared straight at Charlotte's chest—in what seemed like a rather rude and indecent manner. If the nobles beside noticed it, they would have definitely reprimanded him. But he was in fact staring at the book which seemed to have turned a tad redder…

His eyes went up as he made eye contact with the young aristocratic lady. Then, the two of them had a strange understanding. Fitch raised the cup in his hand slightly in greeting, and Charlotte returned a smile and nodded.

"Where's your good friend Danae?” asked Greg.

Charlotte replied with a slight grin, "Oh, you mean her… I imparted some of Mr. Lin’s teachings to her.

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"In the past, we were friends on the surface, but there existed a deep estrangement in our hearts. We both learned how to be hypocritical in the filthy torrent of humans… These things made it impossible for us to communicate sincerely with each other."

Then, Charlotte’s smile became even sweeter and innocent, just like Danae’s. “However, I have to thank Mr. Lin. It was his words that enlightened Danae. Now, we are truly inseparable.

"My growth is her growth…"

Charlot smiled as blood seeped out of the smooth pinkish skin of her face. Then, white flesh seemed to sprout from this blood, slowly growing to the familiar and small face of a young woman—

The woman had no pupils, and her eyeball was completely white. Her mouth opened and closed painfully, like a fish struggling for survival, mirroring Charlotte's pious and beautiful smile.

Greg: “...”

Fitch: "…"

"What's wrong with you guys?" Charlotte eyed the two before her in bafflement before realizing what it was. She frowned before giving an apologetic smile. “Oh, my apologies.”

She nonchalantly raised her slender hand wrapped in white lace gloves and pressed her face back down.

Greg had broken out in cold sweat once more as he gulped and tried to change the subject, “Boss Lin told us to send his regards… Have a good lunch.”

"Heh." Charlot stroked her cheek with one hand while still pressing the book tightly to her chest with the other. Smiling blissfully, she said, "Thank you for your regards, Mr. Lin. It's indeed… very pleasant."

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Lin Jie walked along the winding corridor. He could see the guests inside the main hall via the corridor’s windows and couldn’t help but count them out of boredom.

One customer, two customers, three…

Eventually, he arrived at the side hall bathed in a warm yellow glow from the skylight. Lin Jie gazed up to find that the ceiling of this room was carved from transparent crystal. Even the thick fur of the carpet beneath his feet felt as soft as clouds. It was evident that the items in this room were priceless.

Just the thought of his own dilapidated house filled with books made Lin Jie’s heart feel heavy, and he could only lament in silence.

…This business partnership would definitely be split 90 to 10!

"You’ve arrived, Mr. Lin.” Ji Zhixiu had been waiting in this room and quickly stood up respectfully.

Ji Zhixiu, who was always so calm and decisive regardless of whatever the situation, had no way of maintaining her dignity in front of Lin Jie. She took a breath, trying to settle her wildly pounding heart. Even if she had met Boss Lin multiple times already, she couldn’t help but feel in awe and frightened of Lin Jie’s greatness each time.

She recalled the scene she had witnessed earlier. The Supreme-rank that controlled time was merely like a slice of honey cake before Lin Jie.

Lin Jie eyed Miss Ji, whose face had turned slightly red for some reason, and suddenly realized that the problem still persisted.

"Boss Lin, please sit here."

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Ji Zhixiu bent down and respectfully pulled out her seat, her beautiful gown accentuating her perfect curves as she did so.

Lin Jie glanced at what was obviously the main seat and hesitated. "Miss Ji, you're being too polite. I'm a guest today. The main seat… I’m afraid that wouldn’t be too appropriate."

Ji Zhixiu's heart skipped a beat. Could it be that Boss Lin was displeased because she had observed him with the roses...?

"No, even if you’re a guest, to me, you are still a benefactor that turned my life around,” replied Ji Zhixiu immediately as she lowered her head. “I won’t be able to repay you even if I give my all, so please at least allow me to treat you with the utmost respect.”

Having such an inclination isn’t bad. Keep it up and remember to buy more books.

Such a thought floated through Lin Jie's mind, but he sighed immediately after. He felt that Miss Ji, who used to be a little reserved, was abandoning herself more and more. Has she not yet given up on me, or has she changed her mind?

"Sigh, Miss Ji, I told you about the gulf between us previously. It’s impossible for us to…”

Ji Zhixiu panicked even more upon hearing this. She was certain that Boss Lin was dissatisfied and felt that her actions weren’t devoted enough.

No, the final cooperation was imminent. There mustn’t be any mistakes.

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The panicking Ji Zhixiu swore aloud, “Please believe me when I say that my everything, be it my body or soul, has long belonged to you. My w-will exists for you!”


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