Chapter 356: It's A Shame to Waste Food

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Who in the right mind could damn well eat right now?!!

Greg's face was pale and blank, but deep down he was howling like mad, wishing he could run away just like that Supreme-rank.

However, he still had the heavy responsibility of saving Joseph. With the mission of Secret Rite Tower on his shoulders, there was no way for him to escape… Even the gods who controlled the Law of Time could not affect him. This was simply an unsolvable existence.

The only good fortune was that, for some reason, Boss Lin had decided to let the other party go. Meanwhile, the flow of time within the entire manor had returned back to normal.

No one was hurt, and no one would remember the silent battle just now other than the few of them who had witnessed the entire thing and retained their memories.

Lin Jie eyed the three youngsters before him in bewilderment. He wondered why they were frozen in strange postures and eyeing him weirdly.

Why have they all suddenly become weird after I had a few mouthfuls of cake? And they each have their own peculiarities…

Greg's face was riddled with shock. It was as if he had just witnessed a sow climb a tree and was thoroughly mortified. This was even worse than the expression he had when Lin Jie had first run into him outside his door.

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Fitch, on the other hand, was in a daze as if he had just returned to his senses after a trance, but his mind wasn’t fully back yet.

Charlotte… seemed to be the most normal of the trio. She wasn’t that different from her usual one, but the way she gazed at Lin Jie seemed to be much more intense now. It was the sort of intensity one had as if they were gazing at god in the flesh.

Alright, that didn’t seem very normal, but in contrast to the others, she was the most normal one, just that her sentiments seemed to have gotten stronger…

So why have Greg and Fitch become like this all of a sudden? Lin Jie fell into deep thought.

Could it have been me muttering about the three-second rule utterly shocking these people of the other world? Perhaps they don’t have such a thing here?

Considering Greg is a noble who pays attention to exquisiteness and finer side, such an unhygienic practice should be enough to put a look of horror on his face.

Yes, that makes sense.

As for a former drifter like Fitch, surely he must have picked up and consumed food he accidentally dropped out of reluctance. Under normal circumstances, this shouldn’t elicit such an excessive reaction from him.

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But at the same time, according to Lin Jie's observation during the short time with Fitch, this guy had a really low self-esteem, but he also cared greatly about his reputation. On one hand, he hated the aristocracy, but on the other, he was trying his utmost to integrate into this "high society." Thus, he would never do such a thing in the public eye.

Therefore, with regards to that stunned look, perhaps Fitch never imagined that there would be anyone in this world who could disregard their reputation and do such a thing at such a classy function…

As he rationalized it this way, Lin Jie felt it was rather reasonable.

Um… But wouldn’t that make me an embarrassment?!

No, no, that won’t do! The image of a great life mentor I’ve built up all this time would crumble. I’ve got to stand tall!

Lin Jie covered his mouth and coughed dryly before saying somewhat sheepishly, “I must admit, my actions just now might seem a little unseemly, but there’s no need for such a big reaction, right? I was just a little… anxious. After all, every single grain is the result of toil, and it’s a shame to waste food.”

Boss Lin explained in all earnesty and even made little gestures with his fingers. Then he gazed sincerely at the trio facing him. “Right?”

The shadow behind him also seemed to vaguely turn its head, as if it was also looking over.

Greg shivered. Despite Lin Jie’s sincere gaze, he fully felt the threat. It was as if he had just been doused with a bucket of cold water. For the sake of his survival, he immediately calmed his internal chaos down.

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The youngster flailed his arms at once and shook his head vigorously. “No, no. You're right. This is… food…" He paused and forced a smile that was uglier than crying. "Respect for food."

He was almost incoherent. "That's right, how can it not be unseemly? It’s way too apt! On the contrary, I think those extravagant and wasteful behaviors are what is truly unseemingly, just like those ostentatious nobles. Paying a great deal of attention to their appearance and dignity but ignoring their moral upbringing. It’s really bad!

"There are so many starving people in this world, after all. Though we can't save everyone by ourselves, we at least have to be sentimental and not waste food. That's right, that's it!"

Oh Sacred Light above!

Where did the word ‘food’ come from!

Ha… Ha ha, to casually evaluate a Supreme-rank that nearly annihilated the manor as mere ‘food’... Greg gulped.

It was now that he truly understood why Secret Rite Tower would treat the bookstore and everything related to it with a cautious and somewhat indulgent attitude, even if it was obviously cultivating evil forces.

It totally wasn’t a conspiracy as he had guessed. It was entirely because… if they didn’t put up with the other party—

—Perhaps all of Norzin would be gone…

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Seeing Greg have that ‘sudden epiphany,’ Lin Jie became relieved. He reached out and patted Greg's shoulder in appreciation. "I didn't expect you to have such a high level of awareness. You really aren’t like a typical noble. It’s no wonder Joseph took you in as his disciple. He has good foresight.”

Greg forced a smile, not even daring to look at the hand on his shoulder. Just the mere thought of Lin Jie using the knife and fork to cut the honey cake made his bladder on the verge of loosening.

He resisted the urge to flee and replied, "You flatter me. It's Teacher who taught me well. I've always admired Sir Joseph's character, so I tried my best to get close to him."

"Haha, I'm not exaggerating. It's rare for someone of your age to care about the disparity in status of different people." Lin Jie then glanced at Fitch again. "As a former drifter, Fitch should have a rather significant understanding of it.”

Although he had expectations that his customers would increase consumption of his wares due to competitive relationships, he needed to grasp the range well and not let them be incompatible with each other. He had to seize the opportunity to foster their sense of identity.

"Hmm… Umm?" Fitch was momentarily stunned before he nodded readily. "Mm!"

Lin Jie smiled. "Look, he agrees with you."

Greg glanced at Charlotte’s fanatical face on the left and Fitch's stupid face on the right. Thinking about a lively scene where the three of them engaged in friendly competition made his heart ache.

It’s over. I’m the only normal one now.

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