Chapter 357: Treating Social Phobia

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Greg didn't even know how he'd managed to finish his breakfast.

His mind was still in a mess, and it was only when he walked to the manor’s garden and saw the boisterous scene of many guests gathered that it hit him—Besides the few of them, who else could have imagined the entire manor nearly being destroyed by a Supreme-rank just a short while ago.

Although everything had returned back to normal, it was probably just a prelude to something that was about to happen…

From past experiences, the reason that this never-before-seen Supreme-rank existence suddenly appeared must have been deliberately set up by the bookstore owner.

He definitely knew that Secret Rite Tower had gotten Greg to watch him and consciously allowed the young apprentice knight to follow him, then he surely knew about this Supreme-rank existence.

So, is this Supreme-rank’s identity the key to it all?

All kinds of wild guesses flashed through Greg's mind, but he still couldn't figure out how the appearance of this Supreme-rankl existence had anything to do with the bookstore owner’s purpose and how it impacted the current situation.

From the look of things, that Supreme-rank creature seemed to be targeting the bookstore owner as Lin Jie was the only opponent in its eyes and it wanted to kill him.

However, this manor was also the second battlefield between Secret Rite Tower and the Corpse Devouring Sect.

Greg himself was Secret Rite Tower’s inside man, Charlotte must be Wilde’s backup plan, and Fitch was related to the Path of the Flaming Sword. The bookstore owner that controlled everything via his puppet strings definitely wouldn’t let unrelated personnel come in and disturb him from watching the show. So, this being who suddenly appeared must have been…

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Wait a minute… Path of the Flaming Sword? Greg suddenly felt as if he'd grasped the looming clue.

Among the few forces in the manor now, Secret Rite Tower was surely the first that could be excluded from having ties with that Supreme-rank. As a new faction, the Corpse Devouring Sect could also be excluded by process of elimination. Moreover, Charlotte had been amongst those affected, so naturally, it was impossible.

The only one left was Fitch that had the Path of the Flaming Sword’s marking.

A quick look at will leave you more fulfilled.

Greg felt like he had an epiphany.

That's right. This is the hint that the bookstore owner placed before us right from the start.

Could it be that… this Supreme-rank existence is the shadow mastermind of the Path of the Flaming Sword that the bookstore had been plotting against?

In other words, the bookstore owner's goal this time round was to lead them into discovering the more obscure side of the Path of the Flaming Sword.

But… why did he let that Supreme-rank go? Given the strength he has displayed, it’s impossible for such a let off because of an oversight. Surely he has some other motive for this.

With regards to this, Greg wouldn’t be able to figure it out on his own.

Looks like I can only wait till today’s banquet ends and find time to give Division Chief Winston a report. I’ll use Secret Rite Tower’s might to investigate…

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Greg's heart was filled with uneasiness as he glanced at Lin Jie, who was chatting happily with Charlotte and Fitch, and involuntarily shuddered.

There were still many doubts in his heart, but one thing was certain—

In a sense, Norzin had just gained three new Supreme-ranks because of the bookstore owner, and each was more dangerous than the last.

This was no longer the eye of the storm but the epicenter of a massive explosion…

A moment of carelessness and Norzin would be destroyed.

The youngster, who had spent the entire night tortured by the immense pressure, felt like crying, but no had no tears. He could only comfort himself that everything was fine and he just needed to get used to it…

"Greg?" Lin Jie's voice sounded from his side. Greg immediately turned his head and realized that the bookstore owner had ended the conversation with Fitch and Charlotte at some point. Right now, Lin Jie was eyeing with a look that spelled out slight dissatisfaction, so Greg stammered a reply, “Wha… What can I do for you?”

Lin Jie patted his shoulder. "Why are you becoming more and more reserved? Relax a little and interact more with the others. It would be helpful to you, Fitch especially. Your words this morning struck a chord with him and he totally agrees with your opinion.

"He told me just now that the minor dispute you guys had before were all misunderstandings and he feels that you are someone worth befriending.”

Or at least, Fitch immediately nodded when I asked him about that. So, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with saying that it came for him, right? Lin Jie thought to himself.

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"While the two of you came from different backgrounds but are in sync on some societal concepts, I’m sure you guys can become fast friends. Moreover, it's precisely because of this that you might be able to understand… something different than what you already know."

Greg felt that there was a greater meaning behind those words.

No, this is no longer hinting… He’s telling me to ask for information and then report to Secret Rite Tower.

Lin Jie put his arm around Greg's shoulder and pushed the youngster forward. With a smile, he said, "How about I give you a mission?"

Haa, just thinking about how serious this child’s social phobia is, makes me feel like I need to help him a little. His previous confrontation with Fitch was also because he isn’t the best at expressing himself, right? With such serious social phobia, normal treatment methods won’t work, so it’s best to use exposure therapy to make him interact with others more.

Noticing Greg looking back at him hesitantly, Lin Jie flashed a smile and waved to express his encouragement.

Greg turned back and looked at Fitch, who had unwittingly recovered from his shell-shocked state. The latter’s expression was completely different now, with a look full of fluctuations and a slight hint of emptiness.

He really did not know what to make of the demented experience he had witnessed just now…

Fitch even took the initiative to pour Greg a drink. When he took it, he said, "In your files, I'm just a poor thing who was used as a test subject by the Path of the Flaming Sword, right?"

"!" Greg looked up sharply. How did this guy know…

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Fitch shrugged nonchalantly and revealed a strange grin. "I roughly know why, but it's hard to explain it clearly to you… It’s rather complicated, but in short, because of my ability, my sensitivity is higher than that of an ordinary transcendent being. Therefore, when I looked directly at the ‘it,’ I was directly drawn into the thoughts of that Supreme-rank.”

Greg seemed to understand a little. "So?"

Fitch lowered his voice and muttered, "That Supreme-rank is very special… Her main body exists in a four-dimensional space, and her cerebration isn’t of a certain point of time but across the entire timeline of which it exists. Thus, I was able to see all its thoughts and related memories.

"It also includes some things about the Path of the Flaming Sword, Secret Rite Tower, and the plan that involves me.

"So, ask whatever you want to ask.” Fitch shrugged. “After all—"

Fitch clinked his glass against Greg's, the back of his bare hand appearing as translucent as brilliant glass for a moment under the sunlight. "This is a task given to you by the Lord."


While Lin Jie and his customers were chatting happily, Haniel, who was fleeing for her life, was shrunk away in a certain timeline.

Having lost nearly all power, she could no longer maintain her human form mimicry and had instead returned to her butterfly-like form made up of countless threads of light. Moreover, her body was constantly showing signs of dissipation, flickering occasionally as if she was a broadcast hit by a signal disruption and occasionally causing a few translucent bugs to fall off her.

Panicking and having lost her rationality from escape in the rivers of time, she could only wail. “My… My power… Give it back to me… Give it back!"

Suddenly, she sensed that power of hers which she originally possessed and leaped toward it delightfully, as if it were the light of a beckoning.

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