Chapter 359: Original Sin and Heart’s Demons

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To Charlotte, or perhaps all those at Blood Feast that were caught by Wilde and forced to read the book Corpse Devouring Sect, Rites & Ceremonies, Lin Jie, who had given this book, was a true god.

Whether he was the author, or propagator of this book, whether he was truly a god, or merely herald of one, it didn’t matter to them because God was before them and that was enough.

Therefore, in Charlotte’s opinion, that scene from earlier which could tear apart any ordinary transcendent being’s understanding of the world was merely just the arrival of God once again. It had all just been a casual display of God’s power, and she shouldn’t be shocked but should only be in praise and adulation.

And now, after having previously let them see God’s book, another book of immense power and destiny had appeared in front of her.

"Divine Bestowment," "God's Grace," "God's Miracle," regardless of what words were used to it—this was proof that she had obtained God's favor and the right to be recognized as a believer.

The burning fanaticism inside of Charlotte’s heart was like a lit torch, as if every single beat of her heart was for the existence before her.

Her hand holding onto the book didn’t tremble at all because this was a gift from God. Regardless of how excited she was, she could not profane the book in any way and should accept it in the most solemn manner.

Original Sin & Heart’s Demons… Charlotte silently recited the title of the book and reached out to touch the dark red book cover.

The swirling patterns on the cover of the book seemed to be a kind of flower that she had never seen before. Blood vessel-like black branches extended from the flower, and when Charlotte brushed her hand over it, these branches even seemed to pulsate ever so slightly.

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This book was like a piece of flesh that had been gouged out from somewhere and wrapped in blood vessels.

Thump, thump, thump…

Charlotte heard her heartbeat and the branches she was feeling with her fingers pulse at a similar frequency. As time passed, it felt as if the two were gradually synchronizing.

A voice that she had never heard before resounded within her. It called itself a long dead vengeful spirit, an existence called the Witch of Original Sin…

"This is one of the trial books I originally planned to let Rolle Resources sell on my behalf, but I think it suits you very well. Anyway, since they are helping me to sell, I believe Miss Ji won’t have any objections to me giving up this one to you.” Lin Jie began to promote his book as usual. "What sort of books do you usually read, Charlotte? Have you read any romance novels?"

While Charlotte might be an aristocrat, she certainly didn’t spend every single day of her life socializing and would naturally do other stuff for entertainment in her spare time. At the very least, she would definitely read popular novels or watch romantic dramas.

Or rather, according to some market research previously done by Lin Jie to sell his books, it seemed to be quite popular among the nobles to read such light books. Young ladies of Charlotte’s age should likely be the largest audience for this kind of book.

However, Lin Jie couldn’t be certain she wasn’t the type of obedient child that did nothing but study seriously all the time. Thus, Lin Jie still gave some ambiguous explanations and also asked such a question.

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Fortunately, Charlotte wasn’t that abnormal. Although she didn’t know why Boss Lin would mention all this, the blonde girl returned to her senses and nodded before answering truthfully, “As it is required for me to interact with other women, I’ve read a few books to seek out common topics, but I’m not very interested in all these.”

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A serious look came on Lin Jie’s face as he said, “It’s good if all these don't interest you! There’s not much value in reading these meaningless books, and there’s no need for you to cater to others. I can tell that you’re a very opinionated girl and unwilling to just be a flower vase.”

He did a quick glance at all the glamorously dressed women who were mere empty vessels before lowering his voice. “Just like them, living a mediocre life surrounded by beauty. This isn’t what you want, right?”

In fact, Charlotte, who was from a noble family of significant status, going to work as an assistant for a poor and unknown scholar like Old Wil showed how rebellious she was with regards to her original life.

Moreover, she later learned a rather unpopular subject, folklore, from Lin Jie. This alone showed that she had a pure desire for knowledge.

If Lin Jie wanted to impress his customers, he needed to strike a chord with what was in their hearts.

Charlotte was indeed moved. Her original, respectful, and glamorous demeanor was just like a mask. Though her feelings were deep and passionate, she was like a sunflower, always facing the sun in order to pursue the necessary conditions for her survival.

Yet, at this moment, that mask shattered. She lowered her head, and there was a gentler light in her eyes, like a flower yearning for the breeze.

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"Yes, I don't like such a boring and mundane life, faking smiles and saying similar things to everyone who doesn't appear to be any different. Catering to them is just like putting on a performance. I’m tired of living the same life day after day. I don’t want to be like them. I want to be what I want to be!”

This was why she became a black magician and joined Blood Feast.

She didn't have to smile, she didn't have to follow etiquette, and she didn't have to try her best to put up with people she didn’t like…

Killing, living on the fringes between life and death, exciting enemies, preying on the weak, devouring others with sinister and cunning schemes; this was the life she wanted.

Sometimes, the human by the name of Charlotte would feel that she was just an evil spirit in human skin. Only when she was in the persona of ‘Snowflake’ would she feel like her true self.

However, she could not completely abandon her secular identity because she wasn’t strong enough. Moreover, the support of her family’s financial and material resources were very important to her.

Lin Jie smiled and patted her head. "Your way of thinking isn’t bad. Every single person wears a mask. Some grow prideful when they are trapped in their tall ivory towers, while others who are narrow-minded and obstinate become prejudiced. Only by breaking all these can they pursue their true selves.”

“These… are the original sins?” asked Charlotte.

Lin Jie was momentarily stunned, then nodded. "That's right. Pride and prejudice, or other desires born of the human heart, are the original sins that accompany wisdom in the human heart.

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"It is unavoidable, and it also means that what others see may never be the real you. However, you must be clear about your thoughts and understand yourself well so that you can’t be swayed by others. Otherwise, your own heart might be deceived.”

Lin Jie winked at Charlotte. "But these phenomena are also really worth studying and are closely related to the customs of the lives of people. If you are willing, try finding some people to practice the methods I just mentioned and study why people have such sentiments. Like you just said… dig it out, and digest it.”

So her duty from now on was to dig out the ‘original sins’ in the hearts of those people and eat them?

Charlotte stared at the throbbing patterns on the book that vaguely transformed into the image of a blurred woman’s face. Having heard the acknowledgement, she nodded excitedly. “Mm, I will.”

The young lady held the book close and listened attentively. Enjoying this very much, Lin Jie continued, “Feel free to ask me if there’s anything you don’t understand during the process.”

"Understood," replied Charlotte.

Lin Jie was rather pleased with his efficiency at promoting his books. He patted Charlotte on the shoulder and was about to go get a drink when a servant made an announcement.

The morning event had concluded and it was time for lunch. This time, it would be on the first floor of another villa in the manor.

Most importantly, it was time for the birthday gifts to be presented.

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