Chapter 361: Answer Handed In To Boss Lin

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The bloodied flesh from the book instantly became a part of Charlotte, becoming more compatible with her excitement and desire as the pulsating gradually became in sync with her heartbeat.


At the point where the thick, scary tongue stabbed into Danae's chest, Charlotte took the opportunity to go closer and hug the latter.


Their bodies were pressed tightly together, just like an embrace, so it didn't seem out of the ordinary in any way.


"Danae, are you jealous of me?" Charlot pressed her face tightly against Danae's, now no longer having any of the natural elegance and alienation of a noble. Her eyes were condescending and extremely cold, filled with a pure unadorned malice.


"Jealous that I have better looks and a better family background; jealous that I'm more popular than you even if I don't try; jealous that I can easily become the center of attention... Am I right?"


This was the murderous desire Charlotte had always kept under wraps in the past. Now, it was being completely revealed, just as if she was a shark that had opened its jaws, baring rows after rows of razor sharp teeth.


It didn't seem like she was looking at a person, but rather, ravenously eyeing a delicious dish.


In the face of such a terrifying gaze, even ordinary transcendent beings would feel their legs go weak, let alone Danae, who was just an ordinary person.


Moreover, at this very moment, Danae didn't just feel like she was prey exposed to the sharp teeth of a predator, but her body experienced it as well...


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"" Danae's eyes were wide open as a vague and weak sound came from her mouth. Using her last bit of survival instinct, she raised a trembling hand in a bid to push Charlotte away.


With a heaving chest, she panted hard, but more escaped than she could take in, and she couldn't even make a complete sound.


Or rather... She could see a certain snaking object coming out from her opened mouth.


The conclusion she had was that the tongue inserted into her chest had already drilled out her throat and twisted her vocal cords so she couldn't even make a squeak.

Charlotte wasn't bothered about Danae's resistance. She reached out to grab the flimsy hand, placing it on her own cheek as she inched her face closer. "Why? Does it hurt?"


Danae's trembling got harder and she wanted to shake her head. However, Charlotte was using great force to restrict her, making her unable to even move.


Taking a deep breath, Charlotte realized that most of the crowd headed to the lunch venue were already gone. She leaned back slightly, and half of the bloody flesh mouth that had formed on her chest was partially revealed. She could also clearly see the hole gnawed into Danae at the corresponding spot of her torso that was glistening with sticky blood and flesh residue.


Only bits of some internal organs left inside. That tongue was like a blood vessel, snaking all the way from the larynx to the inside of Danae's head and was still stirring.


Danae's eyes were rolled back into her head, and some saliva dripped from the corner of her mouth. There were some loose skin wrinkles and a brackish color under her eyes, as if her eyeballs had separated from her flesh...


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Charlotte licked her lips, revealing the faintly discernible incantation on the base of her tongue. Breaking into her satisfied smile, she whispered, "Hush~ No need to speak. I've already heard your thoughts."


From the surface, the two looked like they were as close as sisters. People passing by would only raise a slight eyebrow as they hurried on, without noticing anything amiss.

In truth... The two of them had truly achieved an extreme level of closeness.


"You actually couldn't stand it since long ago. Giving your all to exhibit your good side and build friendly relationships with everyone. Yet, why does it seem that everyone only notices Charlotte first when you are with her?


"...She's clearly so cold and simply doesn't bother, yet why are all these people so cheap and enthusiastic about sticking to her?

"...Whereas I can only put aside my dissatisfaction and pretend that others can get along well with this good sister of mine... Jealousy is a weed, sprouting crazily as long as the wind blows."


Charlotte gently reached her hands out and considerately pulled the two sides of the gaping hole on Danae's torso together, as if worried this good sister of hers would catch a cold.


As the skin and ribs in her chest had also disappeared, this forceful pulling made the originally graceful young aristocrat become extremely slender in a strange way.


This action caused Danae's body to spasm violently again. A tear fell from the corner of her eye, which meant that her consciousness had not dissipated.

"So, you decided to destroy this person who made you crazy with jealousy.


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"How should it be done? Not just any ordinary party can be entrusted with this. Her family's background is on par or even greater than yours, and it would definitely be discovered.


"Therefore, a better idea would be to get the help of a mysterious organization you came into contact with recently—Blood Feast.


"While there had been some recent changes to the upper echelons of that organization, it still didn't affect the overall plan due to its unique and scattered structure. New transcendent beings appeared and took over all the organization's leadership, turning that somewhat disjointed and crumbling organization into a considerable force.


"It should be surefire for such an organization to destroy an ordinary young noble lady. Or so you thought, when you gave this mission to them.


"But why?

“Why did Charlotte, who should have disappeared and died an unnatural death last night, appear at the current banquet?"


She had been so happy yesterday when Charlotte hadn't shown up...


But in the end, besides just showing up, Charlotte had been chatting happily with the mysterious man that had stolen the limelight of the previous night's banquet, once again stealing the attention from Danae once more.


The last bit of light gathered in Danae's eyes as she looked unwillingly at the young lady before her, her fingers closing around Charlotte's hand as tightly as she could as if asking—Why?


Charlotte sighed. "Even without the research topic set up by Boss Lin, I had already long discovered your plan. It's just that I didn't want to bother about it at first, so I pretended it never happened. After all, I needed your help to integrate into social circles.

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"But now, I think Boss Lin is right. I should face my true self. As long as I'm strong enough, these things are just a burden. Socializing is useless to me," muttered Charlotte softly.


Danae trembled even more violently, panting hard as her pupils constricted.


"Hmm… You want to know why I knew what your plans were?"


Charlotte revealed a truly delighted grin. "Because the transcendent being that took over Blood Feast—


"—was me."


Danae was stunned, her eyes nearly popping out from their sockets. Using her last ounce of strength, she struggled, trying to raise her hand to grab Charlotte. However, her hand only raised halfway before it fell limp.

Charlotte retracted her smile and glanced coldly at Danae, who had died with her eyes wide open. She felt that she had become one with the book titled Original Sins and Heart's Demons, the beating of her heart completely in sync with the book.


"So this is how it is. This is... the 'Heart's Demon,' a demon that devours the seven cardinal sins."


That would be the answer she would hand in to Boss Lin.

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